HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market


Bringing together diverse exhibitors, sellers, performers and fans, HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market will show off the best of both traditional and contemporary Japan in the heart of London. Visitors will be able to experience diverse elements of Japan’s culture in a single venue, and HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market particularly focuses on gift ideas and exclusive goods with a Japanese theme to them, timed just right for one’s seasonal shopping. Some highlights:

  • Shopping: Add some Japanese aesthetic to your Christmas gifts this year with items such as toys, fashion goods and accessories, and more traditional items such as tableware and crockery (such as tea sets), Ukiyo-e artwork, washi (Japanese decorative craft paper) and tasteful Japanese print wrapping paper.
  • Food & Drink: More than just a food court, there’ll be gift-suitable items such as Sake, Japanese snacks, exotic teas and Japanese-style chocolate for you to take home to your loved ones.
  • Experiences: Makeover and nail areas for a cool new winter look, autograph sessions with guests (TBC) as well as our ever-popular martial arts displays.
  • Entertainment: Live J-pop music, Food and drink demos and lectures (such as fancy Japanese cocktails to show off over the festive season), traditional Japanese Taiko Drumming and other guests from Japan, plus fashion shows and the World Cosplay Summit UK preliminaries!

HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market is a unique event that offers something for both the dedicated Japanophile and those not so familiar with Japanese or Asian culture, as well as those who want to spice up the usual socks and scarves present selection this Christmas. It’s fun, colourful, diverse, and a great way to discover new and interesting trends.

Book your tickets at http://hyperjapan.co.uk/tickets/

£12 Friday and Saturday sessions, £15 Sunday

Date: 14- 16 November 2014
Venue: Kensington Olympia, National Hall, Hammersmith Road, Kensington, London W14 8UX
Web: http://www.hyperjapan.co.uk
Organiser: Cross Media Ltd.

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