I Do, I Do Episode 8 Review

Episode Recap

The next morning, Tae Kang wakes up and sees Choong Baek and two policemen looking at him straight. He jumps off the couch and apologizes for his drunken behaviour. He asks Choong Baek what exactly had happened and notices that his father and the man are in cuffs. After they’re outside the station, his father ask about Ji An whom Tae Kang planned to give his grandmother’s ring to. However, Tae Kang takes into other serious issue: they have no house. Both of them argue about both money and house. His father instantly blames himself that he is being cheated. Tae Kang scolds Choong Baek for hiding the truth from him. His father doesn’t want Tae Kang to know because he knew that Tae Kang will be angry. Tae Kang argues that his father told him that he trusts him but never tells him the truth. Then, Tae Kang storms off.

In the car, Ji An gets to know about Tae Kang’s family history. Tae Kang’s father’s shop was burnt down and they have to make and sell knockoffs to earn a living. Then, they got caught, his father was in jail, and then Tae Kang had to sell off their house to make bail. She recalls about Tae Kang’s fake confession to cover for his father. Tae Kang is in frustration at the office because Choong Baek told him about his drunken love confession to Ji An last night.

Eun Sung goes to a nearby café to greet his guest: surprisingly is Ji An’s father. Ji An’s asks Eung Sung to persuade Ji An to go for an abortion. Her father admits that the relationship with Ji An is rough but he hopes that she will not be a single mother. Eun Sung speaks up that he can’t do it because he thinks differently. Eun Sung points out that she has the ability to raise a child. Ji An’s father is ready to leave but, suddenly, Eun Sung says that Ji An is going through premature menopause. Since she might be her last chance of having the child, her father is in shock.

Ji An stares at Madame Jang’s new gift – a life size portrait of a well-known woman. Na Ri is jealous that Madame Jang decides to visit Ji An instead of her. She discusses with Jake to come up an evil plan to beat Ji An’s designs. Jake points out that it is not a big issue but Na Ri takes the video game console away from him. Na Ri assures Jake that Ji An has, for sure, something up her sleeves.

Ji An notices that Tae Kang has not been showing up at work. She concerns about him and thinks the actions that he might be doing it (which is not going to happen). In her mind, Tae Kang stands on a bridge to commit suicide, he thinks about harsh words and actions which he got from Ji An. Before he attempts to jump, Ji An snaps out of it.

She clears her afternoon schedule to check whether Tae Kang is at Choong Baek’s restaurant. She is shocked when she sees Choong Baek doing Sistar’s ‘I’m Alone’ dance moves. Ji An points at her stomach and blame for all this to happen. When Ji An turns around, she jumps out of her skin because she met Tae Kang’s father with a scary face. They sit down and Tae Kang’s father starts to interrogate her. Choong Baek is appointed to clarify the relations. He starts off by saying that Ji An is Tae Kang’s boss but she is the one who caught him for selling knockoffs. Ji An gives a swift kick underneath the table which makes Choong Baek says that both Tae Kang and Ji An are not in a relationship. Tae Kang’s father starts to fume as he starts to blame her for making things worse (being in jail and sell the house).

She counters that he’s the one who was crafting knockoffs. He is the one who raised his son to learn the wrong doings from him. Ji An tells the truth that Tae Kang is treated badly at the company. Ji An threatens to really fire him if he doesn’t show up to work tomorrow. She gets up to leave and Tae Kang’s father tells her not to criticize Tae Kang. His father says that Tae Kang always think positively and do his upmost best in his life (eg. doesn’t complain of not having a mother and puts a smile on his face). He even took the full blame when he was arrested. As he is saying, he cries out: “Who are you to look down at my son?”. She huffs as she feels why on earth his father makes her bad while he is not raising his kid properly.

She arrives at the office to see the staff packing up her things. Team Leader Ma explains that they have a new boss. Na Ri shows up and introduce their new Chief Designer: Tae Kang acting cool and wearing shades. It’s a dream. Tae Kang takes off his shade, approaches her, calls her ‘Hwang Ji An sshi’ instead. Ji An wakes up from the dream and wonders whether if it’s a temong (a conception dream).

Sulky Tae Kang walks into the office while ignoring Ji An who questions him about his whereabouts. He decides to quite since he believes that he is going to get fired and he stayed on just hoping things would work out. He thinks it is time to face reality. Ji An sarcastically adds that he still have that pride of his to move on. She can’t wait for not seeing him ever again but how they should handle her compensation for the design? Tae Kang whines that it is unfair. However, Ji An points out that the real world is colder than this. She pities her father who blindly trusts in his son. Finally, she says that night meant nothing to her. Tae Kang eyes are welled up with tears. Ji An slowly walks off.

