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Kang Ma Ru (Song Joong Ki) was a medical student who was in a relationship with a noona, Han Jae Hee (Park Shi Yeon). They have a lovely relationship but Jae Hee is in a family situation. Jae Hee murdered someone and Ma Ru covered for her. So, he ended up in prison. Five years later, after Ma Ru is released from prison, he became a bad person but he still cares for only his closed ones: his younger sister and his best friend. Basically, Joong Ki has complicated feelings at the moment. He found out that Jae Hee is married to a rich CEO. That is why he decided to get revenge. He met Eun Ki who is a serious and crazy businesswoman. Then, because of how Ma Ru intrigues her, she becomes curious and starts to have feelings for him. It’s a love triangle but Ma Ru’s main purpose is to seek revenge on Jae Hee for what she has done.

Episode Recap

A young man, in a white doctor coat, stops to see a news report. That man is Kang Ma Ru (Song Joong Ki). He playfully jokes at the reporter who is Han Jae Hee, (Park Shi Yeon). Ma Ru is called off to work.

After the opening sequence, Ma Ru joins in with a group of doctors led by Sik Min Hyuk (Jo Sung Ha). They go from one patient to another while taking notes until Ma Ru raises his hand to ask why he and the other doctors-in-training are being ignored. Min Hyuk comments that just because he’s wearing a doctor’s coat doesn’t make him a doctor. Ma Ru protests but Min Hyuk remains firm in his belief that none of his students could give him any useful answers so why he should ask questions.

Then, they focus on a sick boy. Through tests, they have unable to diagnose the problem. Min Hyuk gives Ma Ru the test: what’s the patient’s cause of illness? Ma Ru has two hours to figure it out. All the signs point to head trauma but there’s no history in it. Ma Ru frustrates over what to do until he wakes up and tries to pull the IV out. Ma Ru stops him. They bicker over the matter on who’s going to pay the hospital bills. He gives the boy a playful hit on the head only causes the boy to vomit. Ma Ru has found the answer. He marches back to Min Hyul with his diagnosis: a brain haemorrhage.

However, his diagnosis doesn’t fit the negative test results and the boy’s insistence that he’s fine. Ma Ru takes his younger sister as an example of how strong a child’s will is. They argue until they find that there are no traces of an arterial tumor to be found. Ma Ru backs down and admits his mistakes. The boy gets the all-clear for discharge. Ma Ru gets some privacy as he stares at his reflection in a bathroom mirror. Later that night, the boy is readmitted to the hospital and the tests show that Ma Ru’s diagnosis is correct. Min Hyuk asks a fellow doctor to contact Ma Ru so he can tell him that ‘I was wrong and you were right’ and ‘As a teacher, it is very humiliating’.

Ma Ru heads home with chocolate in hand. He calls out for Choco who is his little sister. He finds her conscious on the floor of her room. She has a very high fever. He immediately prepares to bring her to the hospital but he gets a phone call from Jae Hee. Jae Hee is in panic as she cries on the phone. She screams at him to come right away. So, he has to pick between Choco and Jae Hee. In the end, he picks Jae Hee.
Choco begs his brother not to leave her alone while she’s sick. He presses a bar of chocolate into her hand and promises he’ll be back before she finishes counting up to 500. While being sick and crying, she tells him that she’ll die from her sickness if she goes to Jae Hee. Still, he leaves her with the promise that he’ll be right back.

He rushes over to a motel and musters up his courage before opening the room door. Once he enters, he finds a man lying in a pool of blood and Jae Hee huddled near the bed. Ma Ru asks her whether the man is dead. Jae Hee replies that she doesn’t know. He slowly kneels next to the body and check if he’s alive but unfortunately the man is dead. Ma Ru sinks back and Jae Hee asks if the man is dead. She’s confused and asks why the man is dead. She continuously says that she didn’t kill him. After covering the body, Ma Ru kneels in front of her as she shatters the broken bottle which she used as a weapon. He tells her to turn herself in. If she was in defence to keep the man from hurting her, then the police will understand. However, she doesn’t want to because it will be the end of the world for her. Ma Ru doesn’t see the point of losing her reporter status and claims that she could start over. She cries that she doesn’t want to go back to the hellhole where she came from and she rather die instead. She takes a shard of broken bottle and cries that her world is over. Ma Ru gets a cut on his wrist while stopping. His face changed and asks can’t he be a reason. He claims that he’s spent thirteen years living only for her who is the light at the end of the tunnel.
Later, she has calmed down. They talk about god while Jae Hee decides to turn herself in. She tries to admit that she done wrong to the police. Ma Ru grabs the phone away from her. He grabs her and in a deep and desperate kiss. He immediately cleans off the fingerprints while she asks what he is doing. Ma Ru declares that he killed that man. He adds that she must not turn back but she doesn’t want to leave him. He tells her that it doesn’t matter to him if he doesn’t become a doctor, but she can’t live if her dream is shattered. He smiles and reassures that he’ll be fine. He asks her to go.

