London Korean Film Night: Wangsimni (1959)


Jun-tae returns to his hometown, Wangsimni, after living abroad for 14 years. After settling in at a hotel, he walks the streets of Wangsimni, reminiscing about the fond memories he shared with Jeong-hui. He comes across the local billiards room he used to visit and sees that Choi, the manager of the billiards room, still works there. They catch up and Jun-tae asks Choi about the old crew and about Chung-geun. The group of friends meet up for drinks that night, and as they are paying, Chung-geun steals a glance of Jun-tae trying to pay with a big cheque. Cho insists that the friends get Jun-tae a call girl and Jun-tae and Yun-ae meet for the first time at his hotel room.

Jun-tae had left the country, promising never to return after a dispute with his step mother regarding inheritance of his father’s estate. Wangsimni has changed a lot during his absence, but his feelings for Jeong-hui have not. He asks about Jeong-hui but Choi and his friends urge him to forget her.

Director: Im Kwon Taek
Running Time: 112
Screening Date: January 15, 2015, 7pm
Theatre: Korean Cultural Centre UK

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