I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 4

Character Ledger:

Geum Eun Dong (GED)
Hwang Min Sook (HMS)
Lee Tae Ri (LTR)
Choi Seung Jae (CSJ)
Ha Soon Sim (HSS)
Hwang Min Gook (HMG)
Na Hong Sil (NHS)

At the performance, HMS spots CSJ looking at them and alerts LTR, who just looks away in disdain. Later, LTR joins CSJ for his meeting with HSS. In celebration of AppleHead retaining the number one spot for ten consecutive weeks, HSS wants to commemorate the day by ascertaining the nature of his relationship with LTR as well as officially make public their relationship.

HMS arrives a moment later with a bouquet of flowers but takes his seat beside LTR. When LTR expresses her regret for not getting her gift, HMS eagerly hands over the flowers to HSS. A grouchy HMS brusquely reminds HSS that she was going to confess something regarding HMS. HMS thinks she’s going to confess about their engagement and takes over. HSS stops him before any damage is done and drags him outside.

Outside, HSS warns him not to say anything stupid. Why would she call her boyfriend and his ex to a party to confess she’s engaged? HMS is surprised that to learn that CSJ is her boyfriend. What about GED? HSS moves closer, demanding for the truth…

At the ‘party’, CSJ asks if she deliberately brought HMS along knowing he’d be here. LTR denies it, says that they’re only here to watch NHS perform. Doesn’t she have other friends? Well, he should know better since he used to be the one to accompany her to NHS’s performances. CSJ remarks deprecatingly that he ceased to be on her side since Milan. And LTR adds sarcastically that he now works for her uncle. LTR tells him that he should have found a way to run away with her when their relationship was opposed by her grandpa.

CSJ retaliates by calling up the Vice President, informing him that LTR has decided to withdraw the mobile museum and abstain from the museum management. LTR comments that he’s changed a lot but he doesn’t agree, it’s just that he’s run out of excuses. She would’ve done the same if she were in his shoes. LTR storms out and he closes his eyes in frustration.

HSS accuses HMS of working for GED’s family who, according to her, hopes to upgrade their pitiful family status by marrying into her money, her fame and her superior gene. HMS is heartbroken to hear her belittle his family, particularly since they treated her like family. She even offers to pay him more if he could take care of GED. In her eyes, GED is just a kid, dispensable as a used toothbrush. What if he’s not a kid, but a really handsome man standing before her? That’s impossible. Moreover, GED meant nothing to her from the very beginning. At her harsh words, HMS’s tears fall but HSS doesn’t see it, having rushed off after a phone call.

HMS asks LTR who witnessed the exchange, for a drink. And so he starts to drown his sorrow by downing beers, even the one she’s holding. She chides him for being a child for drowning the pain from a breakup with alcohol. At 25, he should be able to pull himself together. He moans that he’s not 25, not an adult, not even Hwang HMS – he’s just a kid. She thinks he’s beyond help and rises to leave.

He calls her – mungbean fly’s girlfriend. He knows she used to be mungbean’s girlfriend, brushing aside her concern over his source, and asks why she likes CSJ. HSS is just an impressionable young girl with poor taste but how could she – pretty face, smart brains and well-endowed woman – acknowledged that guy as Lee LTR’s man. It’s LTR’s turn to be upset and she takes a long swig from the beer can.

HSS’s grandmother is throwing a tantrum and refusing her hypotension medication. She’s upset that GED has left a note and run away from home because of HSS. Grandma wants GED found, and she wants HSS to find him. HSS suggests that they break off relations with GED’s family. Grandma beseeches her to understand that she’s only insisting that HSS marry GED so that HSS would not be alone once she’s gone. HSS disapproves and storms off unhappily. And grandma quickly takes her medication.

HMS and LTR have relocated to a bar where LTR starts downing hard liquor while HMS worriedly tries to stop her. She’s disinfecting herself – for that damn past in which she acknowledged that mungbean fly; for saying something useless to mungbean fly tonight and for the humiliation of drinking with HMS as her first friend in Korea. HMS downs a shot and ask if he’s lacking in any way compared to the mungbeanfly and LTR admits he’s not. HMS moans uncomprehendingly that his first love, HSS dumped him for another after she got famous. LTR offers him a glass to disinfect. Hah. Then she tells him that the drink is the best medicine to cure a broken heart. If he perseveres until his wound heals, he’ll find true love. They toast over .

