Discover Korean Food 148: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Jeungpyeon, Rice Wine Cake”


Jeungpyeon is a type of rice cake made by kneading rice powder with milky rice wine, garnishing it with jujubes, chestnuts, pine nuts and stone mushrooms, and then steaming it in a cake mold. Jeungpyeon is a good rice cake for the summer because it is fermented with wine, and does not spoil easily. It has a unique wine aroma, slightly sour taste and soft texture.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
250 g non-glutinous rice powder, 3 g (¼ tbsp) salt
50 g (¼ cups) milky rice wine
100 g (½ cups) tepid water (40 ℃), 5 g fresh yeast, 40 g (¼ cups) sugar
2 kg (10 cups) rice wine cake steaming water
13 g (1 tbsp) edible oil
Garnish: 8 g (2 ea) jujube, 1g stone mushrooms, 1.7 g (½ tsp) pine nuts, 1 g pumpkin seed
yellow – 7.5 g (½ tbsp) water, 2 g (1 ea) gardenia
pink color – 7.5 g (½ tbsp) water, 3 g strawberry powder

1. Sprinkle salt over the rice powder and sieve through fine mesh two times. Add milky rice wine, tepid water, fresh yeast and sugar to the rice powder. Mix them with wooden scoop thoroughly. Place it in a container, cover with poly-vinyl film, electrical thermo-floor and thick blanket. Maintain the temperature within 40~45 ℃.
2. Ferment it for 2 hours. When the dough swells up, stir it strongly and draw the air out. Ferment it again for another 1 hour (470 g).
3. Wipe the jujube with damp cotton cloths, cut the flesh round, make it into flower shape. Soak stone mushrooms in water for 1 hour, wash it by rubbing, wipe water with cotton cloths, roll it up, and shred it into 0.1 cm-thick.
4. Remove tops of the pine nuts, wipe the nuts with dry cotton cloths. Halve it lengthwise to make scale-like pine nuts. Wipe the pumpkin seeds with dry cotton cloths.
5. Halve the gardenia, soak it in water for 1 hour for yellow color. Dissolve the strawberry powder in water for pink color.

1. When the 2nd fermentation completed, divide the dough into 3 parts. Leave one part for white, and color one part of the dough with 1.5 g of gardenia water in yellow, the other part with 2 g of strawberry water in pink.
2. Put the dough in the cake mold. Garnish with jujube, mushrooms, pine nut and pumpkin seeds (18 ea).
3. Pour water into the steaming pot, heat it up for 9 min. on high heat. When it is steaming, turn off the heat, put the cake mold in the pot. Let it sit there for 10 min. for third fermentation (water temperature 83 ℃).
4. When the dough swells up again, steam it for 20 min. on high heat, another 10 min. on low heat.
5. When it gives off steam, take out the cakes and coat with edible oil.

* The finer rice power is better for rice wine cake. Thicker dough is better than thinner.
* Mugwort powder brings out green color rice wine cakes.
* Traditionally, Omija water (Omija : water = 1 : 2) may be used for pink color.
* This cake is made with milky rice wine, has sweet smelling. This cake is good for summer season, because it is not easily spoiled even in summer.


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