London Korean Film Festival: Moebius


What is family? What are desires? What are genitals? Family, desires, and genitals are one from the start. I am the father, the mother is I, and the mother is the father.Originally we are born in desire and we reproduce in desire. So we are connected as one like the Moebius strip, thus me envying, hating, and loving myself. – Kim Ki-duk

These words are something to consider after viewing Kim Ki-duk’s dissection of the modern family dynamic in Moebius. Possibly the director’s most controversial work to date the film, loosely inspired by various Greek tragedies, shows what happens when a woman is scorned and the aftermath left in her wake.

A justifiably jealous and crazed wife seeks vengeance against her adulterous husband. In a moment of insanity she grabs a knife and tries to castrate him. Fighting her off she turns her rage towards their teenage son, cutting his manhood off only to disappear into the night. Fuelled by guilt the father looks to explore every possible method to help his maimed son. With strong performances from seventeen-year-old newcomer, SEO Young-ju, and actress Lee Eun-woo, cast as both wife and mistress, the film takes the risk of using not a single line of dialogue with tremendous effect. A daring swipe at human behaviour and sexuality Moebius will leave you with questions and possibly some disturbing answers to some unanswered questions.

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Date: Friday 14th November 18:30
Venue: Odeon Covent Garden

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