Doomsday Book (2011)

Director: Kim Jee Woon and Yim Pil Sung
Casts: Ryoo Seung Bum, Koh Joon Hee, Ma Dong Seok, Kim Kang Woo, Kim Gyu Ri, Park Hae Il, Park Do Won, Bodhisattva Hye Joo, RU-4/In Myoung (voice), Song Young Chang, Kim Seo Hyung, Cho Youn Hee, Song Sae Byeok, Jin Ji Hee, Lee Seung Jun, Yoon Se Ah, Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Soo, Lee Young Eun
Genre: Sci-Fi and Omnibus
Running Time: 113 minutes

This film consists of three chapters which are directed by two acclaimed Korean directors. You get to see zombie attacks due to ecological allegories, robots attaining Buddhahood, and meteor shower/black hole happened due through the use of Internet. Although it brings to our imagination, but it reflect what might happened in the future.

In order to enjoy this film, you have to think a lot and connect with the characters. However, for me, I take in too much from I’ve seen.

Based on these three chapters, it reflects about what will happened in the future or probably out of our imagination. If you open your mind just a little bit, you could imagine how you will feel if you were in that situation. In chapter 1, we learn to handle food waste and rubbish or else it might affect the society (well obviously not turn into zombies). Then, you have chapter 2, where robots will come into the future bit they have feelings too, but I think it’s a balance between technology and society. I understand both of these chapters especially the robot which I understand how he was in confusion whether he should be accepted in human mankind. So, those two chapters gave us a little bit of lesson and understanding. Agree?

However, I didn’t get well attached to this film for a few reasons. My least favourite chapter is the final one. It’s ridiculous. How could it be possible to purchase something from an alien website and then we get the meteor/black hole to happen? I know it’s a science-fiction movie but still….seriously?!?! The most annoying scenarios that I ever had are the news reporting and shows. Although I laughed, but still it’s seriously a face palm on these. I understand the directors tried to put a little bit of comedic element in it but I think they placed it at the wrong time. For example, in the zombie attack, it starts from being serious, to comical shows, too serious, then back to comical. My mind was like bouncing back and forth which is way I take in way too much. The flow of story within a chapter is out of balance.

This film has the good and the bad:
(1) You understand the three chapters which reflect what might happened in the future
(2) Great use of film production especially through the use of camera and film settings
(3) Chapter 3 is ridiculous even though it’s funny between the family members
(4) Annoying news broadcast and television shows that you might sigh
(5) Out of balance in the flow of a story

To have both sides, you have to have deep thoughts while watching this film. If not, I’m afraid you’ll get the bad points from this film. If I was reading the Doomsday Book, I’ll put this book to one corner.

Rating: 5/10

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