Origami by Numbers – Talk by Toshikazu Kawasaki


Origami is a highly regarding and world-famous art of folding. Although it may not be so well known, mathematics, which despite appearing to be at the opposite end of the spectrum, is closely interwoven with this intricate art. The merging of maths and aesthetics has almost created no limits to what origami artists can fold, and has been used to produce spectacular and realistic models of animals, buildings and almost anything you could imagine. Among the pioneering origami evolution, one of the most famed creations is the Kawasaki rose; a complex and innovative folded flower.

The Japan Foundation has invited the mastermind behind the rose, Dr Toshikazu Kawasaki to give a special talk. Dr Kawasaki, a renowned origami theorist and also maths teacher by profession, will talk about his fascinating approach to the paper craft with actual origami demonstrations. His talk will also include his role as an origami master, and how his passion for origami and maths led him to become the world’s first ever doctor of origami. During the talk the audience can also put their origami skills to the test with the instruction of Dr Kawasaki.

This event will provide a fascinating insight into the mind of the origami genius, and is guaranteed to be a fun and enjoyable evening for all. Even if maths wasn’t your favourite subject at school or you think you know origami, you will still find it fascinating to see just what a simple square piece of paper can be turned into!

Date: 27 August 2013 from 6.30pm
Venue: The Japan Foundation, London

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