I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 3

Let’s do the Recap
Character Ledger:
Geum Eun Dong (GED)
Hwang Min Sook (HMS)
Lee Tae Ri (LTR)
Choi Seung Jae (CSJ)
Ha Soon Sim (HSS)
Hwang Min Gook (COACH H.)
Na Hong Sil (NHS)

CSJ jumps into the pool to rescue LTR leaving GED to drown. Once she’s back on her feet, LTR’s immediate reaction is to order her men to get GED who is dragged above water together with a camera which he slipped on. She glances at CSJ and a suspicious man a distance away.

LTR is taking a look of some photos which shows how GED struggles free up to the moment he was dragged out of the pool. GED woke up and immediately took off his clothes off, and sees if he did change after hugging LTR. He stands up and looks himself at the mirror, but he didn’t change at all. And it is at this moment that LTR turns around and sees him, in his boxers. She flings at towel at him shouting “mamamia”. GED explains that he needs to ascertain something and ask if she’s alright. He had leg cramps and told her that he doesn’t know how to swim!

LTR asked GED who he is and why he grabbed her into the pool. He said that there was something he needed to confirm. LTR crosses her arms and ask, “What?” GED claims he was investigating that man. GED swears it was nothing to do with any camera and he was only thinking of her. LTR asked GED why he is looking for her. But GED cries out and he said “I like you. I like Miss Tae-ri.” LTR recovers enough from her surprise to thank him for the camera incident and he promises never to show up before her again.

LTR is heads back to the museum, asking for a board meeting to discuss the sacking of CSJ. But CSJ is already in her room with a presentation which details how he investigated everyone by her side ever since she returned to Korea. He had arranged for several people equipped with HD water resistant cameras and after the antiqued clock sabotage incident, added long-distance surveillance as well. He told LTR that GED is strange but harmless. And he concluded that, she still maintains her habit of keeping eye-contact during conversations, and still as attractive but smiles much less frequent.

But LTR is not impressed to CSJ’s presentation, but CSJ told her that he only wants to protect her. But LTR doesn’t believe him, thinking he’s in cohorts with her uncle. He warns her to be wary of GED who may be a spy sent by youngest uncle, but LTR threatened him that he might be fired. But CSJ warns LTR to be careful, because she has no allies in the company. So until he prepares everything, she is to cooperate with him.

GED rushes to the school only to learn from the students that COACH H. has been arrested on kidnapping charges. He had lied about bringing the kid to board a plan and now they suspect that Coach had sold the kid to clear his debts.

COACH H. continues to plead his innocence at the police station. At this time, GED’s parents have also found out that GED never turn up at his training. GED’s dad chases him around accusing him of being a kidnapper. He lets slip that GED has changed. He stutters that GED had a change of heart, something which is allegedly common in growing athletes who might experience some physical changes of some sort. GED’s Mom rails at him for keeping his disappearance a secret, especially since they trust him so much. But COACH H. wails that he has faith in GED, thinking he won’t disappoint him, to return safely before the tournament.

GED sees the commotion in the police station but stops short of intervening after recalling how his parents have mistaken him for a burglar. He tears off a pamphlet.

LTR approaches a museum curator (I don’t know his name).Through the bout of fencing: we know they are acquainted in Italy, he’s bitter about her winning the rights for the sun clock, he’s upset she allowed the clock to be damaged just one day after she brought it back. She seeks his help, explaining that her position is dependent on the success of the sun clock exhibition. He tells her off for being shameless, unwilling to interfere because of the trouble it’ll bring. She pleads to him, as her teacher, he knows her situation well and how strong her nemesis is. He knows, but he’s not going to interfere. He had lived in Milan for 20 years after he was run out of Dae-dong Museum. He has no wish to be getting involved again. She wants to borrow his pictures and information of the Sun clock for the exhibition. When he refuses, LTR reminds him of his favorite phrase, “Life will not go on if you ignore the wound.” She pledges to ensure the exhibition is a success, and restore his prestige.

GED sneaks back home where grandpa is napping is tucks the pamphlet under the lid of a ceramic crock.

HHS got angry because NHS is out of pace. But NHS is spared when HSS receives a call from CSJ. NHS also receives a message from LTR informing her she’ll be swinging by to visit her.

