Machiya – The Delicate Townhouses of Kyoto

Date: 20 September 2011, 18:45
Venue: Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP
Tel: 020 7307 5454
Organiser: Aisa House

Tickets: £10/£8 concessions

Machiya are traditional forms of Japanese architecture found mainly in central Kyoto, the old capital of Japan.
This evening will provide a sensory nsight and experience into the atmosphere of Machiya living. Starting with a very visual lecture, Pauline Chakmakjian reveals the various unique architectural features specific to these charming homes and gives a background to the lifestyle of Kyotoites from the past and present. Machiya would have private client rooms where guests would be entertained with geisha, koto concerts, Noh drama, fan games and other delights. Many Machiya also possess tea ceremony rooms where the merchants would invite their clients and guests as gestures of their respect and hospitality.

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