Discover Korean Food 134: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Dak On Ban”


[Ingredients & Quantity]
360g (2cups) Non-glutinous Rice, 500g (2½cups) Water
600g (½) Chicken, 1kg (5cups) Water
13g (1tbsp) Vegetable oil
30g (6) Shiitake Mushroom
250g (1⅔) Pumpkin, 1g (¼tsp) Salt, 70g (⅓) Carrot

Salad: 20g Spring Onion, 40g Garlic, 10g Ginger
Seasoning Sauce 1: 4g (1tsp) Salt, 4g (1tsp) Sesame Oil, 15g (1) Green Chilli, 20g (1) Red Chilli
Seasoning Sauce 2: 4g (1tsp) Salt, 0.3g (⅛tsp) Pepper Powder
Seasoning Sauce 3: 2g (½tsp) Salt, 2g (1tsp) Sesame Salt, 4g (1tsp) Sesame Oil
Seasoning Sauce 4: 12g (⅔tbsp) Say Sauce, 4.5g (1tsp) Minced Spring Onion, 2.8g (½tsp) Minced Garlic, 2g (1tsp) Sesame Salt, 4g (1tsp) Sesame Oil
Seasoning Sauce 5: 36g (2tbsp) Say Sauce, 7g (½tbsp) Minced Spring Onion, 5.5g (1tsp) Minced Garlic, 0.3g (⅛tsp) Pepper powder

1. Soak the rice into water for 30 minutes. Drain it for 10 minutes.
2. Trim the chicken.
3. Cut the chillies into 0.3cm wide and long.
4. Cut the pumpkin into 4cm long and 0.3cm thick. Cut the carrot into 4cm wide and 0.3cm thick. Preserve the carrot and salt for 5 minutes with the salt. Marinade them with the Seasoning Sauce 3.
5. Soak the Shiitake Mushrooms into water for 1 hour. Remove the pillars. Cut them into 0.3cm wide and width. Marinade them with the Seasoning Sauce 4.

1. Boil the rice for 8 minutes; boil it for 3 minutes at medium temperature; steam it for 10 minutes at low temperature.
2. Boil the chicken for 6 minutes; boil it for 10 minutes; add the salad and steam for 20 minutes. Take out the chicken; cut it into 5cm long, 0.5cm wide and thick. Marinade them with the Seasoning Sauce 1. Reserve the chicken water.
3. Fan-fry the Pumpkin, Carrot, and Shiitake mush Room for 30 seconds.
4. Make Chicken Soup: Pour the chicken water (400g). Add the Seasoning Sauce 2. Boil them for 2 minutes.
5. Serve the Chicken and soup with the rice and the Seasoning Sauce 5.

* Use the cotton to remove the water on vegetables.
* Don’t pour too much soup.


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