CSJ waits for the disguised HSS to join him in the car. He apologizes and she immediately hugs him in relief, berating him lightly for making her worry. He says that he’s been thinking about their relationship, HSS is immediately contrite and promises to obey him from now on. He brings up the matter of GED who’s been pestering him uttering strange stuffs, accusing her of keeping another man. She clarifies that GED is just a crazy fan in love with her. He concedes that he might have misunderstood – he thought she sent GED to spy on him. He tells her not to send him off if he finds her the next time. He wants her to investigate why GED keeps appearing around them.

HHS returns to the dance studio with a gigantic teddy. She overhears LTR and NHS speaking about CSJ. NHS thinks LTR should believe in CSJ. There must be a reason for his actions because NHS knows how much he loves her but LTR claims she doesn’t remember. HSS looks conflicted with this bit of news.

GED falls asleep at the gate of the police station while waiting for COACH H. who is finally released.

Over soju and tofu, he grumbles how he’s been suspended from work for 3 months and treated like a criminal for the first time in his life. It was only because GED has no life insurance of any sort that he was released on grounds of insufficient evidence. And after all his trouble, he’s disappointed that GED did not return to his young self. GED cries that he can no longer swim and he can’t even call out to mum when he sees her. COACH H. thinks it might be the side effects of his change. He asks GED if he felt something when he hugged that woman previously and GED recalls the strange phenomenon regarding the Sun clock. He’s convinced that he needs to hug her before the clock again to recreate that feeling. But GED promised to LTR not to show up before her again. Coach offers a wise advice: “A promise between a man and a woman exists to be broken.” But GED claims it’s no ordinary promise, it’s a naked promise (because he was half naked when he told this to LTR LOOOOL)

Tae-ri receives a disc containing the information she’d sought from the curator. She is about to check the content in her laptop when she browses through the photos from CSJ’s presentation earlier, pausing at one with a smiling GED.

She follows up on her interest by calling him, asking to meet him. COACH H. gives him some washed out identification of his 25 year old younger brother, Hwang Min-Soo (HMS) (and for now on GED is Hwang Min-Soo) GED can’t be telling her he’s a 14 year old boy, so this identity will serve his purpose better.

LTR picks GED up and he identifies himself hesitantly as Hwang Min-Soo, even handing over his scratchy identification card. LTR brings him to a shopping mall but he’s more eager to head to the museum.

Then she launches into some rapid Q&A questions regarding his background. Age? 25. Occupation? Originally student, but on a break now. So he’s got no income, no work, just a sad student? He’s not sad at all because he has a clear dream. Would he like her money to realize that dream? No. Does he want to work in CLS Group instead? His dream is much bigger than that! What is it then? To be by LTR’s side, all his hope is on her now. What kind of guy is he? A guy who protects and cherishes his girl. Master in? Sports. Specialty? Swimming. Most confident about? Body. She paused too, but maintains her cool façade. Questions continue. Hobby? Chinese chess. Level? He’s on par with grandpa who’s a level 7 master. When is the happiest time in his life? 14 years old. He’d like to return to that time and she advises him to give up that thought; it’s not healthy for an adult to miss the days where he tags along his mother.

LTR’s been grabbing shirts off the shelf a while now, and he changes into one of them now. She’s satisfied with the effect and declares, “Hwang Min-soo shi, you are now a fly swatter. Stay by my side.” He follows her around like a bodyguard, but totally enjoying himself. In the background, someone continues to snap their photos.

The investigator updates CSJ about HMS : A member of the Youth Explorers’ Club who writes stories about uninhabited islands. Parents operate a horse cart in the village, has an elder brother in Seoul who works as a swimming coach, currently suspended. And currently, HMS is with LTR in a shopping mall.

They are in a restaurant. HMS gulps down a whole glass of wine before inquiring about the exact nature of a fly swatter and his fancy suits. He asks eagerly if he’s to swat flies around the Sun clock. But LTR told him that that Sun Clock is under repair and it’s going to be 3 weeks since the repairs are done, but HMS thinks that CSJ sabotage it.

CSJ seats himself in the other chair asking about HMS’s presence. LTR explains her actions. Even though Min-soo caused her embarrassment and disrupted her business, he had also inadvertently led to the surprise discovery of the camera matter. So, she’s decided to offer him a chance to take care of this mung bean fly CSJ!

