Panda and Hedgehog Episode 1 Review


A patisserie named Seung Ji (Lee Dong Hae) who has been an orphan since young always keep on his guard like a hedgehog. He meets a positive and easygoing Panda Yang, the owner of Panda Café. Although both of them have different personalities, their relationship starts to bloom slowly.

Episode Recap

Flashback: A little boy draws cakes at the side walk. He looks up when he hears a girl with a panda hoodie singing while looking at the window of a pastry ship. He goes to talk to her but they are interrupted by a man who runs out of the shop.

Seung Ji chases after a man who owns him money. He manages to catch and confront him but they are interrupted by a huge panda mascot who walks between them. Seung Ji is distracted which gives the man the opportunity to run away. Seung Ji blames the panda for letting the guy escape. He gets an urgent phone call from his friend that the building has collapsed.

He runs to the pastry shop and finds the cake (shape of the building) collapse. His friend and assistant, Byung Moo, asks if Seung Ji can fix the cake by 3pm because his grandfather is somewhere settling some things. Seung Ji reminds him that he doesn’t eat from others’ plates. He has an idea and asks Byung Moo to buy glitter.

He gets himself ready while reciting latin names of fungi and insects. He slowly button up his chef coat. Third button, first button, then second button. Meanwhile, a woman comes out while buttoning her coat the same way as Seung Ji did. Seung Ji’s grandfather waits for her under the cherry blossoms.

Seung Ji makes the cake that looks like the golden pyramid which is made of golden bars to replace the collapsed cake. They leave a flier (quick and easy loans) at the door during the grand opening. His grandfather comes up from behind him with a disapproving glare and scolds him. Seung Ji notices that there are a few cherry blossoms in his grandfather’s hair.

His friend comes to Seung Ji and pulls away to tell him that they need to stop operating in Sunderella’s territory or they’ll get beaten. His grandfather overhears and hit Seung Ji for acting likes a gangster and giving out loans. Seung Ji teases him about breaking up with Cherry Blossom which makes him overreacting. Seung Ji mentions that if he didn’t make money, they would have no income. His grandfather storms off. The guys spot the gangsters who are coming after them and they run for their lives. .

They pass by Panda Café where Panda is putting on the huge panda suit to give out fliers. Her patisserie comes out and scolds her for not working. She says that she is trying her best to build up the business. He tells her that his take is too high class in their neighbourhood and suggests relocating to Gangnam. However, she tells him that she has no money to move. He talks about how awesome his new cake creation will bring up the business. Suddenly, a customer enters the café and demands a refund for the cake which she had bought. She explains that although she has been a loyal customer for years, this cake made her boyfriend vomit which he decides to leave her. She tells them that the ‘Scent of Love’ smells like dirty cloth.

Panda visits her aunt to ask for money but realizes that she has nothing. Her aunt advises her to sell off the café, pay her debts, and start a new life. However, Panda says that she can’t sell it because that would be like saying goodbye to her parents forever. Her aunt asks her parents above to find a rich and handsome guy to come and save the cake shop and understands and cares for Panda really well.

At the busy Saint Honore patisserie, Panda’s friend works as a kitchen assistant. Panda comes to visit her. She goes through the garbage and kitchen to find out the secret ingredients to make the signature so she can try to replicate it. Her friend asks her to ask Eun Bi for help but Panda feels that it is not a good idea. In the end, she goes upstairs and visit Eun Bi who pours coffee. Panda goes around the office and talk the pictures of the founder of Saint Honore. She is jealous of his success. She talks to Eun Bu about her salary and wonders how she can earn a lot of money. Eun Bi reminds her that the baker causes her business to fail. She suggests to Panda that she should fire him. Panda explains that she can’t fire him yet since she gave him an advance salary. Eun Bi tells Panda that the owner’s son is coming back from getting his MBA in the US and work at Saint Honore. Panda decides to hand in her resume to work as the part timer at Saint Honore.