Meanwhile, mungbeanfly is playing the Wii video games all the while berating himself. Well, he wants to reconcile with LTR but he can’t until he’s amassed at least half her fortune. Right now, he’s got zilch.

HMS is stocked piggy-backing a drunk LTR. After almost breaking his back carrying her up flights of stairs, he borrows a trolley and wheels her back to….Coach’s home who was breaking walnuts as a side income.

Coach is enamored by the serenely sleeping LTR while HMS drags him repeatedly away from drooling over her. HMS confides that he’s dumped by HSS. He wonders if he’s ever going to turn back into his 14 year old self. Everything he owns is slowly disappearing from his life – swimming, HSS. Coach reassures him that it can be done since he’s got LTR. Gazing at the sleeping LTR, he mutters, “Is this woman really worth me staking my whole life for?” Seeing that his coach has already fallen into deep sleep, he approaches the bed and stares at her curiously for a long moment. Then he adjusts her blanket and asks the sleeping LTR to take care of him.

In the next scene, we finally learn what the pamphlet is for. HMS has written a letter to mum.
“Mum, this is GED. I’ve experienced a great change, so I’ve decided to leave home for a while. A son who left without completing his engagement…please forgive me. However, I will definitely return when I’ve transformed into a real handsome man. Until then, please believe in me and wait patiently. One more thing, as soon as you receive this letter, please go to Coach Hwang immediately. If something happens to him because of me, I will feel really bad. Mum, I hope you can support your 14 year old son’s decision. I love you mum…”

In the Morning, LTR freaks out to find herself in a foreign place. She nudges the sleeping HMS awake, which also awakens Coach who immediately scrambles to his feet. He introduces himself as Asian Games Gold medalist, Hwang Min-gook, elder brother of HMS and offers his hand, keen on leaving a good impression. Then he fluffs it by remarking she looks even more beautiful with her eyes opened. Freaked out, LTR asks HMS why he didn’t send her home since he knows where she lives. HMS explains sheepishly that he ran out of money, even the drinks were paid with his brother’s card, which was maxed out. LTR checks her handbag and shouts that she has 6 cards with no limits in her purse but HMS doesn’t like to use a woman’s money. LTR pays Coach much to HMS’s displeasure and calls someone to pick her up. Coach hilariously clears a path among the walnuts for her. As she waits outside, HMS reclaims her shoes which were left as a guarantee in exchange for the trolley. He thanks her – she got drunk because she was accompanying him. Embarrassed, LTR reminds him that things that happen during drinking sessions are best forgotten the nest day.

Secretary Hong is here with the car, and gives HMS a dirty look as she ushers LTR into the car. LTR asks a meandering HMS what he’s doing – he’s supposed to catch flies!

As soon as they enter the museum, CSJ appears at once to greet her. She’s surprised the museum is so empty but he tells her that the museum is closed for the day, as well as the mobile museum. She’s got no say in this because he claims that she promised the Vice President to stay out of the museum business.

Then, CSJ reports that HMS’s brother HMG is currently linked to a kidnapping attempt and demands that HMS be removed from her side in view of the danger he poses. LTR defends HMG by declaring he’s not that kind of person. He has kind eyes and is a family-type man who cracks walnuts at home. She can confirm this because she’s just spent the night in HMS’s house, where his brother is also present. She demands that the museum be open for business as usual tomorrow. As for today, HMS is welcome to explore the museum to his heart’s content. HMS skips away happily while CSJ stares daggers at his back.

HMS immediately makes his way to the Sun-clock. Looking at the clock, he makes a resolution to himself. He will forget HSS from now on. The 14 year old GED devoted to her will cease to exist. He will try his best to protect LTR in the coming three weeks. He will definitely revert back to himself and when he does, he will start anew and forget her. Until then, he will be Hwang HMS, Miss Lee LTR’s fly swatter, 25 year old Hwang HMS!

A jealous CSJ releases his pent-up anger by boxing with his underling. Well, his problems are not over. HSS surprises NHS by showing her a couple pictures of CSJ and her. She admits they’re dating and wants to know about LTR and CSJ’s relationship. NHS denies any knowledge but HSS threatens to expose how NHS lied about her age and threatens to quit the group.

