Discover more about Korean food at ‘Korea Calling’

Date: Sat 10 Sept and Sun 11 Sept 2011
Venue: The Mayor’s Thames Festival, Next to the Oxo Tower, London
Entrance: free

Tantalising treats in both traditional and contemporary fusion form will be on offer. Legendary chef Sook-Ja Yoon, founder of the Institute of Traditional Korean Food will be joining us all the way from Korea. Yoon is dedicated to preserving culinary traditions and promoting the rustic yet delicately balanced flavours of her native country. Yoon’s reputation as an authority on Korean cuisine has led to her appearance at numerous international food events, including the Korean Food Festival at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, our very own Mayor’s Thames Festival in 2009 and food exhibitions in Paris, Tokyo and Germany. It’s with great pleasure that we welcome one of Korea’s champion culinary artists back to The Thames Festival in 2011 where she will be dishing up samples of Korea’s finest fare.

Representing the growing global trend for Korean fusion food will be London's very own Kimchi Cult. Kimchi Cult blend traditional hot, sweet, salty and sour Korean flavours with popular western-style fast-food such as burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs and French fries in a combination that’s proving a hit with the UK public and Koreans alike. Kimchi Cult will be serving their kimchi burgers exclusively for the duration of the weekend.

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