His father is staying at Choong-baek’s restaurant storage room. His father admires the old photo of himself and Tae Kang. When Tae Kang reaches home, he pretends to sleep. As soon as they’re alone, he tells Tae Kang to quit the company. Tae Kang points out what his father says about working at a well-known company but his father says that a man needs to preserve his pride. Tae Kang retorts his father taught him that pride is useless than a wad of gum. His father asks if his son is giving up his life because he did before. As soon as he starts going with his younger days’ story, Tae Kang finishes it which he heard from his grandmother: he had a child, his wife ran away, and moved neighbourhoods frequently to take care of a crying baby all without a moment of sleep.

Tae Kang vows to put his pride aside, earn a lot of money to build his own company and get back the house. Tae Kang hugs his father while there are tears in his eyes. Both of them playfully wrestling among each other.

With his new determinations, Tae Kang heads back to work. He sees his colleagues are busy making preparations for the upcoming collaboration.

Ji An receives a call from Dr Yang, Eun Sung’s colleague, who gets the cold response from her. He calls to set up an appointment only to be dismissed. Dr Yang slams the chart on Eun Sung’s desk and says that he won’t take the case because of Ji An’s attitude. He adds that if want to set up an appointment sent her an ‘e-mail’.

Na Ri gathers the team to discuss about the collaboration. Ji An’s concept is one of the best among the group. However, Jake is slightly disappointed about her work and thought whether he has high expectations on her. Ji An answers that it’s not a final product. Na Ri throws a sentence at her with “Are you going through a slump?” Ji An just laugh it off but deep inside her it’s quite hurtful to hear from Na Ri. Jake suggests that they break into two teams to discuss about the concept. The best concept will be featured in the collaboration. Na Ri appoints Jake and Ji An as team leaders. The staffs have to choose which team they want to go to. The staffs gossip about Ji An’s odd behaviour in the office. Team Leader Ma asks them to stop all the talking and get back to work.

Tae Kang steps out of the office. He hears Jake calling him rag and Jake gives him a side hug. His intention is to ask Tae Kang to join his team so he can learn design properly. Tae Kang rejects the offer but Na Ri insists that he should join since both of them are ‘Rooftop Friends’.
Boog Soo is in disbelief that both Tae Kang and Na Ri are friends. Tae Kang goes all proud and mighty about having Na Ri as a friend. Bong Soo hugs him as he hopes that Tae Kang can pull some strings so he can work on the design team. They decide to throw a barbeque party to celebrate his ‘victory’ for getting Na Ri as his friend.

Ji An runs through her list of potential team members: Da In and Team Leader Ma. However, both of them join Jake’s team. Tae Kang tries his best to convince Team Leader Ma to join Ji An’s team or else Ji An is on her own. In the end, Ji An has a disapproving look as Tae Kang positively radiates with a bright smile. Ji An orders him to get out of her office. Ji An angrily flips through the pages of a magazine while being frustrated that no one, except Tae Kang, joins her team. She looks at the old lady portrait which makes her feel uncomfortable.

Her breasts are sore thanks to the pregnancy. She does the smooth moves while taking off her bra. She feels free and does some stretching. Unexpectedly, Tae Kang walks in and sees her being so free with her bra laid out on the table. While covering his sight from what he saw, he admits that he saw a wee bit. Ji An covers herself with files and awkwardly moves away while Tae Kang closes his eyes.

Eun Sung visits the company to see Ji An. Both Tae Kang and Eung Sung meet each other at the elevator. Ji An introduces Tae Kang to Eung Sung as her colleague. She asks Tae Kang to bring juice to her office. Tae Kang reluctantly does so. She asks what brought him here without notice. Eun Sung says that it is the only way to see her. He mentions that he is looking for another doctor since Dr Yang will not take the case.

He hands her a booklet and tells her to take care of her health. Until he says about taking of the heels, that is when Ji An starts to go angry as she can’t sacrifice on not wearing those shoes since she is a shoe designer. Eun Sung reminds her that she is having a child in her womb. Eun Sung drops the news about her father’s visit and the premature menopause. She yells at him for telling her situation to her father. As Tae Kang serves the drink, he notices there is the pregnancy booklet in the table. Eun Sung gets up to greet him properly and smoothly lies about letting him know about any pregnant women in the area. Ji An is still in shock. Eun Sung assures her that Tae Kang didn’t notice that she is pregnant. Ji An starts being emotional with all the obstacles that are thrown at her.