Meanwhile, LTR is briefed by Secretary Hong regarding the popular idol – “Heart”. Heart is a CF darling and popular among youngsters. For the past 3 year, Heart has been the image spokesperson for CLS Group and in particular their automobiles lines the sales of which greatly increased due to her influence. LTR is keen to make her the museum’s spokesperson but it’s easier said than done. Mungbeanfly is sure to interfere and her swatter in still in heartbroken mood. Still, she wonders what will entice Heart to her museum. HMS interrupts the briefing and asks sheepishly for a special lesson.

Cue to LTR in school ma’am glasses briefing him about his target CSJ. He’s 30 years old, born in Seoul. His parents divorced when he was 17 years old, after which he migrated to Milan, Italy. HMS is surprised mungbeanfly is also of Italy-educated faction. He’s 182cm, weighs 70kg +/- 1kg – HMS jokes that he’s too heavy for a fly.

LTR continues. He studied architecture in Milan University and excels in networking. Good in sports and prideful, he would never participate in a game he can’t win. Member of fencing in University days. HMS interrupts, “That’s why he’s sharp and rude like a sword. Even his shoes are pointed.” LTR warns him not to interrupt anymore and continues. His mum operates a travel agency, so he’s familiar with all things Italian – geography, language, cuisine and how to handle Italians. He’s got guts, honest, never runs away from a challenge for no reason and optimistic to the point of annoying. And he loves the Italian lifestyle which consists of good food and passionate love.

HMS stops her. How can he go against him if all she tells him are his good points? He needs to know CSJ’s weaknesses. Oriented teaching.

LTR takes offense at that and starts rattling off CSJ’s weaknesses – allergy to Kiwi. Needs to go to the toilet every morning or he’d be uneasy throughout the day. Loses all rationality if his hairstyle is ruined. They all sound petty to me but HMS approves.

HSS is having a supermarket date with CSJ. She’s pleased with the surprise date since she thinks he was angry about the party incident. And he is, demanding to know who HMS is. She queries his curiosity. Is he angry because of her or LTR? Because he’s jealous HMS is pestering LTR? She’s heard about him having LTR followed and all from NHS. CSJ tells her to stop using NHS who knows nothing. Hurt, she claims that she sent HMS to break them up. Not intimidated in the least, he warns her to drop the jealous act and get rid of HMS. HSS purses her lips and forces back tears as he leaves her alone.

LTR, HMS and a whole bunch of reporters welcomes Miss Heart to the museum. Wait a minute, does my eyes deceive me or isn’t that HSS? Ok, Heart is Ha HSS it seems. Anyway, HSS Heart has agreed to be Dae-dong Museum’s spokesperson thanks to LTR’s generous offer. They reach this thing which allows you to experience zero gravity, like the outer space.

HMS puts her on the spot by suggesting that she tries it out, daring her to refuse. Her PR mode on, she agrees with a smile. HMS’s smile is greater, especially as he straps her to the seat. CSJ chooses that moment to arrive and his presence further fuels HMS’s displeasure. He spins her round and round without mercy while LTR narrates for the reporters how the weightless feeling of the cosmos is akin to the feeling of isolation induced by restricted movements. She doesn’t forget to take a dig on CSJ by commenting that the feeling is also similar to the feeling of being dumped by their first loves.

Next up is the Typhoon Experience Center. CSJ warns LTR not to take it too far. HMS pushes him to the front suggesting that he takes the challenge instead. Worse, HSS also relishes the opportunity of being with him. In front of the reporters, CSJ has no choice but to accept. Again, LTR narrates for the crowd, also comparing the typhoon powers with the feelings of being dumped by first loves.

At the end of the promotional event, LTR thanks Heart for her participation and looks at HMS surreptitiously. He gives her the thumbs up. CSJ looks at his ringing phone, frowning when he sees that it’s the Vice President.

HSS catches HMS alone and demands to know how long he plans on blackmailing her with the engagement secret. HMS admits it will be the last time. This was just payback for hurting GED and insulting his family. Since she helped LTR today, they’re even now. She insinuates that he’s pretty opportunistic for choosing LTR over GED. Then she even suspects that GED and his family conspired in his disappearance just to hold on to her. Having had enough of her continuous insults, GED tells her not to be too full of herself. GED will no longer like her, no matter what happens. So she should just hold on to her mungbeanfly and be careful that he doesn’t leave her for a fresher dish.

