Korean Air expands routes to operate next generation premium seats

Korean Air is offering next generation premium seats on more routes to make air travel even more enjoyable!
Korean Air announced today that its next generation premium seats will be made available on more routes as parts of its ongoing commitment to making air travel more enjoyable for its passengers.
Starting October 25, Korean Air will begin to increase from three to nine the number of routes offering next generation premium seats, following the scheduled delivery of B777-300ER and refurbishment of B777-200ER aircraft.
The new seats will be offered on long-haul business routes to Americas, including Incheon-Los Angeles, Incheon-Washington D.C. and Incheon-Seattle, as well as mid-haul business destinations in China and Southeast Asia, such as Incheon-Beijing, Incheon-Shanghai and Incheon-Hong Kong. Additionally, flights on the Incheon-Jakarta route featuring the new seats will begin to operate daily starting from the end of this month.
Currently a total of four Korean Air aircrafts are equipped with the next generation premium seats; three recently delivered B777-300ERs and a newly refurbished B777-200ER. Four more B777-200ERs are scheduled to enter into service by next March, taking to eight the number of aircraft equipped with the new seats.
The recently launched next generation premium seats, Kosmo Suites (First Class), is the pinnacle of luxurious travel, bringing a touch of nature to the cabin while the 180 degree lie-flat beds have been widened by 15.3cm to provide passengers with added comfort. Prestige Sleeper (Prestige Class) features 180 degree lie-flat sleepers with 66cm wider pitch than the current Prestige Class seats, offering customers the level of comfort normally reserved for First Class at other carriers. Also, an enhanced state-of-the-art AVOD system, offering a 16:9 wide screen and over 60 movies, 40 short features, 300 CDs, 40 games and 15 audiobooks, will deliver a richer entertainment experience to passengers in all classes.
Upon the completion of the second phase of the refurbishment plan by April, 2011, Korean Air will have a fleet of 70 aircraft equipped with state-of-the-art facilities serving its mid and long-haul routes. Also, the airline will eventually operate 96 premium aircraft by 2014 including environmental friendly next generation aircraft scheduled to be delivered from next year, such as 10 A380s and 10 B787s.

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