Then, we see Seo Eun Ki (Moon Chae Won) picking up Director Choi. When he asked why she doesn’t have a chauffeur, she replies that she’s too picky. When he keeps calling her miss, she wonders if he’s purposely looking down on her. She starts to have the scary attitude. When they are near a tunnel, Eun Ki tells him to hold on tight as she starts aggressively driving and talking about business at the same time. She accuses him of skimming a little off the top as far as the business dealings are concerned. She throws on the anger on another driver after that car forces her to skid to a stop. Then, she sweetly talks to Director Choi from where they left off. They stop in front of her house but they find Jae Hee standing in Ma Ru’s clothes. She passes the file over to a man whom she called him CEO. Jae Hee fights back her tears while asking him as she had done something wrong. He embraces her while Eun Ki glares from the car.

Ma Ru waits for the police to arrive at the room. He recalls Jae Hee’s words about repaying the debt for the rest of her life. The sound of sirens arrived. He calls his sister and, while fighting back his tears, he apologizes because he couldn’t keep his promise. Ma Ru hangs up and struggles to hold back his tears. In a voiceover, the judge sentence Ma Ru to five years in prison.

Six years later, Ma Ru looks over from the Tokyo hotel window. He spent the last night with the woman who is a gold digger. Ma Ru coolly explains that he doesn’t have the money. She tries to stop him from leaving with a love confession and instantly falls into his arms. Then, he believes her. With his frightening eyes, he embraces her.

At the other room, Eun Ki is sleeping while the man, who is at her bedside, accidentally wakes her up. He lets her sleep because she’s not feeling well. She’s angry and scolds Park Joon Ha (Lee Sang Yeob) who is her lawyer. She springs out of bed and gives him a cold warning. If the business negotiations failed, he’ll be in big trouble. While being so focus on the business, Eun Ki comes out from the shower wearing nothing but a towel and a poker face. She points out that there’s a complaint about the cosmetics. Joon Ha tries to keeps his eyes averted. Eun Ki knows that he’s gay and assures him that she’ll carry his secret to the grave.

Eun Ki meets the Japanese woman who filed a complaint against their cosmetic brand. She formally bows for apology. She gives her an envelope of money and they have a meal and dessert. Eun Ki turns cold as she points out that the cream, which ruined the customer’s face, is the same cream was in their dessert. Eun Ki claims that their products are so organic, that they’re edible. If the cream contains metals as the woman said, Eun Ki assures that they’ll be both in the hospital tomorrow morning. Eun Ki asks the customer to drop the act and reveals that she’s a Korean immigrant who tries to act as Japanese. Joon Ha arrives and hands over the proof that their competitor paid of the woman to file a bogus complaint. The customer blusters at Eun Ki’s remark that she ruined her face for a small amount of money, but the odds are no longer in her favour. Eun Ki asks Joon Ha that she’ll deal with their competitor ‘nicely’.

She walks outside and just missed Ma Ru and his lady friend having a kissing session underneath a tree. Eun Ki’s vision blurs and she stumbles. Jae Hee catches her and fusses over her. Jae Hee treats Eun Ki like a daughter but Eun Ki asks her to drop the sweet acting. A child comes running out and calls for Eun Ki, his noona. She’s not happy to see him. Eun Ki coldly tells Jae Hee that both she and her son are tactless and they cling to whomever they see fit. Jae Hee claims that her son, Eun Suk, like his noona. Is that a crime? Eun Ki holds his arms and looks him straight in the eye. She tells him that she doesn’t acknowledge him as a younger brother and calls him stupid. Jae Hee asks how she can say that to a child, but Eun Ki reminds her before he’s a child, he’s Jae Hee’s son. She holds a grudge against Jae Hee for becoming her father’s mistress when she was young enough to be his daughter. She accuses Jae Hee for driving her mother out of the house. Eun Ki is scared of Eun Suk who could one day try to take the company away from her. She leaves. Jae hee comfort her son. She walks away as, not noticing, Ma Ru comes to the bridge.

Ma Ru looks over his friend, Park Jae Gil (Lee Kwang Soo) who is crying and it’s not because he cries over a girl. Jae Gil asks if Ma Ru succeeded. He gives a bank book to Jae Gil. So, the gold digger took Jae Gil’s heart and money so Ma Ru helps out.

On the plane ride back to Seoul, Maru is asleep and Jae Gil sees a girl eyeing on Ma Ru. He writes a warning and holds it next to Maru’s head. The warning said that he’s a pervert player, and he thinks women are servants. He also writes a note which has his own praises. When Ma Ru gets up to use the toilet, Jae Gil grabs the opportunity to flirt with the girl but stopped by a gangster who turns out to be her boyfriend. Jae Gil immediately backs down.

