Invisible Bonds:The Korean Artists Association UK exhibition

Date: From 13th to 21st August, 2010 Venue: At the Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC 2N 5BW
Contact: • 07551 897 356 / 020 7004 2600

‘Invisible Bonds – 이음새…’ is an exhibition of paintings, tapestries, glass works, photographs, video art and poetry readings by Korean artists in London. Workshops in Korean music, dance and art will be given by specialists in the Daegum, the Kayagum, Korean traditional songs and percussion, Seon (or Zen) dance, calligraphy.
The ‘Invisible Bonds’ celebrated here are ties of friendship and culture. The Korean Artists Association UK was established in 1997. The members of the Korean Artists Association (KAA) are professional Korean artists who are resident in the UK as first or second generation migrants. Each of the individual artists has done much to represent and promote Korean cultural awareness given their identity as Koreans in Britain. But the KAA also includes associate members including non-Korean professional artists, and people associated with Korean art and culture here in London, especially. Hence the objectives of the Association are to develop the ‘Invisible Bonds’ of Korean cultural life in the UK as well as to promote the ties of friendship and culture between Korea and the UK.

Private View
6 – 9 pm 13 August 2010; Opening Performance (7:30pm) followed by drinks and canapés RSVP to and enjoy this fantastic evening of traditional and contemporary Korean culture. 

Performing artists: Sunnee Park (Dance) • KAYA (Kayagum & Guitar by Ji Eun Jung and Sung Min Jeon) • Dong Yoon Hwang (Daegum) • Seo Young Choi (Kayagum Byung Chang) • Hye Kyung Park (Poetry) • Bohae Kim (Mezzo Soprano) • Se Ho Lee (Piano)

Art Exhibition
13‐21 August 2010

Soon Yul Kang • Kitty Jun-Im McLaughlin • Bada Song • Sun Ju Park • Seong Hee Jo • Sungfeel Yun • Yun‐Kyung Jeong • Joo Hee Chun • Miso Park • Jihye Park • Hye Kyung Park
Guest artists: Jung‐Hoi Jung • Young Jin Park

Workshops in Korean Music, Dance and Art
14 – 20 August 2010

All workshops are FREE; booking is required. For workshop bookings and general enquiries
contact or 0795 2087 049.

Korean Calligraphy (for beginners only) by Kitty Jun-Im McLaughlin

14 August. 13:30 – 15:00 & 15:30 – 17:00


Daegum (Korean bamboo flute) by Dong Yoon Hwang
16 August 13:30-15:00 & 18 August 15:30-17:00

In this workshop Dong-Yoon Hwang will outline the history of the Korean bamboo flute the Daegum, present various kinds of Daegum and show how to play them presenting a variety of Korean traditional songs. All participations will have the chance to play a Daegum themselves.

Seon (Zen) Dance by Sunnee Park
16 August 15:30-17:00
17 August 13:30-15:00
19 August 15:30-17:00

Korean Traditional Percussion and Songs by Jeung Hyun Choi
17 August 15:30-17:00
19 August 13:30-15:00
20 August 13:30-15:00

This interactive workshop will be a practical journey into the indigenous arts of Korea, including traditional percussion, songs and music games. You will learn the passion, energy and rhythm of Korean culture, and experience a new sense of togetherness. Individual freedom and communal joy will intermingle as you exchange energy and find yourself smiling at your new friends with exhilaration and joy.

Kayagum by Ji Eun Jung
Wed 18 August 13:30-15:00
Fri 20 August 15:30-17:00

In this workshop Ji Eun Jung will introduce the Kayagum, explaining its origins, the differences between Court Kayagum, Sanjo Kayagum, and Modern Kayagum, music scoring and playing techniques. She will also perform a variety of pieces from the 19th century to the present day. Her performance will be accompanied by a moving backdrop of scenes from Korean rural towns and people taken between 1970 and 1999 to remind us of passing and increasingly forgotten beauties.

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