Drama Review: I Do, I Do (Episode 2)

Episode Recap

Ji An runs after Tae Kang while shouting at him. She brings him to the police station to make a report about the knockoffs shoes. At the police station, both Ji An and Tae Kang argue among each other while the police tries to calm them down. In the mean time, Tae Kang’s father is at Choong Bae’s restaurant waiting and worrying about Tae Kang. The police officer asks Tae Kang who made the knockoff shoes. Originally, his father is the one who made these shoes but Tae Kang turns himself in to the police. Ji An feels pity towards Tae Kang. So, she decides to have a word with him. She asks him why he turns himself in as she thinks that he is not the one who made these shoes. Tae Kang lies that he is the counterfeiter shoemaker. Ji An holds his hand and tells him that if he is the shoemaker he should have rough hands (lost of fingerprints and calluses on the hands). However, he doesn’t have rough hands. Ji An concerns about his life and his father but Tae Kang asks her to mind her own business including her problems with her parents. Ji An gets mad and leaves the police station.

At Choong Bae’s restaurant, Tae Kang’s father still worries about his son. Suddenly, a news report about the knockoff shoes is broadcast. In addition to that, the father and Choong Bae sees Tae Kang on television even though he is censored. The father feels bad of him and decides to go to the police station to turn himself in. Tae Kang comes out from jail and sees his father with a surprised look.Tae Kang questions his father of his actions and told the police that the father is not the culprit. In the end, Tae Kang goes back home with a sad expression. He sees a dinner meal and a note on the table. He picks up the note and it says: “Don’t worry about me. Take care of yourself and eat well. From, Dad.” Tae Kang feels very touched with his father’s caring for him and cried.

Na Ri comes back from the USA. She went to the company to meet her uncle who is the vice president. At the office, the staff members help Ji An to move her things to another room. The staff members gossip about the new boss coming into the office. It turns out to be Na Ri who is going to be in charge of managing the company. Na Ri introduces herself including Ji An who comes down from the stairs while carrying her stuffs. Na Ri offers Ji An a handshake and hopes they get along well. However, Ji An gives Na Ri a grumpy look and walks off to her new office room. Na Ri picks up the ‘how to prevent menopause’ brochure and tells Ji An that it belongs to her. To avoid embarrassment, Ji An questions on how her mother’s brochure was there.

However, Na Ri says that Ji An’s name is written on the brochure. Ji An feels embarrassed and walks off to her office room. Ji An angrily puts her stuff on the table and saying bad things about Na Ri. She gets a phone call from her mother. Her mother tells Ji An that Eun Seong is interested in her even though she has a rough personality. Ji An is surprised and decides to call him to ask him why does he still wants to see her. It turns out that Eun Seong wants to avoid another blind date. So, he asks Ji An to be his ‘partner’. However, Ji An tells him off that she does want to be part of this game. Eun Seong sarcastically tells her that her symptoms of menopause (being angry) is so obvious that he wants to bring her to a restaurant to have tofu stew as tofu is good for her menopause problems. Upon hearing that, Ji An gets angry and ends the call.

Tae Kang waits for his father to be release from prison. His father asks Tae Kang about where he got the money to bail him out. Tae Kang brings him to the hot spa and tells him the truth that he got the money by selling the house and ‘Beyonce’. His father is angry and tells Tae Kang that it is difficult to buy another house because of the rough economy. Tae Kang tells his father not to worry as he has plans to find a job to earn money. Tae Kang ends up working on odd jobs (nude model, window cleaner, and mortician).

Ji An is at the store to manage some changes on the shoe sales. She sees the sign and asks the store manager what happened. The store manager told her that Na Ri was the one who made that decision to put up this sign. Ji An goes to see Na Ri at the office and asks her why she does that. Na Ri says that it is because of the problems with the shoe sales and wants to maintain the company’s reputation. Ji An tells her about the charity bazaar that is going to happened soon. Unfortunately, Na Ri finds the idea boring and though that Ji An is the adventurous type to create innovative ideas. Ha Ri asks Ji An to come up with a better idea. Because of that, the staff members have to overwork. Ji An hears the staff members complain and gossip about her. She comes up to them and asks them to have dinner together. She goes to a fancy restaurant, orders the food, and waits for the staff members to arrive. However, they haven’t come. One of the staff members comes and tells her that all of them cannot join Ji An for dinner because of ‘personal’ reasons. In the end, Ji An ends up being alone.

She walks along the streets while people enjoy themselves. Ji An calls her friend who is at the club. Her friend is so busy hanging out with her guy that Ji An decides to end the call. Ji An tries to look at her phone contacts. She realizes that she has no one to hang out with.

At Choong Bae’s restaurant, Choong Bae and Tae Kang had a conversation about Tae Kang’s odd jobs and is he going to do with his life. Then, Ji An comes to the restaurant while not noticing that Tae Kang is there. Tae Kang tries to leave the restaurant but instead goes up to Ji An to have a serious conversation with her. Ji An tells Tae Kang that he is a loser while Tae Kang tells Ji An that whether money and fame makes her happy. Ji An goes home and have ramen while thinking about what had Tae Kang said about her. On the other hand, Tae Kang thinks about what Ji An said about him. He holds his father’s hand and thinks about how his father worked hard to support Tae Kang. Ji An sleeps in her shoe collection room.

