I Love Lee Tae-Ri ( I Love Italy) Episode 8

Character Ledger:

Geum Eun Dong (GED)
Hwang Min Soo (HMS)
Lee Tae Ri (LTR)
Choi Seung Jae (CSJ)
Ha Soon Sim (HSS)
Hwang Min Gook aka COACH (HMG)
Na Hong Sil (NHS)

LTR asks HMS outright what he’s doing here. He slips the pendant in his back pocket and admits he’s troubled. If the Sun clock is damaged, everything will remain status quo. If the clock is restored, he might have to leave her. And he desperately wants to stay by her side. LTR is stunned by his crazy suggestion – if the clock is damaged, her life will stop and the museum will be finished. HMS argues that it might not be so; the museum might be alright but her life might be in danger. LTR is astonished he expects her to believe in that. She feels so disappointed with him that she’s unwilling to have him touch her. She strides off angrily, muttering her disappointment over his pubescent method of protecting her. HMS chases after her, trying to explain that he wasn’t actually going to destroy the clock. But LTR is past listening and coldly reminds him to address her respectfully. Right now, he’s just a piece of ice. And until she sorts her confused mind and figure out the truth, he is to remain static. In other words, don’t bug her. HMS watches her drive away despondently.

LTR tracks down CSJ and demands to know how he managed to convince HMS to consider damaging the clock. Did he threaten him with something? Well he didn’t. He just advised him to consider carefully what he could do for her. LTR is fed-up with his continuous interference. He admits to hating HMS but LTR warns him off HMS because she likes him. CSJ warns her that VP would never let HMS off easily. Look what happened to him. LTR is adamant that his change is his choice – neither her uncle’s fault nor hers. CSJ insists that there is a reason behind his actions, that certain unavoidable circumstances forced his hand. LTR coldly tells him there is no such thing.

HMS returns home, where an anxious Coach starts asking questions since he’s been out of contact the whole day. HMS sighs heavily and asks him what he should do now. Coach is worried that he really did destroy the clock. HMS wished he had. Coach accepting money and LTR confronting her uncle – it’s all because of him. Because of him, a woman’s life is endangered. In exchange, he’d rather give up his hope of reverting back to his old self and destroy the clock. Coach thinks he’s being silly – if the clock is destroyed, he’d be stuck forever like this. HMS wonders if it’s his destiny to remain like this. Coach is mad. It’s not destiny, it’s a nightmare, especially for his parents who wish for his return every night. If he insists on thinking like this, their relationship as teacher-disciple is over. HMS grumbles that Coach doesn’t understand. He couldn’t let LTR down. She who believed in him so much, who was smiling so happily over their friendship. He walks out of the house dejectedly.

LTR visits the planetarium alone, talking to herself, or rather her dead grandpa.
“Grandpa, I’m here alone again. Even though I promised to bring a friend the next time I visit here. Grandpa, is it really impossible for me? A warm hand holding mine, someone I can rely on when I’m tired – that’s all I ask for. In the end, will I be left alone again?

Elsewhere, watching the same dark sky, HMS thinks to himself that he couldn’t leave LTR just like that. But the Sun-clock moves again. Is it a step closer to being restored?

Morning. CLS group. CSJ informs VP that he’d make sure the museum is closed down before work on Time Park is started. VP wants him to play golf with the person in charge of Time Park this weekend. But CSJ hesitates. It’s the LTR’s parents’ death anniversary. VP is not keen on attending and tells him to comfort LTR on his behalf. VP also remarks sarcastically that CSJ would not be free – he needs to meet his father on that day, laden with regrets towards LTR.

LTR shows up unexpectedly. She tells VP that HMS is just a nobody, an employee of the museum. VP is not fooled. In fact, he’s even more tempted to ‘destroy’ him. Unless, of course she gives up the museum. Surely, he’s worth it since she took the trouble of protecting him, unlike a certain someone. LTR will not give up the museum. VP muses that he should get HMS to team up with CSJ then. That would surely destroy her. CSJ sees the presentation he used to upset LTR earlier and once again reiterates that he doesn’t have a choice.

