London Korean Film Night: An Affair

Director: E J-yong
Running Time: 115
Screening Date: February 02, 2012
Theartre: Multi-Purpose Hall, KCCUK
Certificate: 18 (South Korea)

A story about forbidden love. Seo-hyun is a bored housewife living with her architect husband and ten year-old son. But when she meets her younger sister’s fiance, Woo-in, her life changes forever. Because her sister Ji-hyun is too busy with work to prepare for her own wedding, Seo-hyun is left with the task of planning the wedding with Woo-in. It is love at first sight for Seo-hyun and Woo-in. The more they meet, the stronger their mutual attraction grows. They begin to have secret rendez-vous together at his place, a video game room, the earth science class room in her son’s school. But Ji-hyun’s arrival from the United States. makes the situation all the more unbearable for the two lovers. The two continue with the relationship, knowing full well the consequences of their deeds.

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