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Episode Recap

Ji An steps in as Tae Kang insults Eun Sung while he stills grip Eun Sung’s collar. He explains that Eun Sung is cheating on her until he realizes that Jun Hee is Ji An’s friend who is helping Ji An with the pregnancy. Ji An orders him to follow her outside. Once they’re outside, she scolds him while Tae Kang protests that he thought that Eun Sung was cheating on her. She goes on saying if Eun Sung was doing it, Tae Kang shouldn’t have fight in the first place. She asks him to apologize to Eun Sung even though Tae Kang sees there is no point to apologize to the person who will not take responsibility. Ji An repeats that she’s no one’s possession.

Ji An gives Tae Kang a kick under the table. Tae Kang doesn’t sincerely apologize to Eun Sung. No matter how much he apologizes, it is not genuine enough. Eun Sung gets up and demands that they will need to settle compensation. A worth of high sum of money to cover his ‘injury’. Jun Hee adds on saying that Eun Sung should add in the emotional repercussions as well. Choong Baek begs Tae Kang to sincerely ask for forgiveness but Tae Kang is unwilling to do so to keep his pride. Then, Ji An volunteers to pay for it. Tae Kang insists that he will pay since he rather not run away like a coward. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enough money in his credit cards. He asks for Choong Baek’s help and Choong Baek brushes him off so that Tae Kang can learn a good lesson from what he had done just now.

Jun Hee gets the shocking news that not only Tae Kang is the father but he thinks that the baby is Eun Sung’s. To avoid any confusions, she instructs Ji An to cut ties with Tae Kang which means she has to fire him. Ji An hesitates to do that. Jun Hee points out she thinks Tae Kang will not be able to provide child support and help Ji An in her pregnancy. Ji An comes in defense as she says that Tae Kang is not a bad person. She adds that it will be difficult for him to find a job if she fires him. Jun Hee wonders if she has sympathy for Tae Kang but she denies it. She advises Ji An that marrying Eun Sung will solve all of those problems to which Ji An tells her to get out.

Ji An sits in her shoe closet looking at her sketches including Tae Kang. She talks to Ankle about what she is going to do with Tae Kang. She receives a text from Eun Sung about the pregnancy class. Eun Sung, who is jogging to take his mind off, receives a reply from Ji An that she will attend the class.

The next day, Ji An notices that one of the mothers is reading her autobiography. She attempts to escape but gets caught by Eun Sung. She doesn’t want to be recognized and Eun Sung suggests that she changes her clothes. She has trouble during the pregnancy class. She receives a polite laughter after introducing herself as the ‘Ankle’s’ mother. Eun Sung leads the mothers in a calm mind class. Ji An closes her eyes and imagines about ‘the happiest moment’. She thinks about the recent picnic date with Tae Kang while sketching. She realizes that she has feelings for Tae Kang.

At the office, Na Ri curiously looks at Tae Kang who is seriously doing his homework. When he greets her, he notices that she is wearing the shoes which she bought from the cleaning ladies. She lies that she bought these and she decides to show off these shoes. She calls him to her office and gives him a pair of new shoes as a gift so he can wear them to work. Tae Kang is grateful for the gift but she pouts with the ‘give and take’ method.

Eun Sung suggests that she needsto get a proper weight on her pregnancy. Ji An brings him to her favourite jokbal restaurant but finds that it is closed. Then, Tae Kang and Na Ri come which makes the atmosphere among the four of them awkward. Na Ri wonders how Ji An managed to get a handsome gentleman and asks about Eun Sung’s bruise. He replies that he had a fight with a dog and Tae Kang silently holds his anger.

Tae Kang mentions that the branded shoes, which Ji An notices, is given by Na Ri. Ji An calmly remarks that she thought that these were knockoffs. Ji An feels annoyed when she hears that the two are quite friendly. Eun Sung offers to pay for the meal. He comments that Ji An is still beautiful even if she gains weight. Tae Kang drinks lot of water and is asked from Na Ri about what should they ordered. He whispers to her that they should order the most expensive meal but Eun Sung hears it and orders the meal for them.

While both Ji An and Na Ri are in front of the bathroom mirror, Ji An compliments on Na Ri’s reformed shoes and she figures that it is Jake’s design. Na Ri corrects her that she found a designer who had great sense, passion, and good-looking to boot: Park Tae Kang. Na Ri worries that Tae Kang still has a lack of shoe design skills and advises Ji An to treat him better as he might be the hidden gem. Ji An tells her off that she should take care of her own team members who had tried to come up with ideas for the collaboration. Na Ri wonders if it is because Ji An is getting older. Ji An goes woman power by sarcastically remarking that Na Ri youthful beauty. After that, she leaves while Na Ri eyes are wide open.

