I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 6

Character Ledger:
Geum Eun Dong (GED)
Hwang Min Soo (HMS)
Lee Tae Ri (LTR)
Choi Seung Jae (CSJ)
Ha Soon Sim (HSS)
Hwang Min Gook aka COACH (HMG)
Na Hong Sil (NHS)

We rewind a little with some expansion on the conversation between LTR and CSJ. Basically he owns up to some manipulating behind the back but without that weirdo kid’s intervention, things would not have progressed as such. LTR thinks it’s just excuses since he never bothered to explain himself. He’s been waiting for the right moment, but as things stand, he fears they’ll never see each other again. LTR is not convinced, asking what he wishes to say. He looks at the kiwi juice she made and gulps it down with much difficulty.

He confesses that he misses her. It hurts him to make life difficult for her or to make her cry. LTR cuts to the heart of the matter, asking what he’s after. And he replies, “It’s you – LTR!” His objective never changed, only his methods and the situations. CSJ starts developing a reaction to the kiwi and LTR chides him for choosing such a stupid way to prove his heart. He reiterates that he still reacts to her, just like he does to kiwi. She’s not unmoved but merely tells him that his timing is way off. CSJ falls to the ground gasping for breath, alarming LTR. Just then, HMS finally arrives and sums up the situation quickly. He berates CSJ for committing suicide before and scolds her for opening the door for CSJ. LTR anxiously tells him to bring CSJ to the hospital. Save life first, lecture later.

Staring at the empty glass, LTR recalls their better days. CSJ slipped into her room when he’s supposed to be hard at studying, claiming that he’s forgotten something. Lee LTR’s kiss – without which he couldn’t concentrate.

HMS is tending to CSJ at the hospital when Coach arrives as well. HMS is frustrated that CSJ tried to kill himself drinking kiwi. Even more confusing is the fact that LTR didn’t contact him and faced CSJ alone. Coach offers his two cents – CSJ was trying to appeal to her motherly instinct in a last ditch attempt to win her heart. HMS finds it hard to believe that CSJ loves LTR and yet he continues to hurt her. Love guru, Coach explains that their sorrowful situation is due to them running between ambition and love. HMS does not concur: “Is love a sports event? A marathon? Why practice running with love. It’s totally childish.”

HMS tries to rouse a sleeping CSJ into explaining himself. Coach stops him and muses over his overreaction. Is he really in love with Lee LTR? HMS is irritated – what sort of question is that? Coach shushes him, “Lee LTR…What did you do to that woman with a foreign country name?” HMS recalls him hugging LTR in their first meeting and clears his throat uncomfortably. To the sleeping CSJ, he warns him not to die. He needs him to get well soon so they could fight it out. Coach watches him curiously, arched eyebrows and all.

LTR shows up before her swimming uncle, her unexpected presence startling him. She hands over a fax from Milan which he reads and then splutters in disbelief. The fax contains opposing evidence of how he overthrew Paul from his position as Curator of Daedong Museum. She plans to clear his Paul’s name of the false accusations. Basically, she will make sure that Paul returns to the museum where he will continue the repair work on the Sun Clock. Mr. VP tears the fax but LTR has come prepared – she made lots of copies for him to tear to his heart’s content. Heh. Mr.VP insists that Paul can’t come back, which is precisely why LTR wants him back. Paul would be her only ally and one who won’t cower to uncle. VP tries to threaten her with CSJ. LTR says she’s over him, but she’s thankful that his intervention allowed her to meet a man she used to love in this way. She will definitely return the favor. As a parting repartee, she vows that she will stop his plans to close down the museum, so he’d better work hard too.

In the morning, Coach quickly wakes CSJ as HMS takes a leak. CSJ receives a call from VP and leaves immediately with Coach’s helmet. Why is Coach assisting him? HMS tags along, still unsuspecting of the coach’s role in this.

Secretary Hong informs LTR that Paul has already arrived, but unfortunately there is some problem regarding that thing they have couriered.

