I Do, I Do Episode 3 Review

Episode Recap

At the hall, the emcee announces the winner of ‘Shoe Reform’ contest is Tae Kang. Tae Kang bows and smiles while the female participants clap for him. On the other hand, Ji An has the stony expression as she looks on the Tae Kang’s victory of winning this contest. He goes up to the stage to receive the grand prize from Ji An. However, she reluctantly gives it to him as she holds on tightly to the prize. They are ‘smile’ at the camera. Tae Kang takes a lot of food from the buffet table. Ji An comes and sarcastically tell him that she is looking forward to his upcoming autobiography. Also, she says that he should not go to the interview because he has previous bad records and reputation. However, he stills want to get the job.

She pulls him into the office to order him to stop getting this job in the company. Tae Kang asks her why she cares so much about what is he doing. She knocks him over the head in response. They both get up into each other’s hand. Ji An raises her hand to hit him but he grabs her wrist. He maintains a firm grip as she orders him to let her go. When she uses another hand to hit him, he grabs that one too. She struggles in his grasp until he overpowers her and pulls her towards him, bringing them into close proximity. Tae Kang proofs his strength and get answers from Ji An about her feelings about the romantic moments during that night. They stand there, gazing into each other’s eyes, faces inches from each other. By showing that she has no feelings at all, she uses her knee, kicks Tae Kang’s important part, and leaves.

Ji An rejoins the party, acting as if nothing happened. Suddenly, Tae Kang cries out ‘Noona’ and goes dramatic about how Ji An treated him badly. He limps towards her, unable to walk properly because he’s still reeling in pain. Ji An just stands there while her mouth is slightly wide open because of Tae Kang’s dramatic act. Tae-kang allows a drop of tear to fall from his eyes and gives something in Ji An’s hand. Then, he painfully leaves the party. Ji-an opens her hand and sees a button of her shirt. At the same time, a mischievous smile spreads across Tae Kang’s face.

Na Ri and her uncle come visit Madame Jang (Oh Mi Hee) at an art gallery. There is an intensive aura between her and Na Ri. They discusses about who will be the owner of the company. Madame Jang has less faith in Na Ri. Na Ri does her best to get on her good side by calling her ‘Mother’. It means that Madame Jang is to be her stepmother after marrying her father, the company’s president.
Tae Kang gets called in for his interview. He is uneasy as he sees Ji An is among the interviewers. He gets through the initial questions fine until they question about his education qualifications. He boldly answers that he didn’t attend university or a fashion school. He independently taught himself about fashion. Rather, he believes in his role model, Ji An, by saying her quote. Ji An agrees with those words and making Tae Kang believe that she is supporting him. However, she throws fashion trend questions at him which he clearly has no knowledge of. He sweats and then she delivers her question about imitation. He sighs and he gives his answer: ‘knockoffs’.

The interviewers review their candidates and Na Ri opposes their choices because they’re not spirited or original. She chooses Tae Kang as the valid candidate to be part of the company. The others are hesitant because of his lack of experience and education but Na Ri boosts that he’s proven himself as the winner of Reform Contest and other famous designers (eg. Jimmy Choo and Ferragamo) didn’t have any formal education. Na Ri slyly adds that she believes in Ji An since she is the one who pick Tae Kang as the winner of Shoe Reform contest. Thus, other interviewers agree with her decision.

The two women sip tea outside the office. Ji An is not happy with Na Ri’s friendly motives. Ji An learned through an experience with a kind unni who has an ulterior motive. She slaps down the money to repay her for the spa treatment and drink. She advises Na Ri to use her heart and her head to win people’s hearts. Na Ri reminds her that although Madame Jang is supporting her, the decision on who will own the company still lies on Na Ri’s father. Ji An doesn’t care about what she said. If Na Ri still wants to lecture her, she asks her go to a nearby daycare centre instead. She gets up and storms out.

At the restaurant, Tae Kang, Choong Baek, and his father celebrate Tae Kang’s victory in getting a job. Dad beams with pride at seeing his son got his first job. Choong Baek says that it is all about luck that gets him the job. Once he sees Dad and Tae Kang angry glares, he adds on that luck is also a talent. They toast for the new chapter of Tae Kang’s life.

