International Fashion Showcase


Style Sharing

The Exhibition explores the symbiotic relationship between Korean and British styles. It will show the work of Korean designers who have been inspired by British life. The display will highlight distinctions between what can be conceived as ‘Britishness’ and what is known as ‘Hallyu’, Korean’s term for South Korean culture’s popularity in the West. The progressive features of a fast-paced Korea will be the backdrop; emphasising aspects of Korean culture that the British may not have appreciated have affected everyday life. The garments will showcase relationships between British and Korean fashions, revealing both how close but how diverse the nations are stylistically: blurring and contrasting the boundaries of fashion and culture.

The designers are:
J Moon
Heohwan Simulation
Hyunsoo Heather Park
Nayoung Moon
Ha Sang Beg

Curated By: Tory Turk

Date: 16 Feb, 2015~4 April, 2015
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre

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