Eun Sung tells her to calm down. She couldn’t hold on because with all the stress she get including being annoyed by Eun Sung. He rushes to her side and asks her that she should go to the hospital. Ji An asks him to leave so she can be alone. Eun Sung storms off. Tae Kang listens to her sobs from the other side of the door. Then, Tae Kang decides to knock on the door. He informs her that he is leaving but invites her to the party because he notices that she hasn’t eaten for the whole day. He even glances at her stomach and tells her that she must take care of her body. He suggests to buy pig feet for her but Ji An cried out. He apologizes, grabs her bag, and tells her that he’ll be waiting at the elevator. He happily brings her bag while Ji An follows him out of the door. Ji An feels annoyed with his childish games but he insists that she has to eat something. He stuffs the bag underneath his shirt and grabs a taxi. He opens the door for her and assures her that it is just dinner. Meanwhile, Eun Sung buys medicine at the pharmacy. He goes back to the office and finds that Ji An is not there. Also, he finds that her phone and car are left at the office.

Ji An complains while on their way to their destination. His father and his friends are having a BBQ party. His father gruffly invites her to join in. Tae Kang kindly covers her with his jacket as she sits by the corner. The sizzling sound and smell of food churn her stomach. Tae Kang offers her a food wrp and she eats silently since she is hungry.

The others invite Ji An to drink shots but Tae Kang tells them that she has an allergy. Instead, Tae Kang gives her a bottle of water and she gives him a curious look. Everyone is happily singing with some old folks song. Then, she is fidgeting here and there which means she needs to go to the toilet. One problem: the toilet is quite far and she really needs to go. Tae Kang digs through the empty boxes and uncovers a cart. Tae Kang tells her to get in the ride. He rushes her to the toilet as fast as he could while Ji An is sort of ‘enjoying’ the ride. Finally, she goes to the toilet.

The ride back up is more enjoyable as Ji An stares into the night sky. It reminds her about her younger days. She curiously asks Tae Kang why he wants to join her team. She wonders whether he pities her. Tae Kang believes that if he sticks with the scary teachers he will learn something in shoe design. Ji An offers him the opportunity to get lessons from her.

Tae Kang walks her back home. Before he leaves, Ji An asks why he prevented her from drinking tonight and at the office party with Jake. Tae Kang stammers that because she looks like that she didn’t want to drink. Ji An musters up her courage to tell him about her pregnancy while Tae Kang face reads that he looks forward to knowing the answer. But, Eun Sung calls out her name which prevents the truth to be out.

Point of View

I get to see the hard times that Do Jin has go through after hearing that both him and his father will not get the house. On the other hand, he does his best to be there for Ji An whenever she is in an emotional state. I think that this episode reveals Jang Woo’s ability to showcase his acting skills. He has both sensitive and comedic side of him from the beginning to the end. I hope that Im Soon Hyang is given more lines to portray her character in this drama. I hardly see her for the past few episodes. I didn’t see much of Na Ri’s evil and cunning, yet sensitive characters. I just feel that Im Soon Hyang didn’t show much of her acting capability in this drama yet. Kim Sun Ah, I like you even more than ever with your ways of portraying Ji An having a hard time in facing obstacles you had at the moment. I would say that you have the ability to portray some women who might be having a hard time with things like family, pregnancy, and career.

For me, the reason why I like about this drama is the storyline itself that reflects on women with tough situations. There are the boundaries between family, pregnancy, and career. It is difficult for some women to make decisions like this. Look at Ji An (the scene with Eun Sung at her office). She throws out all the emotions as she has been gone through a lot. Thus, she feels stressed out about this. As you can see, people have different opinions but it is up to the women, who are pregnant, to make their own decisions.
You know what I just want to get Tae Kang to know that the baby is his as soon as possible. It’s been for the pass few previous episodes that he did not get any answers from her. Thanks to Eun Sung who keeps budging in to Tae Kang’s attempt to ask Ji An about the baby. In the next episodes, just get straight to the point. Eun Sung stop popping in and let Tae Kang does his best to know whether the baby is his. Ji An, I know that you have been through a lot, but can you at least tell Tae Kang that the baby is his. I’m sure Tae Kang will help you along the way in your pregnancy.

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