HMS is super delighted with his assignment and grabs her hands in grateful enthusiasm. She frees herself awkwardly while CSJ rolls his eyes. LTR received a call from Secretary Hong. Something has arrived. A mobile museum with exhibition on the Sun-Moon-globes. CSJ is annoyed since he has already made other preparations but LTR doesn’t care about it

CSJ still wants to talk to LTR. So LTR reminds HMS of his assignment. He promptly gets to it, relishing the chance to face off with his rival. And he does, by using the wackiest tricks to stop him from approaching her.

The bus museum starts to lights up with projection of the Sun clock. The red carpet is laid and LTR walks up to the prepared podium. She introduces herself and announces the official disclosure of photos and the back-story of the Sun clock, pledging that the actual Sun clock will make his return in 3 weeks. The crowd claps and HMS gives her the thumbs up while CSJ is almost growling.

HMS returns to COACH H’s house. COACH H. is alarmed that GED would have to assume HMS’s position for 3 weeks! He does berate him for showing his ID to her though but HMS explains that she was suspicious. COACH H. is rather doubtful of his new position as a mung bean fly swatter but HMS doesn’t mind at all. ( CSJ= mung bean fly HMS= fly swatter). He’s resolved to protect LTR from the mung bean fly, which has already sabotaged the Sun clock. If anything happens to LTR within these 3 weeks, he won’t be able to revert back even if the Sun clock is repaired.

COACH H. is doubtful if HMS can pull it off, but HMS puts on his best adult pose and asks if he looks like a kid to him. He laughs to himself that he’s a fly swatter.
LTR beams happily watching the news. Satisfied, she switches the channel which shows NHS’s Applehead singing and dancing. She starts to imitate but mung bean fly calls. Not only avoiding his calls, she also ordered him restricted from her residence. CSJ’’s mood deteriorates as Mr. Vice President calls and gives him an earful. He pledges to solve the problem with the mobile museum.

A sleepless HMS sifts through his old belongings and starts to write something.

The next morning he shows up before LTR with a fly swatter contract. It’s a coupon valid for 22 days, apparently popular among kids. It’s an event where they put on their rings after 22 days of dating. LTR doesn’t believe in love much. She disagrees with him about love happening within 3 weeks because even after 4 seasons, one may not understand another.
HMS’s condition for using the coupon is; she may not sack him within the 22 days. She tells him in full conviction that she’d never let him stay that long. But HMS thinks she’s jumping the gun, who knows what’ll happen in 3 weeks. She puts on her ear phones in an attempt to ignore him but HMS gets all excited to learn she’s a fan of Applehead. She huffs that she’s only a fan of NHS but he tells her that she must see them perform to understand their appeal.

NHS receives lots of gifts, much to the envy of other members and a quietly displeased HSS who was busy texting CSJ. The luxurious gifts are signed off by someone claiming to be NHS fan forever, T.R. (it’s from Lee Tae Ri)

HMS and LTR are lining up to enter the arena for the Applehead’s performance with LTR still not getting their appeal. CSJ is also heading over since HSS’s message says that she has something to tell him regarding that man.

HMS considerately pushes through the crowd so that LTR gets an unobstructed view of the stage. HMS starts fangirling (I think its fanboying? Don’t you think?) over HSS the moment the girls explode on stage. LTR slowly warms up and hollers for NHS instead. And the arriving CSJ sees them from afar.

HMS narrates: “Soon-sim ah, I’m Eun-dong. I’m watching you. I’m going to be Miss Tae-ri’s fly swatter for 3 weeks. However, this woman …” HMS watches LTR fangirling happily, entranced until she interrupts his thoughts and instructs him to holler.

The coach is really heading this drama (REALLY) because he always made me laugh and everything, even his simple gestures, like facial expression, it made me laugh till end. And we saw GED’s mom and dad, had this feeling of acting, and gave me goose bumps while watching the *police station war scene between GED’s father and coach*. But I think as a secondary cast, I think they might as well get exposures because they are GED’s parents (family).

Lee Tae Ri is quite something here. She even try a funny scene in this episode, first is when she rejects CSJ’s call and she even start dancing on the Applehead’s song, (she’s quite a fan, didn’t she, LOOL) because I expect her character is some what special.
I think this episode is a CINDERELLA-LIKE-STORY. First, who demands a person to be his/her bodyguard/friend/savior/ on a first sight.


Let’s stay tune for more exciting scenes, funny scenes and serious scenes on this drama.


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