New Year, New Artwork

2013 has not only been about new music, some of our favourite artists have returned with new projects and new focuses for their work.

Mossi Visual

Artist Mossi Visual (previously known as Jisoon Park) has come back with a new variation of his previous faces theme which can be seen in a previous article.

His new work looks at the body:

Body 2 Psy

Body 2, PSY 2013, mixed media

Of this work he says “the word body never disappeared form my brain since I drew my Face’ series. Of course I tried several times to create ‘Body’ in my style but they were not successful. This time I challenged myself to complete ‘Body’ using not drawing but collage. I selected Psy as a theme of the body because of his iconic dancing style which is a very interesting and powerful image to everyone.”

Another body image utilised the theme of unconsciousness “this is an unconscious collage and not drawing, it could be seen as a robot when looking at the artwork.”

Body 1

Body 1, 2013 mixed media

This last piece of work looks at a new way of drawing his famous ‘Face’ series of artworks

face 130

Face 130-1

In this work, he utilises specific shapes such as a sharp tail shapes, as he sates “this tries to make the face seem more fluidic.”

To find out more about Mossi and his work, check out his website:

Hajin Bae

Illustrator and Art Director Hajin Bae has been very busy since we last profiled her on the Art Corner here.

Her illustrations have been used in the music video for Kpop rookie group Two X’s new video for their song ‘Ring Ma Bell’.

Two X (which stands for Top, Win, One,X (multiply)) are the sister group to J. Tune Camp’s more famous group MBLAQ. They debuted in August of last year and this is their comeback single with a rather fetching bell like choreography. Hajin’s bright, colourful, fashionable and quirky imagery really suits the ‘fantasy land’ theme of the video.

You can see Hajin’s sketches for the video on her website here.

It’s great to see a wonderful artist’s work being used on a big scale where many people will be able to see it. It is the perfect union between Hajin’s whimsical style and the bright colours of the styling.

Hajin is also Art Director of a Korean Indie festival titled Zandari Festi which will be taking place in October in Hongdae, Seoul.

Check out the latest artwork publicising the event below:


To find out more about Hajin and her work, check out her website:

Sources: Mossi Visual, Hajin Bae, CJENMMUSIC

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