London Korean Film Night: Midnight Ballad for Ghost Theatre (2006)

So-dan is a girl bored with her tedious life, but she manages to find some distraction in the run-down Three Corners Theater. Initially she goes into the building as a way of finding her grandmother, who is said to have gone into the theater and never came out. She simply vanished. During the day there are few spectators at the theater, but once night falls, ghosts stage a cabaret at Three Corners Theater. In this grotesque and eerie place, So-dan has an uncanny experience- one that engages the senses and disregards the passage of time…

Director: Jeon Kye-Soo
Running Time: 120min (ENG Subs)
Screening Date: 7:00 PM, May 10, 2012
Theatre: Multi-Purpose Hall, KCCUK

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