Honno Sukoshi….Inclusive Dance

Date: 24&25 July 2009, Chicken Shed Theatre / 30&31 July 2009, Dance City
Venue: Chicken Shed Theatre, Chase Side, Southgate, London N14 4PE / Dance City, Temple Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 4BR
Chicken Shed Theatre:
Tel: 020 8351 6161
Fax: 020 8292 0202 /
Email: info@chickenshed.org.uk
Web: www.chickenshed.org.uk

The Miyagi Dance Company is made up of physically impaired and unimpaired people, and is pioneering the field of inclusive dance in Japan.
‘Honno Sukoshi’ when translated into English means ‘just a little bit’, and the performance has been created from the idea that when viewing people in this way, from a different angle, we can see a different side to the person. Acclaimed choreographer Osamu Jareo has worked with impro solo dancer and special guest dancer Toru Iwashita, to produce a unique and intriguing production.

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