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Episode Recap

Ki Chul finds about Woodalchi and Choi Young. His advisor informs Ki Chul that Choi Young is the son of an official and the king’s most trusted man. Ki Chul wonders how the son of an important family became a lowly warrior. The advisor said that his father died when he was sixteen and he chooses to take the warrior’s path. Ki Chul stands for a while after hearing that Choi Young used to be a member of Jeokwoldae. He is impressed and declares that he must have him since he only heard of the word Jeokwoldae. Ki Chul orders his advisor to give Choi Young anything he wants so he can join Ki Chul’s baddie team.

In Choi Young’s dream, he finds himself standing in the middle of a frozen lake while wearing full armour. He looks around and finds a man sitting as he’s doing ice fishing. They recognize each other and the man asks Choi Young whether he has found it yet or not.

Choi Young wakes up and he still feels the pain in his belly. Choong Seok reports to him that he has gather as many trusted men as possible. Choong Seok asks if Ki Chul dares to attack the king and queen in the palace. Choi Young believes so as he had met Ki Chul in person before. He points that he was really scary. Choi Young notes that if Ki Chul goes after the king, the Woodalchi will be attacked first which he doesn’t want that to happen. Choong Seok asks how they can let a man live like that but Choi Young tells him to save his energy for the next battle. Dae Man notices that his leader is still in pain and asks what the doctor said to him but Choi Young asks him to shut up. Choi Young wonders what happen if he, who leads the group, dies. He falls down and continues to say that if he collapses, his final opportunity will disappear.

Eun Soo talks while changing her clothes. She wonders if she’s not dreaming. She comes out from behind the screen and she’s wearing the under-layer of clothes. Jang Bin tells her calmly that she’s in her underwear. She says that she is not used to wearing layers of clothing. She continues to talk about time travel and points out that she hates sci-fi and fantasy. She’s startled by the mute girl, Deoki who is introduced by Jang Bin. She is one of the medicines professional. She brings out a tray of herbs for Choi Young and Eun Soo examines them. She picks up a disc and bites it. Jang Bin asks her whether she used any of these in heaven and whether she’s Hwata’s disciple. She knows Hwata but says no as she is more of a Hippocrates’s disciple.

The king calls for her and she is fascinated with all the riches including the vase. She asks the eunuch where she could buy one of these. When the king arrives, she bows to him and apologizes that she never met a royal before so she doesn’t know how to address him properly. He points out that he’s never met someone from heaven before so they should speak comfortably.

Princess Noguk walks down the hall with Choi Young and court ladies. She asks if everyone wants her and the king to die. He replies no and not giving his reasons since he’s a warrior who doesn’t know anything about politics. He asks her when she learnt to speak Goryeo since she’s only been married to the king for two years and it’s impossible to pick up that language within that time period. She asks whether he is judging her because she is a Yuan person speaking in Goryeo language. She points out that she learned the language eight years ago because she saw a Goryeo person and wants to learn the language so she could speak to him. She questions again about who wants them dead and Choi Young answers that there’s just one man. She immediately knows that it’s Ki Chul.

She points out that if Ki Chul kills the king, Choi Young will become Ki Chul’s Woodalchi and Choi Young agrees. She sighs as she wonders whether he risks his life for those he did not wish to. She gets up and places her hand on his shoulder to stop him from standing. Then, she raises her hand to his forehead and finds that he’s having a fever. She sighs again as he refuses to take any treatment. He asks her to remove her hand. She slowly puts down her hand and gives her royal order: Choi Young must not die.

On the other hand, the king asks Eun Soo to stay to develop the study of medicine for the kingdom. However, she says that she has to return. Il Shin reminds her that the portal to heaven is close and not so sure when it will reopen again. She yells back at him that he shouldn’t talk that way. She says that she’ll forget about the kidnapping and crazy moments if they sent her back home and she is allowed to bring back a few artefacts. The king tells her that the country is under Yuan’s power and he needs her help but she doesn’t care that much. He even mentions about the previous kings which makes her realize what she learned in history by singing a song which makes her remember the kings in order. Until then, she points out that he’s King Gong Min and the woman she sat in the sedan chair is Princess Noguk. She boasts that they are famous. She remembers that Gong Min is good at drawing as she seen his paintings before. She also says that the paintings are next to Choi Young’s shrine. Il Shin laughs as he wonders how Choi Young gets himself a shrine in heaven. Eun Soo stammers as she finds that the man, whom she stabbed him, is Choi Young.

Choi Young discusses with Jang Bin about the bloody evidence which is found at the crime scene. Choi Young asks Jang Bin if there’s a way to find anything from the blood. When he returns to the quarters, he hears from his men that the whole palace hear the rumours that Eun Soo is the divine healer and she’s the one who saved the princess and knows the future. Choi Young shouts at them as they supposed to keep this secret but it was the king’s eunuch who spread the rumours.

