My Mighty Princess (2008)

This is a 2008 South Korean film directed by Kwak Jae-yong. Written by Kwak Jae-yong
Shinho Lee, Starring Shin Min-a as So-hwi and On Joo-wan as Il-yeong. With a total running time of 122 minutes.

Kang So-hwi, a beautiful martial arts prodigy, is about to embark on a journey into adulthood. But her journey is like no other. Her super-human strength and martial arts prowess scares away her fellow undergrads and even the boy she has fallen for. Devastated, So-hwi decides to give up martial arts and takes a different path. Her father, a martial artist himself, is afraid of losing an heiress to the family’s martial artistry, and missions So-hwi’s old buddy Ilyoung to persuade her to stay in the field.

Ilyoung who loves her from their childhood follows her wherever she goes and try to persuade her to go on training of martial arts. But, Kang So-hwi who wants to lead a life of normal woman with actual feelings of getting married and having children ignores him.

Meanwhile, the guy with whom she had great crush gets into middle of some street fight. But Kang So-hwi and Ilyoung save him and others from the mob using their super powers. After the fight, Ilyoung and Kang So-hwi go out for drink. There, So-hwi tells him the dream she is getting frequently. On hearing that, Ilyoung goes on thinking that the dream is not actually a dream. Those incidents were happened in their life previously.

Kang So-hwi and Ilyoung were training in the martial arts school. Both of them excel in all kinds of techniques. They grew as unbeatable by anyone.Ilyoung grew more powerful that he can be beaten only by Kang So-hwi.On that time the villain Heuk-bong gets hold of the glorious sword named, Green destiny which can do the moon stroke. Both Kang So-hwi and ilyoung went to Heuk-bong to get that sword but finally the villain hits Kang So-hwi with a poisonous stroke. Ilyoung admits her in the hospital. There she gets recovered but all of her childhood memories were lost.

Then, in present life, the boy starts to go out with So-hwi .But the relationship doesn’t work well. Meanwhile,So-hwi’s father and his friends ask for a fight with the villain Heuk-bong.And finally in the day of fight, So-hwi’s father gets shocked on seeing Heuk-bong.It was Ilyoung.Without any further fight Ilyoung injures him with the mighty sword called Green destiny with a stroke called moon-stroke. Later on him himself admits So-hwi’s father in a nearby hospital and informs So-hwi. So-hwi who meets her father in the hospital get informed by her father’s friends about her mother’s story .On hearing that and also to revenge for her father’s condition, So-hwi decides to have training on her mother’s sword to create a lightning stroke. On her attempt, she wins.

On the same time, Ilyoung is thinking about So-hwi and goes to the past that how she got recovered from poisonous stroke. On knowing that Heuk-bong can only cure So-hwi,he goes to him and asks for the anti-dote for the poison. But Heuk-bong says that he must become his disciple and hypnotizes Ilyoung. Ilyoung accepts and get the antidote and cures So-hwi. When he return to Heuk-bong,he starts to possess him with his ill powers. Ilyoung was to take the place of Heuk-bong, and whenever Heuk-bong was summoned, Ilyoung would go in his place. Heuk-bong died without setting Ilyoung free,that’s why he injured So-hwi’s father.

Now, So-hwi after successfully completed her training on lightning stroke, goes to fight with Heuk-bong.There she also gets shocked on seeing Ilyoung in place of Heuk-bong.But,through telepathy, Ilyoung conveys all the things happened to him. On seeing Ilyoung, So-hwi just defends herself but won’t fight back. Ilyoung asks her to fight back as he wants to get out of that hypnotism. And also he said, she only can beat him. Both fought each other vigorously. At the end when ilyoung intends to use moon stroke with the green destiny sword, So-hwi uses lightning stroke which weakens ilyoung. But seeing Ilyoung suffer, So-hwi refuses to attack him further.But, ilyoung pleading her to attack him, attacks her .She fell down. Ilyoung gets hold of her neck and tries to kill her.But,So-hwi asks him to concentrate. This confuses Ilyoung and in pain, he sheds tears. That tears on falling upon the sword burst and that sound relieves ilyoung from the hypnotism. Then both hug each other and then everything went well.
Credits to Wikipedia: plot story of the movie…

The Verdict:
This magical movie will let your heart felt to laugh, cry, and thrilled because of some action scene and the all martial arts things especially when the lead actress (Shin Min Ah) plays the role of So Hwi, will make you inspire and dream to be like her, while you will be captured by the charming and mysterious personality of the lead actor (On Joo Wan) as Il Yeong. So K movie and K dramas lovers just be ready and let yourself to decide about this intriguing story.


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