London Korean Film Festival: The Road called Life

The Road called Life

This animation depicts three pieces of traditional Korean stories told by the filmmakers of Green Days.

The first film, When the Buckwheat Flowers Bloom, is the story of Heo Saeng-won, an old market seller. After a long day of peddling his wares, Saengwon and friend visit an inn where they meet Dong-I. Over the course of the evening the three generations of vendors form a special bond.

Spring Spring sees a field labourer who has been promised the hand of his master’s daughter in marriage. Yet every time the servant looks to claim his would-be-wife, his master comes up with an excuse. Finally tried of being denied his bride the servant challenges his master to the ultimate match.

The last of the trilogy is A Lucky Day which features a rickshaw driver named Kim. His wife has fallen ill and looks to earn enough money to make her well again. He finds himself unusually flush with customers but doubt and fear creep into his mind as he contemplates the consequences of his good fortune.

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Date: Wednesday 12th November 14:00
Venue: Odeon Covent Garden

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