Court lady Choi brings Eun Soo to a room near the royal hospital while Eun Soo carries the vase along with her. Choi Young barges into the room and takes Eun Soo away while lady Choi shouts at him. Choi Young says that Eun Soo needs to move somewhere and he can’t go by himself but he will ask his trusted men to be by her side. She asks if his name is Choi Young and refuses to go anywhere since he has the king by her side and she shows off her vase as proof. Choi Young asks Deoki for something to tie Eun Soo up. He tells her to bring Eun Soo somewhere but Jang Bin interrupts that it was the king’s order that she will stay here as a doctor. Choi Young attempts to argue but his visions starts to blur and he collapses on the ground. Eun Soo drops her vase in shock and it shatters.

Ki Chul’s advisor laughs at the rumour about the divine healer. Hwa Suin joins in the conversation and says that the divine healer is the one who heal the princess’s slashed neck. She asks if she could bring Eun Soo or burn her up. Ki Chul says that it’s time to meet the king but first he glances over with the evil in his eyes.

Choi Young wakes up and asks if anyone knows he collapsed. Jang Bin assures him that they’re the only ones who know about this. Eun Soo points out that his wound was inflamed so he gets the fever. Jang Bin leaves to get more medicine. While Choi Young gets dressed, Eun Soo notes that he has great body when he’s without his clothes on. She says that she worried that he might have even more damages elsewhere but luckily the injury is only at the liver. She thanks him for his well-built abs. She asks him again whether he is really Choi Young and tells him that he will later be a general and does big important things. He asks her whether she can see the guture in heaven and she corrects him that she’s from the future, not from heaven. She points out that she won’t mess with history.

Suddenly, a bomb is thrown at them but Choi Young ducks her down for cover just in time. He sees Hwa Suin standing at the corner with her evil expression on her face. He finds that his sword is further away from him. Jang Bin enters unaware and Hwa Suin starts to attack. He defences with his fan which gives Choi Young the opportunity to grab his sword. He runs after her while Jang Bin goes over to Eun Soo to make sure that she’s okay. She shouts out that she has seen X-men. Another explosion makes her goes nearer to Jang Bin and Deoki finds them in a close contact.

Choi Young chases after Hwa Suin and blocks her escape path. She evades his sword and says she has a message for him. However, he places his blade to her throat and replies that he doesn’t want to hear from her. She pouts in protest. Choi Young asks her to die. She avoids his attack and flies down from the high wall. She smiles at him and saying that they will meet again before she walks away.

Choi Young talks with the king and explains about the bloody note. He brings out a bag of bugs and shows that it’s chicken blood, not human blood. This means that this letter was left after the murder and make it look like the victim is dying. Gong Min asks what he should do about it and Choi Young says that the man, who planted that evidence, should come out and admit his crimes. Then, it’s up to the king’s decision whether to acknowledge the falsified note. Gong Min still asks him about Choi Young’s plans to leave. Eun Soo passes by the hallway and she stops to hear the conversation between the king and Choi Young. Choi Young was planning to leave the palace for a long time. Gong Min asks to share his story but Choi Young says that he shouldn’t know it. The king asks him to tell his story to him as a friend.

His story begins. He wandered around after his father passed away. Jeokwoldae took him in. The leader became his second father and the group is his family. They gathered to fight evil and protect Goryeo. They are known to be assassins. However, no matter how skilful they are, their numbers of people get lesser while there are a lot of enemies. At first, the enemies are scare when they hear Jeokwaldae but they came out with better plans but intercepted their orders from the king, setting traps, and ambush the group. A female warrior is caught up in a trap. A leader jumps in to rescue her but loses an arm. One day, the king called them to the palace and they went.

In the palace, Choi Young is happy to be here and he approaches to his comrade and join the others. He throws his arm around her and is excited that the king has called them here to be rewarded. He goes up to his leader who stands proud with his one arm only. He turns around and says that Jeokwaldae are the ones who given their lives to protect the king. Thus, it is an honor and they are representing Jeokwoldae.

They march in until they find that the assembly hall becomes a brothel where they’re greeted by half-naked dancing girls. Choi Young gapes but his comrade doesn’t look pleased. The leader stood still until the girls leave. There they find a drunken king enjoying himself with his ‘comrades’. Still, the leader bows to the drunken king who walks over and treats them like entertainers. He pokes his finger at the crescent moon on the leader’s forehead and takes his sword. He is amazed by the sword as it was given by the ghost. He swings the sword like a toy until he sees a woman among the group and asks if she’s a warrior too. He notes that he’s never seen a female warrior before. He keeps eyeing on her from top to bottom and back again.

Then, he puts the sword near to her throat and asks her to take off her clothes. Choi Young eyes are wide open. He yells that it’s a royal order while the leader just stands there doing nothing. She doesn’t know what to do and she starts to undo her belt. Choi Young looks away while she trembles to talk off her clothes but stops. The king demands her to continue and puts the blade to cut the straps of her undergarments. Finally, the leader steps up between them and block the sword. He starts to protest. The king honestly admits that he is jealous that Jeokwoldae cares for the people of the nation instead of the king. He places the blade to his throat and asks if they’re the ones who protect the people, not the king. The leader answers no. The king asks again if they are going to ignore a royal order and the leader replies that they’ve never disobey a royal order. With that, he orders the woman to take off her clothes. She comes forward and hesitates while being in fear. The king screams at her and lunges at her with the sword. Instead, the leader steps in to get the stab from the king. Choi Young trembles in shocked while the king jumps back in surprise and acts like he didn’t know that the sword is sharp and starts to laugh.