Paul estimates that the clock will be restored in 5 days, judging by its recent movements. A fascinated LTR is curious by the sudden changes. Paul explains that the change is brought by the interaction between yin and yang. Based on the principles behind the construction, it should refer to the sun and the moon but based on the talismanic properties, it should refer to a man and a woman. He hasn’t been able to estimate the restoration period prior to this due to a lack of natural phenomena. The recent changes surprise him as well. LTR is encouraged by this latest progress. She encounters HMS on her way out who remarks that she looks worn out. LTR informs him the Clock will be restored in 5 days so his service will no longer be needed. HMS is upset that she thought he was going to destroy the clock. He flings her over his shoulder and carries her to the car, where he releases her. She demands to know what he’s doing. He tells her that he’s packing her up and running away. She’d claimed that the car can clear up any misunderstandings. So he might as well drive all over the country to clear up their misunderstandings. LTR thinks he’s being childish. How could he create and solve all problems so directly and irresponsibly? HMS explains that he has his reasons. He has a secret he couldn’t tell her. But LTR is even more hurt now. There shouldn’t be any secrets between friends, right? HMS would like to tell her his secret now, but she wouldn’t listen. Frustrated, he tells her not close her ears as she would her heart. LTR thinks that sometimes ignorance is bliss. If that secret would make her feel betrayed, she’d rather it remains a secret forever. LTR gazes at the clock, reminiscing all their good times. Later, she consults Secretary Hong for something to do to take her mind off upsetting matters. Hong suggests that she head for some traditional experience, for instance the traditional home she visited earlier.

Meanwhile, a troubled HMS lurks at his old home, where he’s discovered by dad. His sincere request to eat mum’s heart-made dwenjjiangjigge makes dad think he’s here to come between him and his wife again. The unsuspecting HMS remarks that the couple had GED between them, so he could never come between them. So HMS misunderstood dad thinks he’s trying to replace GED.

Relieved that HMS is not after his wife, dad treats him much better. He pours HMS soju and HMS asks hesitantly if it’s fine to drink. Dad thinks he’s still upset about the misunderstanding and apologizes for his rude behavior and all. The gesture means a lot to HMS since it’s the first time dad pours him soju. Looking at HMS, dad thinks of GED. He longs to drink with GED like this when he’s all grown up. Just then, LTR arrives. She’s here with a proposal for the couple. She wants to employ them on behalf of the museum to share their knowledge on traditional food and rites. Mum and dad are all excited, especially mum after she hears that they will be paid. Mum insists that she tries her dwenjjang and so LTR and HMS are made to wait in a room while mum and dad made the necessary preparations.

HMS tries to get LTR to relax to break the awkward atmosphere. He comments that they’re surely fated to meet again like this. LTR insists it’s purely coincidence. But HMS maintains that repeated coincidences constitute fate. HMS notices LTR’s glance at a certificate and explains that its GED’s swimming certificate. They share the same dream. LTR muses that it’s strange for GED to run away from home since he’s got his own dream and a warm family. HMS tells her its destiny. It’s destiny for him to meet someone. That’s why he had to leave home. LTR wonders at the importance of whatever destiny that led to a 14 year old leaving his home. HMS thinks it’s an important destiny and shows her photographs of GED. LTR comments that he looks pretty with warm eyes. Pleased, HMS says he’s going to grow up to be a handsome man. Anyway, LTR recalls her chance meeting with GED and how he helped her. She declares enthusiastically that she wants to help find him. HMS looks conflicted. He wanted her to have a good impression of GED but I don’t think he bargained for this. Finding GED means him disappearing. HMS runs after her, trying to discourage her from looking for GED, especially since she has no idea where he is. LTR is convinced he won’t be far. A child who grew up on his mother’s food is surely a good kid. He’ll never let his parents suffer. What if GED doesn’t want to return? What if he has someone else he needs to protect? LTR believes he’s at an age where he will waver once or twice, but he wouldn’t let a moment of impulsive emotion affect his life. HMS puts her hand on his heart and implores anxiously; “Is this a moment of impulsive emotion?”

She withdraws her hand and tells him she doesn’t have the confidence that he would remain by her side like this. Just like the child will surely return to this home, she wants him to leave her side, for sure. Well, she might just get what she wishes for soon enough for the Sun clock moves again.

Coach finds HMS packing up his belongings the next morning and thinks he’s eloping with LTR. HMS informs him that he’s going home. LTR wants him to leave. Coach is worried he’s going to change his mind again. HMS assures him he won’t but he needs to return the necklace before he leaves, as a closure. Coach is against that since he thinks that HMS will waver again but his protests falls on deaf ears.