CSJ barks into the phone, angry that the thing has arrived after all and instructs his underlings to move the thing to the CLS group. The helmet Coach provided comes with a bicycle. HMS also receives a call from LTR who instructs him to stop CSJ at all cost. She’s returning to the Group before they can hide the thing again. That thing is important to repair the Sun Clock.

HMS rogers that and immediately runs after CSJ who’s already cycling away. He manages to keep close but when he almost loses CSJ, HMS shouts aloud that the helmet guy is Heart’s boyfriend. The curious public immediately forms a line to prevent CSJ’s escape. He falls and the crowd mobs him. HMS takes over the bike and heads for the Group, where CSJ’s right man is heading to as well with that thing.

HMS catches hold of the man and deposits them, man and box, to LTR and Paul. Secretory Hong takes the box from the man, who only released it after being tickled by HMS, and passes it to LTR. LTR introduces HMS to Paul, DaeDong Museum’s first curator. Paul has been studying the Sun clock for a long time and will be able to repair it. Paul is curious about CSJ’s absence but LTR assures him that CSJ has been properly taken care of by HMS。

Our asthmatic VP is extremely displeased that CSJ got himself kicked out of the museum. He’s thinking maybe CSJ is reserving that position for LTR. Bottom line, he wants CSJ to wrestle back the curator’s position or spend the rest of his life begging for LTR’s distant heart to return to him.

That “thing” is finally unveiled and it’s a book. That all important book records the principles and the construction process of the Sun clock. HMS asks eagerly if the book can tell them who sabotaged the Sun clock. Paul explains that the Sun clock represents top-notched science derived from the most basic of natural phenomenon. On top of that, it also possesses mysterious significance as a talisman. He’s certain that when the Sun clock changed, something else also changed. HMS immediately links that to his physical change.

AppleHead’s manager is throwing a fit. He wants HSS to retire from the group for defiling their name. HSS is incredulous but Manager is pissed. The media is claiming that she’s been cohabitating with CSJ which is a big no-no for artists in a relationship. HSS explains that Helmet man is just a promotional gimmick for the museum. Manager is unconvinced and instructs NHS to take over as leader of the group. Mi-mi is not pleased with that but the other member sides with NHS. Manager then throws a stern warning about the non-dating rule, whoever gets caught dating will be kicked out. To HSS, he declares that all her activities will be stopped pronto and she is to reflect on her mistakes at home.

Wining by the pool, LTR informs HMS that he’s officially graduated from his fly swatting days. HMS asks if he’s being sacked. Before LTR could answer, CSJ gate-crashed their little party with a bouquet of flowers for LTR and a bottle of wine. He tells HMS that his function as a swatter is no longer needed since CSJ no longer works at the museum. LTR is wary of his presence but he tells her he’s come to see her and will continue to do so in future. HMS thinks CSJ means to continue pestering LTR. He will see that CSJ doesn’t, as a man to a man.

They then proceed to one-up each other by pouring each other wine while an exasperated LTR watches. Half-drunk, HMS tells CSJ to give up on LTR but CSJ has faith in his past with LTR. He’s managed to come thus far because he’s set his sight on LTR. Why is he tagging behind LTR? HMS declares smilingly that LTR is pretty. CSJ gripes regretfully that he didn’t have HMS’s confidence when he was 25 years old. HMS stops him from wallowing further in self-pity – “a man should only shed tears once in his life”. LTR has had enough and rises to leave. HMS grabs hold of her and asks sadly if she no longer needs him. She keeps quiet and HMS passes out drunk. Moments later, CSJ follows suit.

Early next morning, CSJ challenges HMS at swimming, even though he knows that he can’t. Still, CSJ thinks HMS should at least be able to save LTR from drowning should the occasion arise. LTR calls him out for being childish but CSJ continues to goad HMS: “Who knows? A miracle might happen due to your earnest affection for LTR.”HMS is all fired up and agrees to the challenge.
But once in position, HMS begins to doubt himself. He decides to hell with it and plans to give it his best shot. They jump in and HMS immediately discovers that he can swim perfectly well. Initially lagging behind, he catches up in the last moments and wins over CSJ to the relief of LTR。

HMS runs up to LTR, lifts her up and swings her around in jubilation. LTR laughs giddily, sharing his happiness. CSJ is all sour-faced. Hah.

