I Do, I Do Episode 1 Review

Before I start off with reviewing this episode, let me tell you a brief plot of this drama.
Hwang Ji-An (JA), a 30-something year old woman is a top shoe designer. She is known as the ‘Gold Miss’ while being single and financially successful in her career. However, she met up with the counterfeit shoe peddler, Park Tae-Gang (TG). She mistakenly had a drunken night with him and, suddenly, she becomes pregnant.

Now, the recap of Episode 1.

JA leaves the banquet room to rush off somewhere. It starts the Cinderella scenario. However, not the kind of leaving one high heels on the steps. She takes off both high heels and rushes to the fashion show. On the other hand, TG is being dragged by his father to go to the family registration centre to take him off the family registry. TG couldn’t care less and told his father to do it. In the end, it didn’t happen. The reason why there is an argument between them is because of TG’s beloved motorcycle, ‘Beyonce’. TG spends his father’s money on ‘Beyonce’ instead since he did not go to college. His father kicks ‘Beyonce’ and leaves TG behind. TG got mad and goes lovey dovey with ‘Beyonce’.

Then, he rides off with his motorcycle while the OST is played. Suddenly, he encountered JA while she crosses the road and he steers to the other side until he fell down. TG scolds JA for not watching where she is going and complaining that ‘Beyonce’ got hurt. JA tells him off that his life is more important than his motorcycle. Since she is in a hurry and there is a traffic jam, she decided to be nice with TG and asks him for a ride. In return, she promises to pay the repairs for the motorcycle. TG agrees and takes her on a wild ride while JA holds him tight.

The story suddenly takes place at the place that JA rushes to, it turns out to be a fashion show, more specifically on shoes. The evil devil boss tells off the staff members that the shoe, which is the highlight ending of show, does not fight the foreign model’s foot. When JA arrives, the staff members told her that the evil devil boss purposely change the model so JA’s shoe company would not have the opportunity to feature her shoe designs. JA comes up with an idea and tell her staff members to get the item requirements, including the ribbon, to create a better shoe that fits the foreign models. To me, I am quite surprised that she can fix the shoes within minutes. Finally, the shoe fits the model’s feet. We see JA as not being too bitchy and bossy but trying her upmost best to overcome problems like these. The evil devil boss had an argument with JA. JA decided to ask her staff members to take all the shoes and leave the fashion show. She couldn’t care less about the models walking bare foot. WOW, nice move. The evil devil boss gives up and let the
fashion show go on with JA’s designed shoes including the highlight with ribbons.

While the fashion show is running, JA went back to the banquet, with the help of TG on giving her a ride yet again. She reaches the banquet and finds out that nobody was around except staffs cleaning up the tables. She asks one of the staffs and was told that the 70th birthday ended. She is a bit angry and decided to call someone. Then, again, she rushes off to another destination. TG still follows her and gives her a ride to wherever she goes.

JA reaches the train station and found her parents who are returning to their hometown. Her dad, the birthday boy, is angry while her mom tries to calm JA and dad down. However, dad scolds her for not being there for his birthday. He gives her the bank account book and tells her not to contact them again. That really does break my heart because of the relationship between JA and her dad. The parents left while JA just stands at the platform. TG just watches JA at a short distance.

JA walks to another place while TG just follows. They end up at a park. JA just sits there thinking while TG looks on. TG offers her a tissue. JA uses it to wipe her eyes until she realizes that the bill was written on the tissue. TG asks her nicely for the money and JA, finally, pays him back the money. TG tries to cheer JA up by sharing his experience with his father. After hearing it, JA just laughs.

TG takes JA to his friend’s restaurant where they had an enjoyable meal. They talk about life including career and family problems. Suddenly, TG’s friend, Lee Choong Baek (CB) comes up and tells them about the ‘special’ drinks that are available in his restaurant. CB and TG thought that JA is in her mid-20s but she is actually not. After hearing the comment, she couldn’t help being flattered with the praise given by both of them.

JA and TG keeps drinking the ‘specials’ until they are drunk. They start to talk about relationship and life including TG lost his mother. After all the talking and drinking, TG holds JA out of the restaurant while she is totally wasted. He calls for a taxi, puts her in the taxi, and thoughts that he has done his job. However, she gives the taxi driver the address which is out of Seoul. Because of that, TG has no choice but to pull her out of the taxi. JA sits down and complains about what is her problem that makes her dad upset. The rains come and TG decides to tell JA that he is leaving, in a good way. JA just tells him to go as TG walks away. After saying about life, TG comes back with a big umbrella. Both of them happily walk to someplace else while
playing word play in a drunken way.

They end up naked in bed, naked. I find it really funny when there is lots of switching scenes from one thing to another to make the scenario more funny and sexy. They wake up and found out that they did a one night stand together. In addition to that, they can’t remember a thing of what happened last night. Both of them are embarrassed and have awkward talking. TG leaves in a hurry while JA is angry at herself about what had happened together with TG.

