Discover Korean Food 77: Dr. Sook-Ja Yoon’s “Dotorimuk-Muchim, Seasoned Acorn Starch Jelly”

Dotorimuk-Muchim is a dish made of jellied acorn starch, vegetables and seasoning sauce. Dotorimuk-Muchim was considered a speciality or a dish for the relief of the famine victims in olden days when provisions were scarce. Recently, it has become a popular diet food because it is in low calories.

[Ingredients & Quantity]
300 g (1 cake) acorn starch jelly
70 g (1/3 ea) customer, 30 g carrot, 30 g crown daisy, 15 g (1 ea) green pepper, 10 g (1/2 ea) red pepper
* Seasoning sauce: 24 g (1&1/3 tbsp) soy sauce, 2 g (1/2 tsp) sugar, 1.1 g (1/2 tsp) ground red pepper, 4.5 g (1 tsp) minced green onion, 2.7 g (1/2 tsp) minced garlic, 2 g (1 tsp) sesame seeds, 13 g (1 tbsp) sesame oil

1. Cut and slice the acorn starch jelly into 3 cm-wide, 4 cm-long and 1 cm-thick (260 g).
2. Wash the cucumber by rubbing with salt, cut it into 4 cm-long and 1.5 cm-wide, slice them at intervals of 0.3 cm diagonally (60 g). Cut and slice the carrots into same size of the cucumber (20 g).
3. Cut the green/red pepper into 2 cm-long and 0.5 cm-thick diagonally and seed (green pepper 10 g, red pepper 7 g).
4. Trim and wash the crown daisy and cut it into 5 cm-long (20 g).
5. Blend seasoning sauce.

1. Add the vegetables and seasoning sauce to the acorn starch jelly.
2. Mix altogether softly.

* When making acorn starch jelly, soak the acorn in the water to get rid of bitter taste.
* Instead of sesame oil, green perilla oil may be added to the jelly upon taste.

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