Ma Boy (2012)

This is a three episode drama which is about your typical high school drama. Jang Geu Rim (Kim So Hyun) is a student at an arts high school who dreams of becoming a pop singer. At school, she gets a new roommate, Irene (Sun Woong) who is a pretty CF star. However, Irene is actually is a boy whose name is Hyun Woo.

Think of it as a mix of ‘You’re Beautiful’, ‘To the Beautiful You’, and ‘Boys before Flowers’. There’s a twist to it: A boy who dresses as a girl. This show is sweet with some simple high school romance and the things we do in high school. Even though it’s a short one, but at least there are no big gaps which left us confused. This drama keeps it short and simple on the storytelling. It shows each drama character whom we love a lot. Also, we get to know the backstory of Hyun Woo and Geu Rim as they become closer as more than friends.

For Hyun Woo, we get to see how he has to protect his true identity as he pretends to be a girl. At the same time, he wants to achieve his dreams to debut as a singer. I’m impressed how Sun Woong portrays both Irene and Hyun Woo. Irene being the cool and quiet star while Hyun Woo being the flower boy (in my opinion) whom we loved.

Tae Joon, the cheesiest and the most annoying guy ever in this drama. Even though he’s the superstar, he’s being a little bit arrogant. When it comes to Irene, he goes after her like crazy and being nice to her. Thank goodness that Geu Rim realized that Tae Joon, her favourite idol, isn’t the guy that she wants to be with.

Geu Rim is the heroine of this drama. She tries her best to achieve her dreams while manage to be strong at school especially when she has to go against TaeClu and IClu who stop her from being close with Tae Joon and Irene. Besides that, she is always there for Hyun Woo just because his true identity needs to be protected.

Within this very short format drama, I love how both Geu Rim and Hyun Woo romance blossoms even though they mostly argue. It’s the usual developing their true feelings among each other. I enjoy the times that they are together especially when they’re on a date at episode 3. I love it how both of them protect each other from getting hurt especially when Hyun Woo is jealous that Geu Rim hangs out with Tae Joon. Also, they help and support each other to achieve their own dreams. The ending about Hyun Woo comes back to her by being himself after a year which is really sweet. Yes, although it’s short, but this couple is sweet and adorable.

However, I didn’t feel the connection with this whole drama. It’s probably because there is not much feeling from the characters including the conversation among the characters. I didn’t give much reaction to this even though I did sometimes laugh at a few funny scenes. So, for me, although the drama is okay, but there are a few little things missing in this drama. If this drama was to extend with more episodes, then I would continue to watch this especially the sweet couple and high school days.

Rating: 6/10

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