The AppleHead’s gather again. Manager is pleased that HSS manages to snare a contract even in her absence. HSS wants to be leader again but everyone has decided that they are to take turns as leaders from now on. HSS refuses and Mimi mocks her arrogance especially since she was embroiled in a scandal previously. HSS calls her out for being jealous of her and all hell breaks loose as the two starts to fight. Poor NHS is trapped trying to break up the fight and HMS arrives to see HSS attacking NHS. He separates them and looks at HSS accusingly while consoling a tearful NHS.

Moments later, HMS is still consoling NHS who tells him to go to HSS instead. HMS explains he’s here to meet her. He’s going to leave soon but he wants to do one last thing for LTR. And NHS would know best what LTR needs. NHS tells he that there is 5 seasons in a year for LTR- spring, summer, autumn, winter and… Sweet potatoes? When it’s that time of the year, LTR would feel helpless and agony, as though there is a sweet potato stuck in her heart. Anyway, right now sweet potatoes are in season and LTR’s parents’ death anniversary is just around the corner.

Meanwhile, HSS is seething with anger. She couldn’t believe that HMS sided with NHS over her.

CSJ looks at a photograph of his dad and says that he’s going to pay respects to LTR’s parents. He asks for dad’s help. Oh? Dad is dead? Does he have a hand in LTR’s parents’ death?

LTR is at Coach’s place and hands over an envelope. Coach freaks out adorably upon realizing its money again. He’s pretty much traumatized by the sight of money now. LTR insists that he keeps it. Him accepting it is equivalent to HMS accepting it. Coach wonders why everyone keep shoving money at him. It’s money as reward for HMS’s hard work all these time by her side. Coach bows in gratitude at LTR for sacking HMS. HMS is still a kid and he’s severely lacking as a man by her side. But that’s not what she means. LTR explains that HMS is dependable and strong. In fact, she’d like Coach to be his support until the day HMS achieves his dream. She will help him with that. She gives him her card, for him to contact her should the need arise and reminds him to keep this a secret. OK, she’s keeping him at arm’s length to protect him. Coach slips the name card into the envelope and agrees.

LTR is listless at work when HMS shows up. He sits before her, placing a small carton of milk on the table. It’s strawberry-flavored milk, its sweetness allegedly effective to cure heartache. And then HE drinks it, to lessen the pain left behind by their previous separation. Hah. He informs her that he will definitely leave but he has a favor to ask of her. On the day the Clock is restored, he would like a hug from her, LTR (Italy) style before the clock, as a farewell gesture. The clock led to their first meeting so it’s only fitting that they part before the clock as well. Coach finds HMS studying hard on Italy. HMS wants to prepare a farewell gift for LTR. Coach muses to himself that the two of them are like Romeo and Juliet – one side money, one side heart. HMS asks his opinion for a suitable gift, on her parents’ death anniversary. Coach thinks Soju is the best remedy for such a depressing day.

LTR spends the next three days numbing herself with work. She receives a call from Paul who informs her that the Sun clock will be fully restored latest by tonight. LTR brightens with gladness – it’s like a gift from her parents.

Meanwhile, NHS waits for HMS nervously in LTR’s home. She had thought they are here to erase all traces of his existence so she’s understandably upset to learn that HMS plans to prepare a meal for LTR’s parents. Also present is Coach, who perks up adorably at the sight of NHS, turning all fan-like. As the guys try, rather unsuccessfully I might add, to prepare the meal, an uneasy NHS voices her concern that LTR might get mad. She’s never prepared stuffs during her parents’ death anniversaries and usually just remains quietly at home. HMS thinks that’s wrong and Coach adds that consoling the spirits of departed parents through food prepared with heart – that’s his brother. HMS chuckles at Coach’s attempts to endear himself to NHS.

LTR is waiting for the moment the clock restores itself. She muses that hers is a lonely life. Secretary Hong offers to accompany her but she claims that she’s fine. It that is her destiny, she would have to accept it.