At the museum, LTR tells HMS she’s decided to appoint him as supervisor now that he’s graduated from flyswatter. HMS asks if it’s a high ranking position, having no idea what the post means. LTR tells him it’s low-ranking position and he’s immediately concerned if his position is lower than that of CSJ. It most definitely is, and HMS grumbles he’d rather remain as a flyswatter then. Hah. Even though he’s been hired by LTR, she wants him to work hard and earn the trust of the seniors through hard work and results.

Worse, he learns that he’s the maknae in the museum and whines that he would prefer to take the post CSJ vacated. LTR explains patiently that that sort of rise requires almost ten years of hard work. She promises to watch over him and tells him to work at it slowly. HMS asks exasperatedly if she expects him to remain by her side like this for ten years and deflates when she admits so. HMS grudgingly asks about the nature of his new job.

He’s ecstatic to learn that he would only be watching over the Sun-clock. And also to assist Paul during his restoration efforts. HMS asks for a favor – find three standby replacements for his position. As back-ups, not unlike during swimming competition. But LTR refuses his request, she never wants him replaced. She offers to treat him for dinner tonight in celebration of his new position and instructs him to clear the name plate in CSJ’s room. Paul would be using that room.

HMS is surprised to find a kneeling Coach in CSJ’s room. Coach quickly lies that he’s here to surprise him. HMS is moved by this show of brotherly love. Coach inquires about CSJ and GED gloats that he’s kicked CSJ out. More amazingly, he’s rediscovered his swimming form. Coach asks incredulously if he’s swum his way to CSJ’s position. Disheartened, HMS explains he’s just a lowly supervisor and LTR expects him to stay by her side for 10 years. Coach opines that LTR has found out about his real age. So even though she likes him, he’s still just a 14 year old. But she is loathed to separate from him, that’s why she plans to use 10 years to nurture his potential. HMS thinks that’s a load of bullshit, why would she assign him to the Sun clock if she knew.

Speaking of which, Coach feels the signs are all good- he can swim again, he’s in close proximity with the clock and his mum came by today. Grandpa found out GED’s left home and is staging a starving protest. HMS is worried but he’s tied up because he’s got a dinner date with LTR. He wants Coach to call his mum.

HMS drops in on LTR to inform her of a change of plans. He wants to treat her instead – to a traditional home-cooked meal. He assures her that he’s made reservation and the family is kind folks. Grandpa is still stubbornly refusing to eat until GED is found. He’s also upset that GED’s fiancée is rumored to be dating someone else. Just then, HMS arrives with LTR and everyone is on alert mode recognizing him as the thief. HMS introduces himself as Coach’s brother and apologizes for trespassing earlier. Because GED never showed up for training, his brother has instructed him to check on the family. HMS tries to change the awkward atmosphere by introducing LTR. Dad is impressed with her rich status while Grandpa asks if she’s really famous. HMS assures him she is and grandpa immediately beseeches her to look for his GED, offering all his money. Grandpa faints mid-sentence and the anxious HMS forgets himself and asks “mum” to get grandpa some food. Mum notices his familiarity and stares at him curiously.

Elsewhere, HSS is locked up in her room by grandma. Her mood worsens as she reads about LTR being happy over the increased interest in the Sun clock. She lies down but finds herself thinking of HMS. She makes a phone call, demanding to be comforted by someone she addresses as leader. NHS?