At work, Ji An introduces the ‘Shoe Reform’ contest to promote the company and hire a new shoe designer. The credit goes to Na Ri but the idea belongs to Ji An. Ji An and Na Ri meets at toilet. Ji An comments on Na Ri’s actions at the meeting while Na Ri ‘compliments’ Ji An’s aged look. Na Ri gives her the VIP tickets to an exotic spa. At first, Ji An does not want them but she takes them away.

Tae Kang fails to find a full time paid job. He sees the poster about the ‘Shoe Reform’ contest. The 1st prize is getting the prize money and a job offer at the shoe company. Tae Kang tells his father about the contest but his father thinks that participating this contest is ridiculous. But, Tae Kang still takes on that challenge. Funny skits are shown where Tae Kang puts in a lot of effort on brainstorming to create a high heel shoe design. At the top of the building, Tae Kang feels stress while looking at a pink high heel shoe. His father comes up to see Tae Kang and gives him some fatherly support. After that, they laughed and playfully argue among each other.

At the shoe company, Tae Kang submits his entry for the contest. Ji An walks past and Tae Kang immediately hides under the table. Tae Kang feels relieved that Ji An don’t see him.

Ji An and her friend went to an exotic spa. Ji An did use the VIP coupons which were given by Nai Ri. Her friend is very impressed with all the luxuries and comfort at the spa. Her friend asks Ji An whether Eun Seong is still calling and texting her. Ji An tells her friend that she receives text messages from Eun Seong at some fixed times. However, her friend tells Ji An that there is a smartphone technology that Eun Seong can set the time to automatically send text messages to Ji An. Ji An feels frustrated and drinks the nutrient drink. Suddenly, she vomits and feels nauseous.

Eun Seong tells the patient about the good news that she is pregnant. Ji An’s parents give Eun Seong a surprise visit. At the restaurant, Ji An’s father hopes that Ji An will not continue to work after marriage. This means that Ji An’s parents want Eun Seong to be their future son-in-law. Eun Seong sends Ji An’s parents off and tells them not to worry about Ji An as he will take care of her. Eun Seong calls Ji An about her parents’ visit. However, Ji An doesn’t care and cancels the call.

During the shoe selection process, Na Ri and the judges say that these selection of shoe designs fresh and new. However, Ji An says that most of them are not her cup of tea. Na Ri asks Ji An’s opinion on which shoe design should be the winner. Ji An selects Tae Kang’s shoe design. Na Ri finds that this shoe is too old-fashioned. This sparks the argument between Ji An and Na Ri. Na Ri said that she will make the decision on who will be the winner. Ji An talks back by saying that this is a company and professionals aren’t born but made. Na Ri asks Ji An whether it is an attempt to sabotage her first major event but Ji An denies it.
Choong Bae picks up the call while Tae Kang and his father feels nervous. Choong Bae tells them that it ‘fallen’. Tae Kang and his father sighed. Then, Choong Bae clarifies that Tae Kang has won. All of them jump, hug, and yell happily about this great news. Tae Kang went to the shoe company to accept his prize. He felt uncomfortable with women in the room so he went out to get something. Ji An walk passes the clients while they gossip about the ‘quarrel’ between Ji An and Na Ri. On the other hand, Na Ri feels embarrassed after hearing the clients gossiping.

Tae Kang tries to get the coffee from the vending machine but the coffee doesn’t come out. He kicks the coffee machine to get his coffee. Ji An is having an English phone conversation with the client. She sees Tae Kang hitting the vending machine. She ends her call and approaches to Tae Kang to tell him not to vandalize the company’s facilities. Suddenly, the coffee spills on her and her clothing. Both of them were surprised as they made eye contact. This is follow by Tae Kang who awkwardly says: “We meet again.”

My Thoughts

I was able to understand the main characters even more. This episodefocuses on both characters’ life stories.

For Ji An, although she has success in her career but she tries to have a steady friendship and relationship. I do feel sad when all the staff members and her friend are not there for her to keep her company. This is follow by Ji An having ramen at home alone. These scenes tell me that money and career is not the key to happiness. To me, the key to happiness is the love and caring from friends and family. Kim Sun Ah did great in acting these heartbreaking moments when there is no one to be there for you to be happy. It breaks my heart when there is no one there to be with you through life.

On the other hand, Tae Kang’s relationship with his father got better which I adore. Even though there are minor arguments between them, but it is to show the development of their relationship in a good way. The father tries to show his sensitive side to Tae Kang including sharing his tough experiences when Tae Kang was a young lad. I find that the conversation between them is touching and funny. Based on funny scenes (odd jobs and participating the ‘Shoe Reform’ contest)Tae Kang shows his commitment in getting a job. These scenes gave me the impression that we should never give up when achieving our target goals.

I am looking forward to Ji An’s and Tae Kang’s story to be developed. I am excited about the funny ‘romance’ between the both of them. In addition to that, I can’t wait to watch the steamy battle between Ji An and Na Ri. Because of Ji An being nauseous at the exotic spa, I have a feeling that this is the sign of pregnancy. I am guessing that she will probably understand the love through motherhood and ‘hopefully’ the relationship between Ji An and Tae Kang.

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