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Episode Recap

After Ji An hears that she’s pregnant, she bursts laughing. She says that there must be some kind of mistake as she had her period last month. Then again, she needs to go for an ultrasound to be certain that the baby fetus is alright. Later, Tae Kang steps inside and asks Ji An what is wrong. Ji An feels annoyed and shoos him away as she needs to be alone. Tae Kang steps out. At first he lingers around and puzzled, then he walks away.

The ultrasound confirms that her pregnancy is about 8 weeks. Ji An looks at the screen and has no interest on listening to the baby’s heartbeat. She staggers while breathing heavily because of the pregnancy issue. At home, she sits in her shoe closet. The pregnancy news is still in her head. She tries to come to her senses but recalls the night when she spent her time with Tae Kang. Tears well up in her eyes and she is in frustration. Meanwhile, Eun Sung throws all the hard-earned effort of making the perfect date away in the bin and, then, sits alone.

On their morning jog, Jun Hee concerns about Ji An’s menopause. Ji An tells her the bad news that she is pregnant. Jun Hee excitedly congratulates her as she thought that the baby is Eun Sung’s but Ji An clarifies that it’s not his. After she’s filled in about the one night stand with Tae Kang, Jun Hee suggests that Ji An should go for an abortion. Ji An asks if that isn’t illegal and Jun Hee confirms it that she is able to pay lots of taxes and the law is messed up. For now, Eun Sung must not know about Ji An’s pregnancy.

Eun Sung calls Ji An. Before Ji An can apologize about the previous night properly, he smoothly lies that work kept him late. He suggests another day to go on a date. Ji An panics, lies that she is going on a business trip in Paris, and hurriedly hangs up.

Ji An rushes to the toilet due to morning sickness. She overhears Team Leader Ma’s phone conversation with her husband about how hard it is to work under Medusa and the difficulty of taking maternity leave so she can take care of the children.

Ji An’s parents drop by for a visit and Tae Kang receives them at the entrance. In the elevator, Tae Kang keeps slipping his words while talking to the parents. The parents even asked whether they had met before. Tae Kang just talk things which make them uncomfortable until Ji An’s father coughs to shut him up from saying unnecessary words.

They run into Ji An who is shocked at their sudden arrival. She silently checks on Tae Kang about whether the parents know him, he silently replied that they don’t. After that, Ji An and her parents when to a nearby café to have a chit chat.

Ji An’s father grumbles his first impression about Tae Kang whom Ji An refers to as a colleague. The parents discuss about Ji An plans’ on having children. Her father wonders her why she has none while other young women already have children. Ji An’s mother does her best to turn the situation around by suggesting that they should have dinner together with Eun Sung. However, Ji An turns down because of work which makes her father angry. Ji An whispers, ‘I’m sorry’.

Tae Kang notices that Ji An is in a bad mood when she returns to the office. He turns to Bong Soo, the intern, for advice, he learns that Ji An is showing depression signs of losing something. He is adorably confused so Bong Soo gives a visual example of a kidnapped child. Tae Kang finds that hard to believe but Bong Soo explains that a design to a designer means as much as a child to a parent. He thinks back in the ambulance when Ji An, semi-conscious, mumbled about her design.

Na Ri storms into the building, barely containing her anger towards Madame Jang in the hallway. She bursts into her uncle’s office. She knows that Madame Jang has chosen Ji An to take over the company. Her uncle has been persuaded by Madame Jang and adds she will gain experience by working under Ji An. Na Ri snaps back on why does she have to be controlled by Ji An.

Na Ri catches Madame Jang and they ride the elevator down. Suddenly, Na Ri drops to her knees and begs to be part of the family. She gave up everything to be in Korea (cut all ties with her friends and biological mother). With pleading eyes, she will do anything that Madame Jang requests to get her approval. However, Madame Jang snipes about how she shows off her showmanship and saying that she looks just like her biological mother. Na Ri is still on her knees when the elevator open to a small crowd of employees, including Tae Kang. They murmur as Madame Jang steps out. Na Ri continues to cry and the doors graciously close a minute later.

On the rooftop, Na Ri is by herself as Tae Kang looks from a distance. Unfortunately, he accidently hit the big flower pot which Na Ri hears. Thus, Tae Kang gets an evil glare from Na Ri. She marches up to him. Tae Kang swears that he wasn’t stalking her and kindly offers her a handkerchief. She slaps him in response and walks off. He whines why women from the company slaps him.