CSJ meets up with the Vice President (VP) at the swimming pool who immediately gives him an earful for not stopping LTR. CSJ pleads for another chance and Mr. VP tells him to get on it. He’s too busy learning swimming before his son comes back.

LTR smiles gleefully at the press coverage of the promotional event but when HMS enters the room, she immediately puts on her poker face. (She does that a lot). He gives her a present – Italy towels – in gratitude to her for helping him exact revenge on Soon-sim. She insists that it was purely professional and returns the gift. HMS rejects it, a gift is not to be returned. Furthermore, it was made by his brother (Coach).

CSJ also turns up, inviting LTR to a party organized by Mr. VP to celebrate her taking over the Curator position. He claims to have given up on her, so if she wants to protect the museum, she’d better tell it to the VP. LTR hands over the guest list to HMS and tells him to prepare for a party. Oh uh.

At home, HMS made a list of his own, the better to recognize LTR’s foes (mungbeanflies). A knock at the door and the voice of GED’s mum immediately sends HMS running for cover. A nervous Coach opens the door to the very anxious and apologetic parents of GED. They hadn’t discovered the note earlier because mum hasn’t been making dwenjiang recently and they’re extremely sorry to have blamed Coach. Mum wants to make amends by cleaning up his place but Coach stops her from moving his stuffs by lying on the bed. Dad offers to wait upon him so the quick thinking Coach pretends to have high blood pressure which spikes at the sight of them. The couple retreats reluctantly leaving Coach with HMS again. At least now he won’t be taken for a kidnapper.

NHS is helping LTR trying on a dress. NHS tries to bring up CSJ, as if she has something to say but LTR is too preoccupied with the dress and her resolution to protect her museum to pay much attention.

HSS grumbles about GED telling others about the calluses on her foot. Then she recalls HMS’s words and reactions and seems to come up with some kind of conclusion.

Dressed to the nines, LTR and HMS are welcomed by CSJ.

On the way, they are met with her Uncle who expresses surprise to see her since he doesn’t recall inviting her. And what’s with her dress. CSJ explains that LTR insists on coming after he told her that a ceremony to commemorate the late president is being held today. It’s a bloody trap. Now she’ll appear disrespectful if she excuses herself and disrespectful if attends the ceremony, dressed as she is. The embarrassment doesn’t end there as CSJ made sure that a seat wasn’t prepared for LTR, leaving her standing at the side. CSJ tells the dissatisfied HMS to solve the problem his way.

As the ceremony begins, HMS creates a makeshift seat for LTR with a table ignoring the curious stares of others. LTR is hesitant but HMS reminds her she’s got no choice. CSJ is just waiting to see them fail. She allows herself to be carried to the table and seats herself as regally as she could in the situation, ostensibly ignoring the people behind. HMS stands beside her, carrying a vase.

CSJ smirks at his miserable efforts to maintain dignity and continues his speech. CSJ makes a glowing presentation of Mr.VP and a photo of his son projects onscreen – it’s GED’s best pal : Lee Soo-bin. Next, he highlights the firstborn of the late president, LTR’s dad, even going as far as to showing the scene of accident. LTR starts crying when CSJ plays up her guilt by emphasizing how her parents died on the way to pick her up….on her birthday. Scanning the faces all around, GED realizes that it’s a deliberate attempt to upset and demoralize her.

He passes her a flower and tells her to wait for him. Then he grabs CSJ by the lapels and kisses him full on the LIPS. Mamamia!!! He’s got everyone’s attention now and LTR is too shocked to feel upset as well. CSJ struggles free and HMS have the audacity to wipe his mouth with CSJ’s tie. He complains that CSJ is too long-winded for a mungbeanfly.

Then he walks up to LTR and offers to take her to a real party. LTR looks at him with stars in her eyes.


CSJ and HSS are so irritating; they are getting into my nerves. So whatever. I hope this evil scheme will be off soon.

So, the story is somewhat getting to the point that they are still polishing the characters preference, because I think that they are not sure which goes what. Kindda boring at some point. But, it’s still on its first 5 episode so let’s see what happened next.

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