Music Review: Nu’est – Hello

I know that all the L.O.ν.E’s are excited for Nu’est comeback! But the long wait is over, because NU’EST’s second mini album and third overall release through Pledis Entertainment. It was released on February 12, 2013. And it has a story line like the other Music Videos that they released like, Face & Action.

The MV is all about a mans feelings, after finding out that his girlfriend is cheating on him, Nam Bora (korean actress) is also featured in the MV as the girlfriend.

The title track and lead single, “Hello,” is mid-tempo acoustic ballad that’s miles ahead of the group’s previous songs. It’s more refreshing to hear a nice, relatively mild acoustic cut than the kind of generic dance-pop that Korean boy bands are always churning out.

It’s nice to know that Nu’est is really improving single by single, and I think that, their hard work is really paid off.

To watch the whole video check out this link:

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