Tae Kang and his father drunkenly wander and sing around the neighbourhood, singing on top of their lungs. They realize that they are at their old neighbourhood and decide to visit their old house. Tae Kang feels guilty and apologizes to his father for selling the house so that he can be released from jail. His father doesn’t mind where they stay. Tae Kang promises his father that he will earn enough money to buy a new house. His father says that he is the only one who believes his son. They hug and stagger back home all the while arguing who should do the piggyback.

Tae Kang rushes to work. His father asks his son to have a bite before he goes to work. When he reaches the office, he greets every staff member he sees in the company. He ends up in the same elevator as Ji An. He witnesses the Medusa’s conversation with one of the staff members. After she leaves, staff members gossip that one of the newbie is Ji An’s boytoy. This is thanks to Tae Kang’s dramatic act at the prize giving ceremony. Another contradicts him that he’s just a boytoy. HA – I knew that fake confession was going to bite you in the ass. Ji An’s team is not happy about having a high school graduate in the group. Da In speaks out that all these rumours are false but others said that she will be out of the team. She runs out upset about what they said. She shoots Tae Kang death glares as they pass each other.

Tae Kang is earnestly trying to know what is going on as Ji An walks into the office. He is given the task to organize the shoes at the inventory. He calls his father about the shoes (eg. shoe types and sizes). One of his seniors comes in and he ends the call. He chastises Tae Kang that he has not finish the task which is given to him. In an annoying tone, he tells Tae Kang that he is so lucky to be in the company since Ji An and Tae Kang are more than close friends. He tells his senior that he is not in that kind of relationship with Ji An.
Tae Kang catches the elevator at the last second but his face goes gloomy after seeing Ji An is in there. She asks if he is able to handle the job in which he replies that he has no problem with it. She boosts that even a part-timer could do it faster and better. Tae Kang excuses himself by saying that he did not want to show up his skills on the first day of his career. Ji An is amused with his confidence but she believes that he will leave the company after a month because of his lack of talent and knowledge. She remarks that Tae Kang is the ‘fly’ that is getting in her way. Tae Kang vows that he will stay to the very end and be her personal fly. Suddenly, Ji An is in pain. He thinks she is joking at first but helps her as he see that she is in serious pain. Ji An pushes him away and coldly tells him to mind his own business.

Ji An mulls over Tae-kang’s words about if that night meant nothing to. She gets a surprise phone call from the wedding planner and is told that she is getting married. Eun Sung picks up Ji An’s call and then hangs up. He is the one who set up the wedding to avoid having future blind dates. Eun Sung has a big grin on his face when Ji An marches to him in front of the hospital. She rapidly questions him about his disrespectful actions. He replies that her parents come to visit him. She paused for a moment and could not continue what she has to say. He explains that she claimed that she enjoys their date and her parents decide to see their future son-in-law. They had already visit a fortune teller who says that both Ji An and Eun Sung are a match made in heaven. She asks him why he didn’t tell her before. He assures that he called her but she says that he could have text her. Ji An assures him that she will handle the situation by telling her parents the truth. However, he still thinks that they should carry on with their ‘date’. Ji An does not care and goes to settle the situation with her parents. He follows Ji An into her car asking why she does not want to compromise. After so many attempts to ask him to get out of the car, they go together to her parents’ house.

Her master plan fails as soon as her parents greet them happily. Eun Sung turns into the perfect son-in-law to be. She grits through her teeth ask he is being nice to her parents. Dad’s friends compliment Eun Sung for being the perfect son-in-law. The topic of children naturally comes up in conversation and they wonder if Ji An is able to have children at her age. Eun Sung holds her hand and says that she being happy is good enough for him. They force the couple to sing a song. She notices that her father is smiling brightly. It brings tears to her eyes.

Ji An continues to keep an eye out while Eun Sung spend great times with older men. Her mother comments that that she is happy to see the father’s smiles. Ji-an thinks back to happy moments with her father. She accidently cuts her finger. Eun Sung patches her up. Ji An’s mother comments about Ji An’s annoying expression but Eun Sung feels that Ji An loves him even though she has that expression of hers. Ji An angrily glares at him. After her mother leaves, Eun Sung is amazed with her awards and certificates which are placed in her room. Her glare remains unfixed and he apologizes, explaining that he was just rolling with the punches. She feels jealous about Eun Sung who makes people happy. She used to make her father happy but, nowadays, she finds it difficult to do so. Even though she has awards and certificates, she cannot make her father happy. So, she gave up and accepted it as a part of his character. Eun Sung listens patiently and adds that it is easier to make strangers happy. He did not make his father happy.