The boys are having their own battle at the table. Eun Sung assures Tae Kang that he needn’t worry about the compensation as it his way to scare Tae Kang. Tae Kang questions Eun Sung whether is he going to marry Ji An. Eun Sung throws his suggestions of how is he going to be with Ji An until he asks whether Tae Kang is imagining that. Tae Kang replies that he just want Ji An to be happy. Eun Sung concludes that Tae Kang wants these suggestions to be like a drama. However, he assures Tae Kang he can deal with his problem. He advises Tae Kang to mind his own business and film his own movie.

After the ladies return to their seats, Eun Sung twists Tae Kang’s word by mentioning that Tae Kang asked when they were going to get married. Ji An stares at Tae Kang’s jealousy reaction. Both Ji An and Eun Sung leaves first. She accidentally leaves her phone behind. Ji An asks Eun Sung about what he had just done. He is doing this to protect Ji An’s secret but he notices that Ji An is concerned about Tae Kang and asks if it is because Tae Kang is the father. Ji An admits and points out that his previous actions are childish.

Eun Sung asks Ji An what Tae Kang means to her. Ji An answers that they’re only have a biological tie. As she lies about bad things about Tae Kang, Tae Kang overhears the conversation as he is returning her phone. After Tae Kang left, Ji An asks Eun Sung about how much Tae Kang heard and Eun Sung tells her to ask Tae Kang herself. Na Ri notices that Tae Kang’s mood and comments that the two look together. Tae Kang adds that Eun Sung really likes Ji An. In Na Ri’s eyes, she thought Ji An is pretty for the first time and adds that women who receive love are more radiant than those who give it.

Tae Kang’s father admires the shoe which is given by Tae Kang while Tae Kang is watching a show about non-Korean married women. Tae Kang asks his father about what kind of woman whom his father would approve of. His answer is that as long as Tae Kang loves someone and he is okay if Tae Kang loves an older woman. Tae Kang asks if he is in a relationship with a woman pregnant with another man’s child. His father’s face grows stern and gives him a punishment.

Tae Kang leaves Ji An a pint of milk on her desk. He also leaves a note saying that he needs more time to work on his high heels report. Ji An smiles while going through his 200 sketches. She sighs while hesitating to whether she should fire him or not. During the meeting, she notices that she is sensitive about the strange smells which causes her to feel the morning sickness. Tae Kang protects her secret by pretending to gag with her.

Manager Ma scolds Tae Kang for bringing in the spoilt food. Ji An mutters that he shouldn’t have butt in but Tae Kang is there to protect her and she is grateful for that. Tae Kang accepts another reading assignment and look through the textbook. Once she notices that he is wearing his old sneakers, she smiles after she hears that he has given them away to his father. He presents a small gift to her: a little eraser shoes which is a replica of her first pair of designed shoes. Ji An doesn’t show her true feelings to him by giving him the cold stare and tells him that he should have spent his time on his shoe design training instead. He throws them in the trash and leaves.

Madame Jang calls and Ji An turns down the opportunity for a major broadcasting network to do a documentary on her life. Jake tells Na Ri that he loves the work of this mysterious designer. He recalls that he used to be a young designer like that person.

Bong Soo pulls Tae Kang aside to let him know that there is a new job position that fits well for his father. Tae Kang tells Bong Soo that it is impossible because Ji An knows that his father makes knockoffs. Bong Soo tells him about the salary which makes Tae Kang gasp in surprise. Later, Bong Soo helps Tae Kang’s father to be in disguise by wearing a wig and having a drawn mole. His father worries about whether the disguise will work but decides to do it after hearing about the salary. They walk down the hall and passes Na Ri who stops them because she notices the shoes which she had given him. She is curious and then she lets them go.

Finally, the staffs figure out that Jake did not have the intention in helping them out in the design process for collaboration. Madame Jang comes to visit Ji An and finds that Ji An is away. She waits at Ji An’s office and notices the old lady’s face covered up. She smirks when she sees it. She sees the prenatal vitamins and medications left on the coffee table. Her eyes flicker and hears from her secretary that Ji An is pregnant.

Ji An and Tae Kang are busy shopping around for fabrics while they drink health drinks. Tae Kang overly protects Ji An from being hurt form anyone by covering with his body so she doesn’t get hit. She get a surprise backhug from Tae Kang. Tae Kang follows Ji An around while looking for the right fabrics. When he sees that Ji An is tired, he suggests that they should take a little break. However, Ji An insists that she is fine and continues to finish up the shopping.

Se7en is returned to his happy parents’ arms for the first time and the staffs celebrate his survival. Eun Sung remembers how Se7en grasped Ji An’s finger. He decides to sends a text to tell her the good news that Se7en is discharge from the hospital. He asks her out to celebrate Se7en’s survival.