Choi Young steps forward and the leader pulls out the sword out from his stomach and swings it to Choi Young’s throat. He tells Choi Young to back off. He orders him to be the king’s servant, be the king’s shadow, and protect the throne. Choi Young shakes in fury while there are tears in his eyes. He couldn’t say anything. The leader goes closer to him and tells him softly that this is the only way to save Jeokwoldae. Choi Young must protect the group. He fights back his tears and agrees to protect the group. The leader’s sword finally comes down and Choi Young sheaths his sword. They watch with tears as their leader says his last words while bowing to the king. He offers his apologies and offers these warriors to the king. In the end, he dies. The group kneel before him and the king laughs with joy.

In the present, Gong Min and Eun Soo are shock to hear Choi Young’s story. The king asks how long it’s been since he became Woodalchi and Choi Young replies that it’s been seven years. Gong Min finds that the members of the Jeokwoldae were either sent away or killed and Choi Young is the last one. Gong Min notes that if there’s not one to protect, Choi Young will leave the palace and he answers yes. He points out that the previous king who killed Choi Young’s leader was his own brother. So, Choi Young must have hated him from the very start but he doesn’t say anything about it. The king asks what he’ll do if he leaves. Choi Young says that he needs to bring the doctor home when the portal reopens and he’ll take up fishing. The king asks again what he’ll do after that and Choi Young replies that he’s been looking for if there’s a reason that he has to live.
The king gets up and says that Choi Young has not finished the task he gave. He asks Choi Young not to follow him since he’s too ashamed to face him. Eun Soo watches as Choi Young collapses after Gong Min left. She runs in screaming ‘Psycho’ while others come running to help her. He is having the seizure and she asks for some salt water which she feeds him slowly. She is in panic since there are no supplies here and no way to help him.

In Choi Young’s dream, he sits next to the man and fishing together. That man turns out to be his father as Choi Young asks him whether he can stay by his side. His father closes his eyes and sighs. Jang Bin treats him and he can barely feel a pulse. He wonders if Choi Young even has plans to come back to life.
Court lady Choi tells Eun Soo to get dressed up as she was told by the royal order.

The king’s group and the queen’s group meet each other. The king asks her opinion about the possibility that there might be a war or death or bow to the Yuan. She points out that’s impossible. The king goes for the third option and she guesses that it’s probably Il Shin’s doing. Gong Min notes that Il Shin is the only one by his side. She asks about Choi Young and then admits that she’s surprised that the king is telling her all of those things. Gong Min reminds her that she has to come with him.

They walk in the hall and all the government officials attend as the king takes the throne. The queen is also announced and Gong Min says that they have been in a difficult journey. He points out that he is grateful that the divine healer has come to cure the queen and protect them. He introduces Eun Soo to the audiences. The king says that the future of their kingdom is already written in heaven and asks if anybody is interested to hear it. They stir with interest but Ki Chul arrives. Everyone bows at his entrance. He approaches to the king and says that he have been hearing ridiculous rumours and spend many years in a foreign land. Yet, he’s still the nation’s king. He shouts out as he asks who has been telling the king about the false messages. He points his finger at Eun Soo to demand her to answer his question.

Point of View

Eun Soo, you did it again. First, you got kidnapped and complained. Now, you decide to be the great divine healer and get all the riches and fame that you want. I hate to say this but….I love you. She talks sense while being amusing at the same time. I love how she approaches things with her own methods while being in the different world like how she compares with items between Goryeo period and her time (eg. the size of the room and how expensive are the artefacts). Even though she messes up with her understanding on Goryeo history, she tries not to mess things up when she converses with Gong Min. I smile while she converse with Gong Min about history which she learned in the most interesting method to remember. I mean that’s how we learn in order to pass our history exams, right? Although she does the craziest things, I still love her.

Choi Young, how can you be so stubborn? You know you have to take care of your own health before taking care of others. It’s great to see the backstory of Choi Young which shows a different side of him who used to be innocent and, might, be in love with his ex-partner. I am dying to know how he lost his innocence after being controlled by the pervious king. How he change from an innocent character to a serious character with his flaming charisma? My heart breaks when his leader got stabbed and his ex-partner being played around by the previous king. This is going to be a great story about Choi Young. His warrior’s story: his father passed away, being with Jeokwoldae, trained himself to be a warrior, and heartbreaking scenes.

Why do I have the feeling that the Noguk is going to have feelings for Choi Young? This happened right after she finds that Choi Young is the one who bring the divine healer to save her from dying. Her story is going to be interesting. The main reason is because her relationship with the king as you can see conflicts between the two of them. Same goes with the king who is also going to have an interesting story that we hope for. He was having hard times in Yuan and he needs a friend to listen to his worries. So, it’s great that the director is giving these four characters to shine by showing each of their stories.

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