Ji An’s parents visits Eun Sung who is surprised that they give the gifts which are good for virility. Eun Sung has to control his laughter while Ji An’s father pointed out that it is okay for both Ji An and Eun Sung to have sex together before marriage. He cuts into the conversation and assures that he will do his best to make them happy. He happily accepts the gifts. He suggests that they will have dinner together when Ji An returns from her business trip to Paris. Upon hearing that, Ji An’s mother almost tells the truth about Ji An’s whereabouts. Luckily, Ji An’s father shushes her. As soon as Eun Sung gets back to work, Ji An’s father realize that Ji An lies in order to escape from the arranged marriage with Eun Sung. He blames Ji An’s mother about how she raises Ji An.

Eun Sung is suspicious after hearing from Ji An and her parents. He wonders whether to call to confirm about Ji An’s whereabouts. However, he hangs up immediately after someone from the design team picks up the phone.

Ji An and Jun Hee sit at the clinic, waiting for their consultation. Jun Hee spots a teenager who is also going for the surgery which Jun Hee feels sorry for her mother. She takes a call from her daughter in cutesy voice and steps out. The doctor hums over the chart and says that Ji An can take the abortion which takes about 15 minutes. He is free tomorrow night for the surgery. Ji An feels annoyed about the doctor who is not taking seriously and walks out.

Jun Hee catches up to her, asking what’s wrong. Ji An answers that she wants to go somewhere and lists of everything that is bad about the clinic. Due to her actions, Jun Hee asks her whether she wants to keep the baby. Ji An reacts defensively and her friend annoyingly reminds her that she should make a decision before Eun Sung finds out. That’s what finally sets Ji-an off about the difficult decisions that she has to make. Jun Hee throws back it was Ji An who said she didn’t want kids. She mention that Ji An does not have a single drop of motherhood. After saying her honest opinions about Ji An and tells Ji An to do whatever she wants, she storms off.

Tae Kang and his father are selecting wallpaper and Tae Kang wonders if they really have to buy back the house now. His father asks if Tae Kang did anything wrong at the company but Tae Kang jumps on the defensive. His father pulls him close and tells Tae Kang that it is impossible for him to get fired. However, if he does, his father will give beatings to him.

Tae Kang gets a call from the police station and gets good news: the bag has been found. He skips his way to the police station and panics when he can’t find the design in the bag. He checks the tag and says that the bag is not his. The officer insists it is, but Tae Kang holds it up, and points out that his bag is ‘Made in China’ instead of ‘Made in Italy’ He slumps into the office and sighs. He gets new resolve when he notices a photo of him and Dad with his congratulatory cake. He decides to draw a copy of Ji An’s design. However, his skills are not that good, not impressed with his drawings, and throws his works at one side.

Na Ri is working late while she thinks about the previous conversations she had with Madame Jang, her assistant, and Ji An (regarding about taking over the company). She breaks down in her office.
She returns to the rooftop for some fresh air. Unexpectedly, she sees Tae Kang cursing at the world at the top of his lungs. She laughs which gets her caught sneaking and she defends that the roof is a public space. Tae Kang asks her why she slaps him in the first place. Na Ri bites her lip and he goes on about every person from different status has their own spaces and problems. He bows out to give her the space but she stops him to ask if he can teach her to curse out loud.

After he asks if she can do it, they start off with something easy. He advises her that she has to curse like how she slaps him just now. No matter how hard she try, she stops midway when cursing. He tells her to try again and she finally curses with her inner feelings. They laugh and continue to shout curses from the rooftop together.

Ji An sits in her shoe closet and creates a list of pros and cons of having a baby. She fills in the whole cons section but unable to think of reasons why she should have the baby. She scoffs why she was worried so much in the first place. Then, she thought about Se7en who grasped her pinky.

Tae Kang is late for work and he races inside, conspicuously sneaking into his office. However, rather than just scolding him for being late, they have a bigger issue which they had to deal with: Ji An has not come to the office. Since everyone dare not enter the dragon’s lair, Tae Kang volunteers to do so. When he gets there, he rings the doorbell a few times before putting an ear to the door to check for movement. He knocks on the door and then he thinks back to when Ji-an collapsed on the stairs. He has called the locksmith to break into the house while Tae Kang wails about Ji An’s life. He rushes in once they get it open and he stops to look at the messy apartment. He sighs with relief when he spots her sleeping at the shoe closet. He wakes her up by yelling to a cute ‘Good Morning’ call. Ji An rushes to go for a meeting with the buyers.

