Kekkon Style Japanese Wedding Costumes Display and Demonstration

Date: 6 – 7 December 2009
Venue: The Fashion & Textile Museum, Bermondsey Lane, London
Tel: 020 7407 8664
Fax: 020 7089 9416
Organiser: Japan Interlink, London / Kimonodego, London

To mark the 150th anniversary of Anglo-Japanese trade and cultural exchange, we are offering a special display and demonstration of Japanese Wedding Costumes at the Fashion & Textile Museum in London in October 2009.
The display will show a selection of the different types of Kimono (Japanese costume) and Uchikake (wedding gowns) worn at a typical wedding ceremony, together with related accessories and explanations.
The display offers a unique opportunity to see these beautiful gowns at close quarters and to understand the complex costumes of the bride, groom and family members in full attire.
Explanations will be given on the significance of the textiles, their coded colours and symbols which combine to give auspicious motifs for matrimonial happiness and long life.
Gallery talks will be given on the display, together with short talks on Japanese Culture and Society to prepare the audience before the demonstrations begin.
A DVD film showing aspects of Japanese textiles and crafts will be shown at intervals throughout the day.

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