My Dear Enemy (2008)

Director: Lee Yoon Ki
Cast: Jeon Do Youn and Ha Jung Woo
Genre: Drama and Romance
Running Time: 123 minutes
Certi: 12 (South Korea)

Hee Su (Jeon Do Yeon) finds her ex-boyfriend Byung Woon (Ha Jung Woo) at the racetrack with his friends. She demands him to pay back her loan immediately. He has to give her back $3500. He doesn’t have the money to pay back to her so they decided to look for his other girlfriends that will lend him some money. They spend time together for one whole day while getting the money to cover up Hee Su’s loan. Byung Woon is a chatty person and dreamer while Hee Su has a bitter personality that she has dealt with love and life. Their one day journey begins with arguments and hidden feelings.

I am quite surprised to see that it’s just a one day love bonding journey for them to retrieve the money. I mean how is it possible for them to do so? They meet up in the early morning. Then, they have been going to places in most parts of Seoul. Along the way, I can sense their bonding together even though they mostly argue. Finally, at the late night, they part ways and that’s it. The question is this: does a one day of having a bonding time will ever work with couples who had either broke up or divorced? I’m sure Lee Yoon Ki has reason to have a one day bonding love concept in this film.

Lee Yoon Ki lets us explore the characters while watching this film. Hee Su sure has a bitter character that you can see she’s not really open about her life and love. As the storyline reach to its climax, she starts to feel a little bit of love and care from Byung Woon. She also opens her heart to care for somebody such as giving a few cash notes to the divorced mother and helping a student to scrap the gums from the floor. Her intentions to approach to Byung Woon seem so obvious because she wants to be close to him and just want to spend time with him for just one day. Also, she considers being mature when it comes to what is happening in reality. Let’s just say she is a serious person but has doubts with complications about love and friendship.

On the other hand, Byung Woon sometimes is annoying because he keeps on talking. He doesn’t understand how Hee Su feels about his actions and words. At first, you might think that he’s a good friend that you could rely on. However, after a while, you think to yourself: why on earth doesn’t he face reality and be a mature adult who knows how to take responsibility with his life? Also, I don’t think that he totally understand how women feels. I love how he deals with Hee Su and the other lady in an argument. Now, I understand why Hee Su decides to leave him. No matter how much he tries to please Hee Su, she stills ignore him because she knows that he is irresponsible with his life and plays around. Look at him. He used to hang out with the girls after they divorced. Anyway, two people with different personalities will make the story and relationship interesting. Agree?

At the ending, after Hee Su smiles, I was going to leave because I thought the film was over but I get to see a mini story about how Hee Su and Byung Woon meet. Then, we move to Byung Woon’s kitchen in Spain which means that he already achieve his dreams. I wonder what happen to Hee Su while he was in Spain. The good thing is that we get the inside story about those two people from the beginning to the end without leaving any blanks.

Overall, I’ll say that I am fascinated with the one day love bonding concept in this film which I’m curious to know why Lee Yoon Ki is doing that. He focuses on the two main characters individually and while they are together. The flow of the storyline is perfect. All you need is to feel the connection with the characters and understand the story. Then, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the film.

Rating: 8/10

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