Won Il arrives at the airport. He helps a little girl up and finds that she likes panda. She says that pandas are the prettiest in the world and he also feels the same. Won Yi, his sister, runs up to Won I’s arms while Eun Bi says that she is not interested in studying. Won Yi is happy to see her brother.

Before Panda leaves, she tells Saint Honore to wait as she believes that she will definitely work here. Seung Ji stands outside the display window and tells Saint Honore that he will eat it up. Finally, Won Il drives up and tells Saing Honore that he’ll protect it. Each of them leaves in different ways without seeing each other.

Won Yi helps her brother to unpack for her intentions to find the gift. He tells her that whole suitcase is hers. She screams for joy while saying that he’s the best brother ever. She tells him that she told their mother that she wasn’t going to college which she decides to cut off her allowance. Thus, she has no money. Won Il waves a few bank notes at her. He tells her that she must go back to school and start studying. She reluctantly agrees and is happy to get some money. Won Il also gives her a credit card and she thanks him while saying ‘oppa’.

Seung Ji’s grandfather looks over his accounts book and sighs as he has no money. He sighs that it’s so hard for him to be a father. He thinks back about his earlier meeting under the cherry blossoms with Seung Ji’s mother. He gives her a phone. While he’s sleeping, Seung Ji sneaks in and tucks his grandfather to bed. He is impressed with how his grandfather has a girl. Then, he tells him that he overreacts earlier and he should not suffer for love. Seung Ji says ‘I love you’ and kisses his grandfather’s temple before leaving. His grandfather opens his eyes and complains that he can’t kick out a boy who does that. However, he can’t let his daughter and Seung Ji living together.

The next day, Won Il comes in with his mother to the busy kitchen where his father works. He coldly greets his father and notices that there’s a burn scar on his wrist. His father tells everyone to welcome his son. One of the bakers mentions how great it is for Won Il to come and work. Another baker, Specky, is happy to see him and goes off together. A welcoming party begins at the Saint Honore. Eun Bi falls in love with Won Il at first sight. Won Il makes a speech and announces that he is the manager of Saint Honore. He vows to make the franchise grow to be the best patisserie in the nation.

Seung Ji and his friend chase after the same guy who owns him money. They argue and chases from time to time. Seung Ji goes after him but runs into Panda who is pushing a shopping cart that has a panda suit. He is, again, distracted. His friend catches up and they realize that they’ve lost the guy again. The guy comes out and sees them from behind. While they are noticing that he’s there, he quickly escapes. Seung Ji thinks that Panda must be his accomplice and goes searching for her. After that, he finds that she owns Panda Café.

His grandfather drops by at the pastry shop to say that he’s going out. Seung Ji teases him for going to night clubs. Seung Ji remembers that Panda was getting on a bus when the first time they ran into each other. Thus, he and his friend hang out at the bus stop while waiting for Panda to show up.

Panda decides to make fliers with directions to the café. Then, she posts those fliers at the busy areas. Her aunt helps her to advertise her café by placing information on her car.

Seung Ji and his friend spot his grandfather and follow him to a woman’s inn. Then, he goes to a nearby café. They wait outside to see who he is meeting. Seung Ji’s mother comes in but didn’t see her face. They notice that it’s Cherry Blossom. Seung Ji remembers talking to his grandfather under the cherry blossoms. His grandfather returns to the bakery and has an argument with Seung Ji who asks whether he broke up with Cherry Blossom. His grandfather said that she did because she couldn’t live together in a small place.

The guys return to the bakery and bump into Byung Moo who is wondering why a strange woman is looking for his grandfather at the bakery. Seung Ji tries to put the puzzle pieces together and realizes that he didn’t earn the money for himself. Instead, he pays the salary to his employees including Seung Ji. He wonders why his grandfather was so poor and finds out that it’s because of him as he hears from the butcher that he always buy the best meats for Seung Ji. He goes home and is frustrated. His grandfather has no money because he takes care of Seung Ji. He can’t be happy because he finds his daughter who can’t live with him since Seung Ji is around. They are not even blood related. So, he decides to quit and leave so that his grandfather can live a better life.

