Films at the Embassy of Japan:The Glass Cape

Date: 22 February 2012
Venue: The Embassy of Japan in the UK, 101 – 104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT
Organiser: The Embassy of Japan in the UK

The film is based on the story ‘Misty Kid of the Wind’ by poet/novelist Kenji Miyazawa, who was born and spent his entire life in the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan.

Set in a secluded mountain village in his home prefecture in the early 1920s. Karin hears an unfamiliar song in the forest. On the first day of the new school term, she finds a new boy in her classroom, who is given the nickname ‘Kaze no Matasaburo’ (Matasaburo of the Wind). His presence seems to be the cause of various strange and mysterious happenings.

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