Japan Ranks Number 1 for Business & Nightlife

In the annual Country Brand Index survey countries are ranked across 30 distinct categories providing a rich perspective on strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. The rankings speak to qualities that compel consideration and assets that shape country reputations, perceptions and experiences.

Japan scored very well in 2008, ranking as the world’s 9th strongest country brand. True to stereotypes Japan excelled in a number of the business and technology categories, but also showed it’s more fun side in coming in at number one in the world for nightlife!

Japan was ranked best in the world in the following:
* New country for business – As a vibrant and prosperous country, Japan is seen as a great country to begin doing business in.
* Conferences – Japan is the most preferred country for conferences and conventions, given its technological advantages, meeting facilities and intriguing locales.
* Advanced Technology – Japan is seen as the leading nation in terms of technology, with notable contributions in the fields of electronics, automobiles, machinery, industrial robotics, optics and chemicals.
* Quality products – Over the past several decades, Japan has built a global reputation for manufacturing high-quality products.
* Nightlife – Nightlife in Japan is an eclectic mix of Western style bars, clubs and discos and a more traditional late-night scene, part of Japanese society for centuries.
Japan also ranked in the top 10 in the following categories:
* Desire to visit/visit again – the country travelers would most like to visit or return to.
* Extension of business trips – Where travelers want to extend business travel into personal vacation.
* Most impressive last year – The country with the most noteworthy performance in the past 12 months.
*Easiest to do business in – Welcoming and facilitating business culture.
* Authenticity – Delivering distinctive, genuine and unique cultures and experiences.
* Art & culture – A thriving culture of fine arts, architecture, literature and performing arts.
* Shopping – Accessible, diverse and abundant retail choices.
* Fine dinning – Superior culinary offerings and experiences.
* Standard of living – countries with the best quality of life.

For a full list of the rankings please visit http://www.countrybrandindex.com/.


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