Discover Korean Food 170: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Hobak Seon”


Hobak Seon is a young pumpkin dish filled with minced beef, shiitake mushroom, and carrot. Hobak was brought in Korea after the Imjin War (1598) and consumed by monks.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
300g (1 medium) young pumpkin, 200g (1cup) water, 12g (1tbsp) salt
30g beef, 5g (1) shiitake mushroom
15g carrot, 0.5g salt
0.3g manna lichen, 0.5g shredded red pepper, 1g pine nut
60g (1) egg, 식용유 6.5g (½tbsp) vegetable oil
100g (½cup) water, 3g (½tsp) soy sauce, 소금 1g(¼tsp) salt

Seasoning sauce: 3g (½tsp) soy sauce, 2g (½tsp) sugar, 2.3g (½tsp) minced spring onion, 2.8g(½tsp) minced garlic, 1g (½tsp) sesame salt, 후춧가루0.3g (⅛tsp) pepper powder, 4g (1tsp) sesame oil

Wasabi juice: 6.5g (½tbsp) wasabi, 소금 1g (¼tsp) salt, 4g (1tsp) sugar, 9.5g (½tbsp) honey, 15g (1tbsp) vinegar

1. Cut the young pumpkin in half; dig into the skin area (3) to make spaces for the filling; soak in salty water;
2. Cut the beef in 3cm wide and 0.2cm thick. Soak the shiitake mushroom in water for an hour; remove their pillar; cut in 3 wide and 0.2cm thick. Add the seasoning sauce
3. Trim the carrot; cut in 2cm wide, 0.2cm wide and thick; soak in salty water for 10 minutes.
4. Soak the manna lichen for an hour; remove the pillar; cut in 0.2cm wide.
5. Cut the shredded red pepper in 2cm long.
6. Make the egg garnish garnish; cut in 2cm long, 0.2cm wide and thick.
7. Make the wasabi juice.

1. Make the filling with the beefs, shiitake mushrooms, and carrots; place them in the young pumpkins.
2. Boil the water; add the soy sauce, salt, and the young pumpkin; boil at high temperature for an minute; boil at medium temperature for 4 minutes
3. Serve the young pumpkins with the egg garnish, manna lichen, manna lichen, and pine nuts on top of them.

* Do not steam the young pumpkin too long.


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