Meanwhile, Na Ri assures Team Leader Ma that Ji An does not need to come as Na Ri can discuss with the buyers herself. The meeting goes smoothly until she mention about the collaboration. However, they admire Ji An’s hardwork effort on working on the proposal. Just in time, Ji An walks up and apologizes for being late.
Tae Kang waits in the car. He gets bored and being a busybody by digging through the compartments. He finds the ultrasound picture inside. He couldn’t tell what it is and put the picture back to where it came from.
After the meeting, Na Ri questions Ji An about her absence. Ji An responds that she is a human too and everyone makes mistakes. Na Ri laughs as she could not believe that ‘mistake’ is in Ji An’s dictionary. Before she leaves, she warns that Ji An shouldn’t go easy with Madame Jang’s words because the battle hasn’t even started yet. When Tae Kang runs up to her having overseen the conversation and she blames him repeatedly for what he has done to her.

When they sit down, Ji An asks if he’s hurt and he replies that he’s used to it by now. He apologizes because he knows that she’s still upset about the lost design. Ji An replies that it isn’t but Tae Kang continues that he knows how she feels. He takes his motorcycle, Beyonce, as an example. Tae Kang vows that he will take full responsibility for what had happen. Ji An thinks about pregnancy while Tae Kang thinks about Ji An’s design.

They head to a jokbal (pig’s feet/hock) restaurant and he gapes while Ji An stuffs her face, scoffing at her earlier statement that she does not like to eat this kind of stuff. He admits that he saw the picture in her car. From what he saw, it looks like a small tumour. Ji An coughs and tells him that this small tumour can be taken off easily. Tae Kang nods and tells her that she should clean her messy apartment. Back at the office, Ji An calls in Team Leader Ma to her office after she catches her napping on her desk. Ji An asks her what is like to be a mother and how hard it is in taking care of the children.

A nurse at work comments that she is surprised to hear about Eun Sung’s marriage announcement. She notes that Eun Sung once said that Cupid needed to fire a missile rather than an arrow at his heart to think about marriage. Eun Sung sits at home, contemplating these words as his mind flashes back her quality time with Ji An. He increases the volume, sings a few verses, and hits a revelation as the song rises to its climax. At the same time, Ji An stares at a text from Jun Hee who scheduled an abortion surgery. Then, she thinks about what she is going to do with her life based on her decisions.

Bong Soo finds Tae Kang busily printing off Lost and Found posters for the missing bag. He’s reluctant to help but Tae Kang threatens that he will gossip about him. In the end, they distribute the posters together. Later, they eat hamburgers together. Bong Soo comments that his wife suddenly craved hamburgers since she got pregnant with the twins, whom he nickname them ‘Ham’ and ‘Burger’. He shows off the ultrasound picture to Tae Kang which finally hits him that the picture, that Ji An has, shows that she is pregnant.

Eun Sung waits outside of Ji An’s apartment. He convinces himself that he will wait another three minutes. The next minute, Ji An, who is walking with a dazed look, appears. At first, he goes easy on her by saying that he understands about Ji An lying that she is on a business trip. Then, he points out that what she did is wrong. He adds that she was the one who set up the date but she stood him up. Furthermore, she lied to him about traveling out of the country. He says that they are not kids anymore and asks whether she wants to a teenage love story. Finally, he notices the tears streaming down Ji An’s face.

Point of View

Ji An is still in the midst of deciding whether to keep the baby or not. A good point about this drama that let say that you, a single successful women, are pregnant, and then a suggestion about abortion comes up. What will you do? It is a great drama that shows the situation about single women who are pregnant and who they settle these problems. Even though Ji An’s best friend tells her off that she is really unfit as a mother, but look at this way. It lets Ji An comes to her senses on making her decisions and how she can handle it. Well, I am betting that Ji An will keep the baby and be a good mother. By doing that, I am sure the ratings will rise up even more.

Now that Tae Kang knows about Ji An’s pregnancy, what will he do next? He did mention that he wants to have kids but how is he going to help and support Ji An along her motherhood? I still want to know what Eun Sung feels after hearing that Ji An is pregnant. On a good side note, I can make some good guesses of how they will react. I’m rooting for Tae Kang to take care and support Ji An while she is pregnant. For now, let’s just see what’s happen next. Let the Ji An’s motherhood and single successful career woman begin.

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