Discover Korean Food 154: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Soe-galbijjim, Braised Beef Ribs”


Soe-galbijjim is braised beef ribs with Korean radish or brown oak mushrooms, vegetables and seasonings. This is a typical Korean dish, loved by men and women of all ages. Jjim is a popular cooking method that simmers or braises seasoned ingredients with water.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
400g beef ribs, 3 cups precleaning water
800g (4 cups) water
10g (2 sheets) brown oak mushrooms, 100g radish, 70g carrot
60g (4 ea) chestnut, 16g (4 ea) jujube, 16g (8 ea) gingko, 3.5g (1 tsp) pine nuts
60g (1 ea) egg, 13g (1 tbsp) edible oil
13g (1 tbsp) sesame oil

Seasoning sauce : 36g (2 tbsp) soy sauce, 12g (1 tbsp) sugar, 6g (1 tsp) honey, 50g (pear 100 g) pear juice, 14g (1 tbsp) minced green onion, 8g (½ tbsp) minced garlic, 3g (½ tbsp) sesame salt, 3g (⅛ tsp) ground black pepper, 5g (1 tsp) refined rice wine, 13 g (1 tbsp) sesame oil

1. Cut the beef ribs into 5 cm-long, remove excess fats and tendons (350 g). Soak it in water for a total 3 hours, changing the water every hour to draw out the blood. Put knife slits on the meat at intervals of 1.5 cm-wide.
2. Soak the brown oak mushrooms in water for 1 hour, remove stems, wipe water off with cotton cloths, cut into 2~4 pieces.
3. Cut the radish and carrot into 3 cm-square and 2.5 cm-thick, trim the edges.
4. Skin the chestnuts. Wipe the jujube with damp cotton cloths, cut the flesh round, and roll up.
5. Preheat the frying pan and oil, stir-fry the gingko for 2 min. on medium heat, maintaining green color, and skin.
6. Remove tops of the pine nuts, wipe the nuts with dry cotton cloths.
7. Panfry the egg for garnish, cut into 2 cm diaper shape.
8. Blend seasoning sauce.

1. Pour water into the pot, heat it up for 3 min. on hight heat. When it boils, boil the beef ribs for 2 min. to clean the beef ribs, rinse the beef ribs in water.
2. Put the beef ribs and water into pot, heat it up for 4 min. When it boils, lower the heat to medium, simmer it for 20 min. Take out the beef ribs from the broth, and filter the broth after cooling down.
3. Put the beef ribs and half of the seasoning sauce into the pot, marinate it for 10 min. Add 500 g (2½ cups) of broth, heat it up for 3 min. When it boils, lower the heat to medium, boil it for 20 min. more.
4. When the beef ribs is well-done and the broth is reduced into half, add the mushrooms, radish, chestnuts and the remained half of the seasoning sauce. Boil it for 12 min. add carrot, boil for another 7 min. Then add jujube, gingko and pine nuts, boil for 3 min. with sprinkling broth onto the beef ribs to set a gloss on.
5. When the broth is dragged, take out the radish. Mix the ribs with sesame oil together. Serve with egg garnish.

* Boil the beef ribs slowly on medium heat to get soft and tasteful beef ribs.
** To set a gloss on the beef ribs, braze it with sprinkling seasoning sauce after the meat is well-done.


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