Eun Bi boasts about Won Il’s handsome looks and shows a picture of him to Panda. Panda thinks that she’s seen him but can’t remember when. She asks if Eung Bi has hand in her resume or not.
The next day, Won Il shows up at work and he gives a cold shoulder to his father. He goes to his office and looks through the reports. He asks Specky about the discrepancies within the Saint Honore. Specky teases him about being married off to a rich girl. Won Il admits that he is already seeing a girl, Panda. He asks Specky how he can look up his classmates from middle school.

Panda strategizes how to increase business while the patisserie is giving her a hard time. She threatens to fire him. Seung Jin fills out his resume and tells Byung Moo that he won’t come to work.

Won Il has a photo shoot at Saint Honore. He goes along with it but ends it early. He goes back to work while he holds out his hand so that Eun Bi can pass him a file. However, she holds his hand instead. He asks her to give him the resumes and asks her to let go of his hand. She tries to flirt with him but she receives an angry stare from him until she leaves. He looks through the resumes and is shocked to see that he has found Panda’s.

Won Yi visits him and notice that he’s pacing back and forth. He shows her Panda’s resume and asks if she know who that is. She stares in confusion and he tells her that Panda is his last love. She asks if he hasn’t dated anyone. He replies that he’s too busy. She brags that she is the love counsellor and matchmaker and she is willing to help him. He says that he’ll pay her but only if she’s not scamming him. She informs him that women love gentle guys.

Seung Ji takes his resume to all the bakeries but he is rejected every single time. He meets up with a guy to discuss about starting his own business but he finds that he need at least one million won to do that. On his way back to the bakery, his friend stops him and shows him the flier of the Panda Café. Seung Ji sees the flier: ‘Patisserie wanted, free room, start immediately’. He runs off to try his luck.

Panda tries to hang up the giant stuffed panda but she’s having a hard time. Eun Bi calls her to tell her about her resume. Suddenly, she falls of from the stool and Seung Ji saves her in his arms. From afar, Won Il sees them in a romantic moment which makes him really sad.

Point of View

Both of the guys are funny, handsome, and cute. We have to figure out who is the hedgehog who loves Panda. The little boy sees his first love. Won Il’s love since middle school is also Panda. Won Il is determine to find his love while Seung Ji draws a hedgehog on the poster. Won Il is upset because Seung Ji holds on to Panda in his arms. Ah, the jealousy and anxiousness from him. So, who is that kid? Who is Panda’s love? Seung Ji or Won Il?

Yoon Seung Ah is just the right person for this drama because of her cute and easy-going personality which everyone would love. Also, her determinations and commitment to this acting makes me put her in my favourite actress list. Since Panda has bright personality, I think that’s the reason why two of the guys fell fall her when they were young.

Dong Hae makes my heart flutter with his looks and personalities when he portrays Seung Ji. He totally suits the character. You have Seung Ji who is not only funny but he has determination when it comes to making cakes attractive and delicious. Also, he’s the caring person as he cares a lot for his grandfather even though he makes him angry sometimes. I even like his counting before he starts his game.

Since it’s just the beginning for knowing Won Il, all I know is that he’s handsome and he’s determine to find his first and last love. It’s funny when he admits that he never been on a date. His sister, Won Yi, is so enthusiastic and funny especially when it comes to giving relationship advices. I like the brother and sister relationship between those two. Their bonding is so close that it becomes funny and serious at times including Won Il who has relationship problems.

I’m really looking forward to more episodes from this sweet and breezy drama. It’s just the beginning and I’m sure it’ll lighten up my hearts with love, joy, and laughter. The casts are doing great jon in portraying the characters. I’m sure there will be more to come from these characters as it’s just the beginning for them to become closer. Who knows? There might be another triangle relationship. Time to see who the hedgehog is. 1, 2, 3. Go!!!

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