Discover Korean Food #35: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Bokryung Nokdu Geon (Mung Beans Pancake with Poria Cococ Wolf)"

1524Bokryung Nokdu Geon is a pancake dish mixed with Poria Cococ Wolf powder, grinded Mung beans, minced pork and vegetables. The taste of Poria Cococ Wolf is sweat and bland. It is good for dropsy and urinating difficulty. It helps to have a good appetite. Also, it assists in maintaining blood sugar levels.

1/2 cup peeled Mung beans, 1/4 cup salt2 tbsp, vegetable oil
10g Poria Cococ Wolf powder, 130g water
50g bean sprouts, 1/2 Chinese cabbage leaf, 1 tsp minced garlics, 1 tsp sesame oil, 1 tsp sesame seeds salt, 1/4 tsp salt
30 minced pork, 1/2 tsp minced garlic, 1/2 tsp fine rice wine, 1/8 tsp black pepper powder, 1/4 tsp salt
Garnish: 1/4 green pepper, 1/4 red pepper

1. Spread the Poria Cococ Wolf powder over the water in a saucepan.
2. Soak the Mung beans for 8 hours. Strain them after removing the skin.
3. Grind the Mung beans with the Poria Cococ wolf liquid. Season them with the salt.
4. Trim the bean sprouts and rinse the Chinese cabbage leaf. Put them into the boiling salt water. Chop them after blanching for 2 minutes.
5. Mix the pork and bean sprouts after seasoning them.
6. Cut the red pepper and the green pepper in 0.2cm lengths after washing.
7. Warm up the frying pan with the vegetable oil. Place one spoon of the Mung bean dough into the frying pan. Cover with the dough after putting bean sprouts and the porkin. Garnish the pancake with the green pepper and red pepper. Fry until it becomes yellowish.

Amomum seed
Amomum seed is the fruit of ginger and amomum. The taste of Amomum seed is bitter and spicy and it keeps the body cool. It helps to develop a strong stomach.

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