He brings the food to her apartment. Suddenly, he sees Tae Kang driving into the parking lot with Ji An sleeping in the car. Tae Kang gently wakes Ji An. Since she is too tired to get out, he walks over to her side of the car. Ji An jolts awake when he moves her. He lets her know that he is carrying her up to her apartment because he is concerned about the baby. She places her arms around his neck and allows him to carry her out of the car. Eun Sung looks on with disbelief and shock. He attempts to open the car door but doesn’t do it.

Tae Kang carries her all the way to her bed. He asks if he should call Eun Sung that she is alright since Eun Sung is the father of the unborn child. Tae Kang wonders if there is something wrong about Eun Sung even though he has money, good looks, and a steady career. Ji An asks whether it is better for her to be with Eun Sung and Tae Kang replies that it is better for her to be with him rather than being alone to deal with her pregnancy. Tae Kang suggests that he wants to clean the house and cook meals for her but she reject his help. Then, Tae Kang is allowed to take photos of her shoe closet so he can practice his sketching. He snaps photos of the shoes and smiles when he sees his mini erasers next to their real-life model.

Ji An sits on her bed and slowly realize that her sketchbook is in the shoe closet. Tae Kang look through her sketchbook until he sees a few sketches of himself. Once Ji An enters, Tae Kang holds them up and asks why she drew them. She doesn’t answer his question and asks him to give the sketchbook to her. As soon as she leaves, he pulls her to him and asks her to be honest. He repeats the same question why she drew him. She stares back at him. Tae Kang looks into her eyes and gently pulls her into a tender kiss. After they break apart, they catch their breath. Tae Kang tells her that he is leaving and he goes while Ji An is surprised. Once he’s outside, he smiles and jumps for joy about the kiss. Eun Sung is still in his car.
Tae Kang’s father celebrates his recent hiring with Choong Baek and Bong Soo. Two of them are worried about Tae Kang’s reaction towards his father’s employment. Tae Kang comes in while the others are scared. However, Tae Kang gives his father a hug and tells him that he loves him.

Unexpectedly, Na Ri and Jake come to see Tae Kang to give him a great opportunity: a chance to study abroad and work as an intern in Jake’s company, all expenses paid. Jake explains that he has seen his potential and is impressed with his shoe designs on Na Ri’s shoes and in the Shoe Reform Contest. At first, Tae Kang shows an expression which can’t be explained. Then, once he goes to the bathroom, he is full of emotions as he can’t believe that this opportunity to advance his career has come to him.

Ji An thinks back to the kiss and places her finger over her lips. Madame Jang drops by to visit and hands Ji An her favourite sashimi. Ji An stiffens as Madame Jang picks up a prenatal education book from her coffee table. Ji An is going to tell the truth and Madame Jang smiles and congratulate her for her marriage. She asks when is Ji An’s wedding. Ji An apologizes that she should have the Madame Jang the truth sooner and plans to raise her child alone. Madame Jang reminds her that she has been building up her reputation in the company. Then, Ji An firmly says that she decides to give up the role of CEO in the company.

Point of View

I find the kiss is sweet and gentle. It’s not a forceful one as Tae Kang placed his hand on her head and slowly kisses her. As they were kissing, I was holding my breath, holding my fists, and not jumping up and down like crazy. With the song playing, it set the whole atmosphere comfortable. I’m sure Ji An will feel the sweet love from Tae Kang. They were together at the park and Tae Kang carried her to her apartment. All those sweet and romantic moments that make our heart flutter.

Ji An decides to give up the CEO role while Tae Kang is offered to work at an international company. Curious. What will happen between those two? Let’s say if Tae Kang is to take that offer. What will happen to Ji An, then? Will she be left alone with Tae Kang’s child while Tae Kang goes to advance his career as a shoe designer? What the writers will come up with a steamy situation like this? Ji An’s love towards Tae Kang is growing even though she sort of pretend to be angry with him. Her feelings towards Tae Kang are so obvious since she keeps the tiny eraser shoes and sketches Tae Kang at the park. Also, she realizes that she love him during her pregnancy class. As episode by episode goes on, I get the feeling that she will confess her love to him and accept him to support her through the pregnancy since she knows that Tae Kang is the father of her unborn child. We will just have to wait and enjoy the relationship between Ji An and Tae Kang.

I love that Ji An decides to choose motherhood over being the CEO which was her dream to have her own brand to be well-known in the fashion market. She is ready to experience the motherhood which I am looking forward to it. She calmly tells Madame Jang who knows about her pregnancy. However, I have a feeling that Madame Jang will take the initiative to control Ji An’s decisions in her life. Madame Jang needs to be nice to Na Ri. I know she is supposed to be the nasty lady in this drama, but still she is so mean of sending Na Ri on a blind date. She should also understands the meaning of love and welcome both Na Ri and her biological mother with open arms. Then again, in this drama, I am curious about what Madame Jang’s evil plans are in the next upcoming episodes.

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