Discover Korean Food 169: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Maek Jeok”

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Maek Jeok is a pork grill dish marinated in Doenjang sauce. ‘Maek’ means Goguryeo and ‘Maek Jeok’ means Goguryeo people’s grill dish. Traditionally, Maek Jeok was cooked by direct fire.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
800g Pork Shoulder, 20g wild chives, 10g leek
Seasning Sauce: 42.5g (2½tbsp) Doenjang, 2g (½tsp) salt, 6g (½tsp) sugar, 19g (1tbsp) honey, 30g (2tbsp) refined rice wine, 8g (½tbsp) ginger juice, 15g (1tbsp) onion juice, 16g (1tbsp) minced garlic, 2g (1tsp) sesame salt, 후춧가루 0.3g (⅛tsp) pepper powder, 6.5g (½tbsp) sesame oil

1. Clean the pork; cut in 6cm wide, 7cm long, and 0.4cm thick.
2. Trim the wild chives; cut in 0.5cm long.
3. Clean the leek; cut into 0.5cm long lengths.
4. Make the seasoning sauce

1. Marinade the pork with seasoning sauce, wild chives, and leek for 30 minutes.
2. Grill the pork both sides for 5 minutes each side.

* Pay extra attention to the heat, adjust to prevent overheating.
* You can use garlic chives instead of the leek.


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