She returns home to find a tableful of offerings. But the scenario is so foreign to her that she does not immediately register the function of the strange-looking food. HMS explains sheepishly that he’s here to spend time with her since it’s her parents’ death anniversary. LTR tries to make him leave but HMS will not be denied. The food should be consumed whilst it’s still hot. He tells her to save her anger for another day. She should pay her respects first, since she only gets to meet them once a year. LTR is quiet and HMS knows he’s won. Hidden in LTR closet-room, Coach wonders if everything is progressing smoothly. Will LTR hit HMS with the screen? NHS wails that she doesn’t know. She’s concerned if HMS will really leave LTR after today. Coach swears on his life to make sure his does. Coach comments that NHS looks pretty humane in person. NHS explains she’s a humanitarian through and through. These two are surprisingly cute together. Meanwhile, HMS guides LTR through the rites. HMS assures her that her parents love the food, because they are prepared with love. She asks if he prepared all the food by himself. As if in answer, NHS runs to her, screaming in apprehension. Coach explains hurriedly he only tucked away strands of hair from her face. Then, he pauses at the sight of LTR and announces “Surprise!” rather belatedly. NHS explains that she didn’t conspire with them – she only opened the door for a moment.

Everyone waits in bated breath for LTR’s response. She couldn’t rein in her smile and thanks them for the food. HMS sees her smile and knows she’s touched by the gestures. He signals to NHS to blind-fold her….because the surprise doesn’t end there. They’ve prepared a birthday cake for her as well. Even though her parents left her on this day, but it’s also the day she first met her parents. And since they passed away, she had never had a happy birthday, which is why he prepared this for her. HMS wants her to go back to her 14 year old birthday. She should speak her heart and blow out the candles starting from her saddest memories. After the candles are out, all that remains are happier memories. LTR begins after a moment of hesitation. When she was 14, she was upset that her parents were separated. She blows the candles and they begin again. When she was 15, she enrolled in a high school in Milan where she learn to speak fluent Italian. When she was 16, she learned fencing and saw the Sun Clock for the first time with her grandfather. Fast forward to her 28the year old birthday, she met a good friend and lightened up a lot. Because of that friend, she’s no longer afraid of the dark. She’s grateful and feels that it’s a pity that he’s leaving her. But he’s given her lots of pleasant memories, enough that she’s willing to let him go. She smiles at the stunned HMS.

At the museum, the Sun Clock has moved back to its original position. CSJ shows up before Paul announcing that he plans to fess up to Tae-ri. He wants to tell her everything, including why he’s become the way he is now despite Paul’s worries that she’s not ready for the truth.

LTR thanks HMS for everything. She tells him they should leave now. She will fulfill his request. She says she can do it well now – Italian-styled farewell. And so the two of them are back before the Sun Clock. She asks where he plans to go from now on and he replies that he must go home, where his family is waiting. All that’s left is her special goodbye hug – then he can go home. He moves closer and closer while the Clock glows behind him. She makes no move and when he’s about to take that final step, she grabs his hand and drags him away. A disappointed CSJ watches them leave, hand-in-hand.

LTR brings HMS to the planetarium with the huge star-gazing telescope. As HMS stares open-mouthed at the opening roof, LTR explains that this is where she speaks to her grandfather. She comes here whenever she’s troubled or sad to be comforted and will feel energized. She points a bright star in the sky, indicating that it’s her grandpa. Grandpa wants her to gaze at the night sky. Many things will change in time, but the stars remain in the same position. In fact, there is a star that remains the same throughout the year – the Polaris. In rain or snow, the Polaris remains in the same position. As if no matter how tough it is, it will remain at her side like the best lover. HMS agrees that the Polaris sounds pretty awesome. LTR continues to say that she’s promised her grandpa that if she has found such a friend, she’d definitely bring him here. And she gazes at him meaningfully before telling him that she’s found such a person. HMS turns to her in surprise before registering her meaning. He approaches her slowly and tells her that he can’t leave anymore. Then he cups her face and leans in for a kiss.


Not bad for their first kiss ei? I think this romance will get better afterwards.. *kyaaaa.. I’m so excited*

Now I get it, the more they have feelings for each other, the clock will move, move and move, until its fix. But, how about LTR and HMS’s relationship? Does this relationship will end soon, or the story will be like Big? The characters didn’t change to who they were.. so confusing..

Anyway, hahaha! Coach and NHS give me a laugh. Are they trying to pair the two characters? Because I think, the couple was so effective till the end of this story.

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