Discover Korean Food #24: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Juksoonchae Hongsi Sauce Muchim"

Picture 088Juksoonchae Hongsi Sauce Muchim is a seasoned dish mixed with Bamboo Sprout, vegetable and meat in ripe Persimmon sauce.
Persimmon has a bitter taste.
According to traditional Korean Medicine Persimmon helps stop coughing and reduces body temperature.
Therefore, it prevents chronic bronchitis and influenza between seasons.
It also oxidizes alcohol quickly and is good for relieving hangovers. 

* 1 can of Bamboo Sprouts 30g, Dropwort 20g, Bean Sprouts 40g, 3 Eggs, 3 Dates
* Beef 40g, Shiitake 10g, Soy Sauce ½ tbsp, Sugar ¼ tbsp, Chopped Spring Onion ½ tsp, minced Garlic ¼ tsp, Ground Sesame Mixed with Salt ¼ tsp, Black Pepper 1/8 tsp, Sesame Oil ½ tsp
* Ripe Persimmon Sauce: Drained Ripe Persimmon 40g, Persimmon Vinegar 2 tbsp (12g), Sugar ½ tbsp, Honey ½ tbsp, Salt ¼ tsp, Lemon Juice 1tbsp

1. Wash Bean sprouts after removing the heads and the tails. Put into boiling salted water and blanche them.
2. Remove the leaves of the Dropworts and trim the stalks. Wash them. Put into the boiled salted water and blanche them. Rinse in the cold water. Cut into 3cm lengths.
3. Wash the beef removing excess blood. Chop into 0.5cm widths and depths and 5cm lengths. Marinate and fry.
4. Soak the Shiitake in medium lukewarm water for an hour. Remove the tops. Chop into 0.5cm widths and depths and 5cm lengths. Marinate and then fry in vegetable oil.
5. Wash the Bamboo Sprouts and chop into 0.5cm widths and depths and 5 cm lengths thereby maintaining its pattern of the sprouts.
6. Separate the whites and yolks of the eggs then fry each in turn. Slice them into 0.3 cm widths and 4cm lengths.
7. Wipe the dates with cotton. Peel them, remove the seeds and cut them into 0.3cm widths.
8. Prepare the Ripe Persimmon sauce
9. Mix the ingredients with the Ripe Persimmon sauce.

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