JA goes home and cleans herself up to get ready to go to work. She goes to her favourite place, the shoe collection room, and picks her shoe of the day to match her outfit. After dressing up as a classy working lady, she goes to the office. She arrives at work and the staffs worry that they will get fired. But, in the end, JA lets them off and telling them to get back to work. JA gives her credit card to one of the staff members to tells her to buy a new skirt because she tore the skirt as an emergency ribbons.

TG goes back to CB’s restaurant to get his beloved ‘Beyonce’. CB asks TG where he was and he found out that TG had a one night stand with JA even though TG denies it. CB laughs about TG’s lost virginity while TG feels embarrassed. Poor guy. TG heads home and gets caught by his father. His father asks him where he was. TG admits that he spends the night with a woman. His father warns TG not be hitched like that his father had experienced the last time.

JA is at one of the shoe store and asks the store manager how is the sales going. The store manager told her that the sales was not going smoothly as there is a lot of imitation shoes selling in the market. Suddenly, the customer complains that the shoes are not comfortable. Because of her annoying attitude, JA tells the customer to go another shop where they sell comfortable shoes. The customer throws the shoe on the floor and leaves. JA gets angry with the customer’s actions and tries to start a fight with her but is restrained from doing so. Then, JA picks up the shoe and give some tender, love, and care.

TG is selling imitation shoes while his father is the one who makes imitation shoes. CB comes by and show TG the book about JA. TG found out that JA is a well-known shoe designer.

On the other hand, in the office, JA suggests to her staff members to start a search on the counterfeiters to stop them from selling imitations. Not only they are doing it, but JA is also involves in chasing those ‘bandits’. She makes sure that this is a chase, not a fun shopping trip. One of the staff members tells JA that there is a call from the hospital. She goes to the hospital and visits the doctor. At first she thought that she will go for surgery because she has cancer, but the doctor told her that she will get menopause within one to two years. JA met up with her friend at a restaurant. JA tells her friend about the menopause and no interests in relationship and marriage. Also, she asks her friend how her life is as a divorcee.

As JA walks along the street, she stops for a moment and looks at herself at her own reflection. She thinks about what the doctor said about the menopause. Then, she gets a phone call from her mother. Her mother tells JA that she has an arranged date with a gynaecologist. JA doesn’t want to go but her mother told her that her father is still upset over the 70th birthday celebration. In the end, JA decided to go on an arranged date.

JA meets Jo Eun Seong (ES). He starts complimenting her beauty and then talks about his mother. As he goes on and on about his mother, JA keeps yawning. JA tells ES that she is going to have menopause within one to two years. ES asks JA whether she do not want to see him again. JA asks him nicely to give a quick rejection. However, ES laughs out as he is also not interested in getting into a relationship. They have a relaxing conversation about work and how to avoid getting themselves into a relationship. JA needs to leave as she needs to catch the bandits. ES tells her that they should meet together as friends. However, she rejects him again. ES smiles and tells her to take care of her health. As JA drives away, ES smiles.
TG and his father escapes from the police and decide to split up while carrying a bag of counterfeit shoes. TG runs along the street, bumps into JA, and drops a bag of counterfeit shows. After JA finds one of the counterfeit shoes, she looks up and recognizes TG. TG, also, recognizes JA and runs away. JA stands up, takes off her stylish high heel shoes, and yells at TG to stop right there.

Here is my point of view:

‘I Do, I Do’ starts off really well by letting us understand the characters really well including their background and stories such as JA and TG’s relationship with their fathers. The OST in the first episode had a good start on the blending with the scene. Not like rock songs, but a slow and steady melody that makes me comfortable. Because of that, I decided to find these first OSTs, who sang these songs, and listen to them again. I find the after one night stand awkward conversations between JA and TG funny.

For JA, I have eyes on her because of her strong character. Although she is the boss of the shoe design company, but she also have the sensitive side of her. It’s not all about her but she tries to think about others including her parents. She did try her best to achieve her dreams while trying to have a good relationship with her father. Kim Sun Ah did really a good job in portraying this character that shows that, in reality, women in society may have this kind of situation. On the other hand, Lee Jang Woo has managed to show in portraying TG with outgoing attitude and caring personality. I find that him attractive as with the mix of bad boy and a boy next door perspective.

Overall, this episode starts off really well in this drama. There is no confusion as the flow of story goes well including the use of OSTs and the connection of scenarios. There is the flow of conversation. Sun Ah and Jang Woo did a good job at portraying the characters such as the conversation between them and the emotions and actions that they express. As I said before, it did a good start in understanding the characters like JA had a rough relationship with her father. I would feel bad if I was in her shoes. At the very first episode of every drama, we all need to understand the characters. From then on, we keep on following the episodes to follow the narrative and understand the characters even more. The start of the noona-and-dongsaeng romance has just begun. I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes. I am looking forward to this sweet romance and watching, now, my favourite main actors.

Stay tuned for episode 2 review.

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