Tae Kang continues to be an outcast at the office party while the staffs chat about who will inherit the company. He steps outside when he overhears someone in the stairwell. Ha Ri wants to have dinner with his father but he reject the invite. Na Ri tries to hide her disappointment but deep within her heart she is sad. Soon, the staffs look over to see Tae Kang is talking with another employee who is giving information about Medusa and how Tae Kang can be accepted among his peers. Tae Kang goes and comforts Na Ri (he thought that she is an intern). He gives advices to her that they need to get the Vice President Na Ri, on their side so they will not be outcasted in the company. He points to another employee identifying her as the Vice President and Na-ri doesn’t correct him. He drags her to the stage and dance to T-ARA’s “Roly Poly.” He twirls Na-ri around until the music awkwardly dies down. An employee calls Na Ri by her title. Upon hearing that, Tae Kang apologizes and does a 90 degrees bow to Na Ri.

Eung Sung invites Ji An for a drink after dropping him in front of his house. She excuses herself by saying that she has a cut thumb. She ligers for a moment and suggests that they should continue to go out on ‘dates’. He laughs and asks her whether she is proposing to him. She denies and said that it is a form of alliance. In exchange, Ji An does not need to see his parents and he is in charge of handling the ‘marriage’. Out of nowhere, he kisses her on the cheek.

Point of View

Some scenes remind me of ‘Devils Wear Prada’ where Tae Kang does his upmost best to stay in the company while being bullied by his colleagues and Ji An. Those reflect how it is like to work at the fashion industry including organizing the shoe inventory. Other than showing working woman power, it focuses on Tae Kang ability (even though he has low reputation and education qualifications) to handle in the working environment. He tries to blend in with his peers even though he is mocked and bullied by others.

I am so happy about the relationship between Tae Kang and his father. His father supports him in his career as a shoe designer in a well-known company. Tae Kang is being the dutiful son who promises to buy a better house. Other than that, his father takes care of his son (eg. asking him to eat breakfast before going to work and worries about his son while pacing back and forth at the restaurant). The phone conversation between both of them is funny. It shows the sense of closeness between them and clicks my mind that not only mothers are the best but fathers, too. This father and son relationship should be kept that way till the very end.

As for Ji An, her characteristics start to develop even more as she soon realize the difficulty she has to be happy by caring for others including her father. For example, she recalls back the quality time with her father when she was young. In the next following episodes, I do believe that she will soon realize that happiness with family and friends. The most important thing is that she also needs to be happy with her own surroundings. Some pregnancy signs are revealed in this episode (eg. stomach cramps). The writers take Ji An’s pregnancy story step by step instead of unexpected situation. It builds up our curiosity on what would happen to Ji An next? I like Ji An even more because of her attitude. Not in a bad way. I like her power women attitude that she is not being pushed around so easily. In addition to that, I also like her sensitive side when it comes to love, family, and friendship.

Ji An’s lovey dovey relationship with Tae Kang and Eun Sung makes me go excited whenever she is together with one of the guys. There are two scenes: Tae Kang pulls Ji An closer while he asks the truth about the ‘one night stand’ scenario and Ji An got an ‘unexpected’ kiss on the cheek from the Eun Sung. I start to think of what sort of romantic scenes they will do next. Maybe, backhug scene, candy kiss scene, coffee kiss scene, cherry blossom scene, or other romantic scenes that comes up in our imaginations. I am mostly looking forward to those kind of scenes between Tae Kang and Ji An which I ‘might’ go ‘OMG, this is sweet and romantic. I wish I am in these scenes.’

Overall, there are balances for these four main characters of this drama. I can not only see Ji An and Tae Kang’s stories but also Na Ri who is trying to be someone but couldn’t because of her status. She just wants a ‘normal’ life. I could see that there is going to be two love triangles in this drama. Then, we could discuss about who should be together. This seems very exciting. I am really impressed with Jang Woo and ‘evil lady’ acting skills in this drama. I’ve seen their previous dramas before and I start to like them even more because they have the ability to portray their own drama character. You could say they are my favourite rookie actors. The director has picked the right casts to act in this drama. Thus, it keeps me wanting to continue watching this drama because I am drawn to both the story and characters. It makes me want to know what happen to them at the following episodes of this drama. I am addicted to this drama.

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