Discover Korean Food #45: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "DANG-GUI SUK-JI-HWANG TEA"

Dang-Gui Suk-Ji-Hwang Tea is a Korean herbal tea made from Korean angelica root and Rehmannia glutinosa. Drinking this tea three times a day is good for ladies who suffer from Anaemia. The root of Rehmannia glutinosa is used for herbal medicines; dried one is called Gun-Ji-Hwang while the raw one is called Sang-Ji-Hwang; the alcohol-steamed one is called Suk-Ji-Hwang.
The taste of Rehmannia glutinosa is bitter and it keeps the body warm. Therefore, it is good for Backache, Irregular Menstruation, and Dizziness.Ingredients
20g Korean angelica root
10g Rehmannia glutinosa
7 cups water
Some honey

1. Boil the Korean angelica root and the Rehmannia glutinosa for 7 minutes at high temperature, Leave it for 5 minutes at medium temperature. boil them for 30 minutes at low temperature.
2. Strain them.
3. Add some honey before you drink.

An elm is called “Yu” in Chinese; the skin is called “Yu-Pi” and the skin of the root is called “Yu-Geun-Pi”. The taste is sweet and it does not contain any poison. Yu-Geun-Pi is used as a herbal tea and it is good for Insomnia, its Diuretic Effect, Tumefaction, and Big Sore.

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