Hanmi Gallery 14th Interim Exhibition: Phobia

Date: 24th November – 5th December 2012, 12-6pm
Venue: Hanmi Gallery, 30 Maple Street, London, W1T 6HA
Artists: Alexis Milne, Erik Bendix, Joey Holder, Ole Hagen, Sangjin Kim, Shauba Chang, and Woon Zung

Curated by Seihee Shon and Yovi Jisun Song (collaboration with Alpha Art Association)

HANMI GALLERY is pleased to announce its 14th interim exhibition PHOBIA by six international artists working with different media. This exhibition is curated by Seihee Shon and Yovi Jisun Song, two London based independent curators and in collaboration with Alpha Art Association.

The exhibition brings together practices that explore, in particular, the concept of anxiety and fear. These include private experiences of simple phobia, collective anxieties in contemporary society, fear of loss and artistic actions as healing rituals

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