Korean Air Contracted as Boeing 747-8 Wing Part Supplier

Korean Air today announced, at the 2009 Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, that the airline has been selected to produce the wing structure components for the new Boeing 747-8 aircraft.
The wide-body commercial Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental has a capacity of 467 seats and features a lengthened fuselage with a new wing design, as well as improved efficiency which aims for a quieter, more economical and increased environmentally-friendly performance.
A total of 105 orders for the Boeing 747-8 freight version and the Intercontinental have been received so far this year with more than 100 already sold.
Since August 2008 Korean Air’s ‘Tech Centre’ – the Aerospace Business Division, located in Pusan, South Korea – has delivered the first part for the ‘Raked Wing Tips’, ‘Wing Tip Extensions’ and ‘Flap Track Fairing’ of this aircraft’s wing structures.
Mr. Hang Jin Cho, Executive Vice President of Korean Air Aerospace Business Division said, “Korean Air has produced the components of the wing and fuselage for the Boeing 737 and 777 aircraft for over twenty years and in addition has also started manufacturing parts for Boeing 747-400s. As a result, Korean Air has been acknowledged as one of the leading aircraft manufacturers, utilising the most innovative and advanced aircraft manufacturing technologies. In July 2007, Boeing commended Korean Air as one of its best suppliers; something which has been achievable through the solid trust basis between the two companies.”
Since starting its Aerospace Business Division in 1986, Korean Air has successfully supplied aircraft parts for Boeing and other major aircraft manufacturers. As a key partner of Boeing, Korean Air has also participated in design and development of the B787 Dreamliner. Korean Air will continue to develop business opportunities with its advanced aircraft manufacturing technologies utilising carbon fibre materials.

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