Discover Korean Food #51: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s "Domimyeon, Stuffed Sea-bream Casserole with Vegetables"


Domimyeon is a casserole made of fried sea bream fillets, vegetables, and potato starch noodles in boiling broth. This dish is served and eaten while it is simmering. Domimyeon is unique in taste, luxurious-looking, and easy to eat since it uses boneless fish fillets.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
500 g (small 1 body) sea-bream : 0.8 g (1/5 tsp) salt, 0.1 g ground white pepper
10 g (2 ea) brown oak mushrooms, 1 g stone mushrooms, 2 g Jew’s ear mushrooms
20 g (1 ea) red pepper, 40 g potato starch noodles, 20 g crown daisy
3.5 g (1 tsp) pine nuts, 8 g (4 ea) gingko, 10 g (2 ea) walnut
15 g watercress, 180 g (3 ea) egg, 21 g (3 tbsp) wheat flour, 26 g (2 tbsp) edible oil
800 g (4 cups ) broth, 9 g (½  tbsp) clear soy sauce, 4 g (1 tsp) salt
60 g beef (top round, sirloin)
* Broth : 150 g beef(brisket, shank), 1.2 kg (6 cups) water
* Dumpling : 20 g minced beef, 10 g tofu
* Seasoning sauce① : 3 g (½ tsp) clear soy sauce, 1 g (¼ tsp) sesame oil* Seasoning sauce② : 6 g (1 tsp) clear soy sauce, 4.5 g (1 tsp) minced green onion, 2.8 g (½ tsp) minced garlic, 0.1 g ground black pepper, 1 g (¼ tsp) sesame oil * Seasoning sauce③ : 2 g (⅓ tsp) soy sauce, 2.3 g (½ tsp) minced green onion, 1.8 g (¼ tsp) minced garlic 0.1 g ground black pepper, 2 g (½ tsp) sesame oil

1. Remove the scales, fins and internal organs of the sea-bream and rinse (450 g). Slice fillet from both    sides of the fish and cut it into 4 cm-wide and 5 cm-long (170 g). Sprinkle salt and ground white pepper, let it sit for 10 min. pad dry with cotton cloths.

2. Clean blood of the beef for broth with cotton cloths (145 g). Clean blood of top round with cotton cloths (50 g), and shred it at intervals of 0.3 cm-wide, season with seasoning sauce②.
3. Clean blood of the minced beef with cotton cloths (17 g). Wrap the tofu with dry cotton cloths, squeeze water out (9 g) and mash. Season the mixture of minced beef and tofu with seasoning sauce③, shape dumplings into 1.5 cm-diameter (4 g).
4. Soak the mushrooms in water for 1 hour, remove the stems of brown oak mushrooms and wipe water with cotton cloths, cut it into 2 cm-wide and 4~5 cm-long (20 g). Wash the stone mushrooms by rubbing, wipe water with cotton cloths (2 g), chop it finely and mix it with egg white. Trim the Jew’s ear mushrooms and  separate it sheet by sheet (24 g).
5. Trim & wash the crown daisy (15 g). Halve the red pepper lengthwise and cut it into 2 cm-wide and 4~5 cm-long (10 g). Soak the potato starch noodles in water for 1 hour (85 g).
6. Remove tops of the pine nuts and wipe the nuts with dry cotton cloths. Soak the walnuts in warm water and skin.  Stir-fry the gingko and skin.
7. Panfry egg for garnish. Panfry the stone mushrooms and watercress with coatings of wheat flour liquid and beaten egg, cut them into same size of brown oak mushrooms. 
1. Put water and beef in the pot and heat it up for 7 min. on high heat. When it boils, reduce the heat to medium and simmer it for 30 min.  Strain the broth through cotton cloths (800 g). Take out the beef, slice it into 2 cm-wide, 1.5 cm-long and 0.3 cm-thick, season it with 40 g of seasoning sauce①.
2. Coat the beef dumplings with wheat flour and beaten egg, panfry for about 3 min. on medium heat.
3. Coat the slices of sea-bream with wheat flour and beaten egg. Preheat the frying pan and oil, panfry it on medium heat for 2 min. and for another 2 min. after turn over (185 g).
4. Place the boiled and sliced beef, seasoned beef and potato starch noodles in the simmering pot, and put the sea-bream’s head & bones on it. Then place the fried sea-bream, egg garnish, vegetables and nuts around the pot. Add broth and boil it for 4 min. on high heat. When it boils, season with diluted clear soy sauce and salt. Bring it to a boil and finally put the crown daisy on top.

* The head and bone of sea-bream may be used after slight steaming before adding to the pot.

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