Discover Korean Food #38: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Hwang-gi Oi Mul Kimchi (Milk Vetch Root-Cucumber-Water Kimchi)"

Hwang-gi Oi Mul Kimchi is a cucumber Kimchi dish containing Milk Vetch Root water; the cucumber is filled with various green vegetables including chopped radishes and pears. A cucumber discharges waste from the body. Therefore, it is good for the high blood pressure and kidney disease. Especially, it is helpful when people are affected by heat during the summer.

* 500g cucumber, 3cups water, 2tbsp salt
* 50g radish, 1/4 pear, 10g water parsley, 10g garlic, 5g ginger, 1/2 red chilli, 10g spring onion
* Milk Vetch Root water: 10cups water, 10g Milk Vetch Root, 1tsp salt
* Flour starch: 1cup water, 1tbsp flour

1. Wash the cucumber with the salt. Cut it into the 4cm in length. Preserve them for an hour in the salt water after opening in the cross shape . Drain them.
2. Wash the radish and the pear. Cut them in 2cm each after peeling. Trim the spring onion and water parsley. Cut them in 2cm after washing.
3. Take out the inside of the red chillies after washing. Chop them into the 0.3cm in width and 2cm in length.
4. Make a Kimchiso: Season the radish, pear, spring onion, water parsley, red chilli, garlic, ginger with the salt and the sugar.
5. Fill the Kimchiso in the cucumbers. Put them in the jar.
6. Put the Milk Vetch Root in a sauce pan. Take them out after boiling for 2 hours.
7. Spread the flour into the sauce pan. Pour water and live it to cool.

8. Season the Milk Vetch Root water with the water. Pour them into the Jar.

Sam-Back-Cho (Saururus chinensis)
Saururus chinensis is also called Sam-back-cho (Three White Grass) as its roots, leaves and flowers are white. The taste of Sam-Back-Cho is sweat and bitter. And it helps the body cool. It is good for urinating problem, jaundice, and hepatitis. In an oriental medicine, it is also used for anti-aging prescription.

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