On the Line: The 60th Commemoration of the Korean War

Date: 08/09/2010 – 25/09/2010
Venue: Korean Cultural Centre UK, Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC 2N 5BW
Email: info@kccuk.org.uk
Web: www.kccuk.org.uk

From 8 September to 25 September 2010 the exhibition On the Line marks sixty years since the Korean War began on 25 June 1950. It observes the meaning of the boundary, which the Korean War caused via photographs. The 65 pieces of works focused not on the visible boundary of the two Koreas, but on the boundaries between past and present, hardship and beauty, separation and unification, isolation and harmony, desire and prohibition, and the Korean peninsula and the world – byproducts of the watershed incident in modern Korean history. It is the first exhibition that made an attempt of artistic interpretation beyond the limited value of documentary or journalism.

JOO Myung Duck, KANG Woon Gu, KOO Bonchang, CHOI Kwang ho, LEE Gap-chul, OH Hein-Kuhn, KOH Myung Keun, Nanda, WON Seoung-Won, BACK Seung Woo

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