Grandpa is still sulking and refusing to eat. LTR suddenly speaks up and says she’s disappointed in grandpa. How does he plan to meet his grandchild if he’s so weak? Everyone else is shocked by her tone but LTR reminds him that his grandchild would have no one to depend on in this corrupted world. Grandpa bites the bait and starts eating. As an added incentive for finishing his rice, LTR promises to play with him after, some sort of game that could double the money he gave her earlier. Everyone is impressed with LTR and grandpa eats eagerly. Relieved, everyone starts eating as well. HMS in particular praises mum’s cooking. Mum couldn’t shake away the strange sensation that HMS looks and acts like her son – from his shiny lashes, handsome nose, and red thick lips and…shoulder! Mum tries to check his shoulder for his birthmark but her rash actions alarm everyone. When they take their leaves, mum apologizes for her behavior, explaining that he resembles her son a lot. HMS could not suppress his longing and embraces mum. When dad tries to part them, he wraps his arm around him as well. Dad finally pushes him away and invites LTR to come by more often. Mum also welcomes HMS to visit often. HMS leaves reluctantly with LTR. Dad is jealous that mum is paying way too much attention to HMS and mum’s vague mutterings about being irresistibly drawn to HMS doesn’t help. She mumbles that she should have opened his shirt and checked his shoulder. Dad is upset and asks her to consider his shoulder. She used to say his shoulder is sexy. A distracted mum pays no heed to him and he vows to impress her with his shoulder tonight. He tries to sling her over his shoulder all macho-like but fails miserably. HMS tries to gauge LTR’s impression of the meal. LTR enjoyed it and thinks it’s good enough for occasional visits. Satisfied, HMS says he’s grateful to GED for making it possible for them to enjoy this delightful meal. He even praises the supposedly heretofore unseen GED for being cute and adorable. LTR concedes that the name, GED sounds approachable. HMS could tell that dad and grandpa is besotted with LTR. When the men in his family are happy, their lips curve up nonstop like dolphins. HMS improvises…men of their nation. LTR bids goodbye but HMS stops her and blows a flying kiss. It’s his version of a goodnight kiss, Italy-style. LTR demonstrates the real deal by kissing him on both cheeks. LTR leaves him startled and speechless. HMS calms his pounding heart, lightly touches his cheeks then wheels around in giddy happiness.

HMS returns home to find Coach kneeling before CSJ. CSJ tells him that Coach has received money from VP with the condition to take him away from LTR. And he’s already spent a portion of it. Worse than Coach’s betrayal is the bombshell CSJ drops next. Coach receiving the money is equivalent to him receiving the money and he could no longer claim to be innocent before LTR. CSJ advises him to leave quietly if he does not wish to hurt LTR. HMS calls him a bad guy but CSJ claims to be otherwise. He’s offering him a last chance to leave with his pride intact and without causing hurt to LTR. Left alone, HMS finally confronts Coach for betraying him. Coach explains that he only accepted it thinking it’s just to coach Soo bin, but VP suddenly made him take HMS away. And since he’s been jobless, he needed to money for the rent and to feed them both. But that still doesn’t explains the amount of money he used. Coach reveals that his parents’ stables collapsed and he couldn’t just ignore that as a son. HMS leaves the house upset and disappointed.

Meanwhile, NHS turns weak when HSS suggests that they out her secret of hiding her true age to nullify her own rumors. But that’s not her true intention. She tells NHS to contact LTR and convey her message to her. If HMS calls her, NHS is saved LTR is still basking in the memory of the kiss that she even praises her reflection for being prettier recently. The doorbell rings and it’s…HMS. He confides that his brother has betrayed him. His heart hurts, he can’t go home and he can’t even tell his mum. LTR supports his decision – it’s a lack of filial piety to tell on your brother to the mum. HMS tells her resolutely that he can’t leave like this. LTR says reassuringly, “Why should you have to leave? I don’t know how your brother betrayed you, but you must be strong. That way, you will meet those who’ll treat you like a real family”. HMS rests his head on her shoulder and LTR pats him comfortingly. He starts to sob real hard and LTR holds his head firmly between her hands and instructs him to take deep breaths. His sobs quiet gradually and they are left staring into each other’s eyes, inching closer and closer.


Now this episode is I DON’T KNOW. Maybe a big disappointment to the coach? Or an affectionate love between LTR and HMS…

In this episode, I think, HMS is all over LTR. As a viewer, am imagining GED and LTR together, but wait, LTR is his NOONA or AHJUMMA for worst. I don’t know what to think, but, HMS/GED has an affectionate love for LTR, but he don’t know that he have already, (because he always wants to protect LTR from the “mungbeanfly”. Anyway, COACH really disappoints me WHY DID YOU GET THAT SCAM MONEY?! I hope that the next episode will come up a solutions with this problems, >.<

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