Eun Ki comes out from the bathroom but fall into Ma Ru’s arms. Eun Ki is sweating and Ma Ru gently lays her on the ground before he checks her pulse. He leaves her to the flight attendants who announce to ask if there’s a doctor on board. Jae Hee is in first class and worries about Eun Ki’s health conditions. Jae Hee points out that nothing should happen to her.

Ma Ru put his headphones on until Jae Gil keeps telling him to do something. Ma Ru doesn’t care until Jae Gil forcibly takes out his headphones and declares that his sister, Choco, would have did long ago if everyone acted like they don’t know Ma Ru and they just passed by. Ma Ru finally decides to help Eun Ki. Jae Gil smiles since he knows that Choco always persuade Ma Ru to do something.

Eun Ki is still unconscious and sweating when Ma Ru checks on her. He declares that her health condition is getting serious. He asks for her guardian. Suddenly, Jae Hee appears and he is shocked to see her. He looks her in the eye and tells her that he dropped out of medical school. He demands to know their relationship and Jae Hee admits that Eun Ki is her daughter, not biologically, but from her husband’s previous marriage. Ma Ru gets another pain in his heart because Eun Suk calls for his mother.

Ma Ru’s tries to get hold of himself. Since they can’t make it to land at a nearby airport in 30 minutes, he decides to save Eun Ki as soon as possible. He covers his hand in alcohol and begins emergency procedure to remove the water and air out from Eun Ki’s lungs. He sticks a needle into her cheset. Eun Ki starts coughing which makes Jae Hee freak out. Ma Eu asks if Eun Ki has ever been in a car accident but she doesn’t answer him. He asks her whether Eun Ki has ever injured her ribs in a car accident. He reminds Jae Hee that she’s Eun Ki’s ‘mother’. He sticks another needle into Eun Ki’s lungs but Eun Ki coughs up blood. Jae Hee tries to stop him and points out that he’s not a doctor. Ma Ru shoots her the look with an angry glare.

Point of View

Wow, I’m addicted to this drama already which I decide to continue to see the next one. Those questions come to our mind: Why Jae Hee murdered a guy in a motel room? How did Jae Hee become Eun Ki’s stepmother? Why is she doing this? How both Ma Ru and Jae Hee know each other? What’s with the noona and dongsaeng relationship? There are so many things that we are so curious of. You could say it’s like playing around with the story which makes us so curious about those two. We are soon going to see Ma Ru’s and Jae Hee’s back stories and their ‘past’ relationship. It’s not an instance putting the story at you at the beginning. It’s trying to pull you into wanting you to know more by continuing to watch this drama which is a good thing.

I’m surprised that Song Joong Ki is presenting himself in a more intense drama which is quite different genre from his previous drama projects. Anyway, he pull it really nicely by showing Ma Ru who is a poor guy who goes through a lot and becomes the cool and ‘bad’ guy. To be honest, I like the bad version of Ma Ru. Keep going to make this drama intense. I feel sorry for Ma Ru. He has to pick between his own sick sister or his desperate girlfriend. I was quite angry because normally family comes first but then Ma Ru goes to Jae Hee instead. But, he is having a hard time that he has no choice but to go to Jae Hee because of her magic words and emotions. Ma Ru tries to be the perfect boyfriend for Jae Hee but he has to sacrifice himself to turn himself in to the police which make me shake my head. I blame Jae Hee for this. Wonder what’s going to happen once they meet at the plane. You can see the scary glare from his eyes.

Kwang Soo yah, you and your cheery and friendly attiditude. Jae Gil is another supporting character that we should keep an eye on especially when it comes to the perfect duo: him and Ma Ru. Although Jae Gil can be funny but he’s a friend who is always there for Ma Ru. Way to let Jae Gil give him some ‘lecture’ to Ma Ru. It’s quite interesting to see how Ma Ru changed from being the nice guy who always give to being a bad guy who takes advantage of people like that gold digger but he still cares about his close ones like Jae Gil and Choco.

Oh my god, Eun Ki’s character is seriously the type of person that you can criticize as much as you want to. Well, that’s part of having a few bad characters in the drama, right? She is serious about business and she knows what she’s doing even though the thing she does is quite mad. It’s the look and angry glare which creeps me out but I like it. I don’t blame her for not accepting Jae Hee and Eun Suk as part of her own family relative since Jae Hee’s biological mother was kicked out from the house.

We sort of get an idea that Jae Hee is desperate to survive on a certain social status so she climbs to the top which is marrying to Eun Ki’s father. Did Jae Hee realize what she had done? If she knows that her heart is with Ma Ru, why she did it in the first place? That obviously will break Ma Ru’s heart since he’s been in prison for five years while Jae Hee is enjoying the luxurious status life.

This drama is going to be seriously dramatic and intense yet it makes us wanting to know more. Onward with enjoyment of drama and pain.

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