Panda and Hedgehog Episode 2 Review

Episode Recap

Seung Ji catches Panda from falling from the stool. He smiles at her and lean in closer. She smiles back and closes her eyes. Won Il looks hurt while watching them from afar. Seung Ji asks what she is doing when she is not getting up. She struggles to get up in an awkward way. Seung Ji looks up to see Won Yi staring at him while both she and Won Il drive away. Panda tries to bend down to pick up her phone but she finds that she has an aching back. Seung Ji brings her over to a chair. The annoying baker comes out and asks if she hurts her back from doing a Panda dance. He forcefully straightens her back but she shouts in pain. He pulls Seung Ji aside and asks what he does. He tries giving him the third degree but Seung Ji is not playing along. Panda asks the baker to buy some medicinal patches and he asks her to give him some money. Both of them have no money. Seung Ji lends him some but the baker keeps asking for more. Then, the baker leaves without the extra money.

Won Yi tries to comfort her bother by telling him that nothing happened between Seung Ji and Panda since they separated immediately. He holds back his tears while she tells him that it’s better he left. He speeds off which cause her to jerk back in the seat.

Eun Bi calls Panda again and asks her what happened. Seung Ji did hand signals so that he can ask for a drink. Panda tells him to get some inside the café and apologizes for not getting drinks for him. She tells Eun Bi what happened but Eun Bi asks her if she blames her for her injury. Eun Bi happily says that when she say what happened, she reminds her of Won Il. She repeats over and over again. Her colleague reminds her to ask about the interview. Panda says no matter what happens, she needs to go for the interview. She goes upstairs to get the money to pay Seung Ji back. She threatens if the baker is spending money on something else which we see that the baker is spending money on black bean noodles.

Seung Ji sees the mess in the kitchen and starts to clean up. He sees the cake and asks if they are playing at making food. In his thoughts, he says that a cake must have a taste everyone wants, with a look that appeals to all. Then, he starts to deconstruct the cake and redecorate it.

Panda comes downstairs and see her loyal customer drooling in front of the café window. She asks what she is doing. She asks if Panda has hired a new chef and she insists that she hasn’t. She asks Panda to recruit him so that the café will be popular and she gets the opportunity to seduce Hyun Bin.

Seung Ji places his cake creation while Panda and loyal customer are drooling. Panda says that it gives her hope while the loyal customer says it makes people passionate. Thus, they found the cake that they’ve been searching for. They eat the cake and ask for but Seung Ji disappeared. The loyal customer goes out to find him but she brings back the flier with a note saying that he’ll be back. The flier also has a drawn hedgehog. The loyal customer tells Panda to call her unni since they have become closer.

Seung Ji brings the guys to a barbeque restaurant so that they can enjoy eating some juicy beef. The owner of the restaurant comes over and eats their food. His friend asks Seung Ji if he got the money from Panda who is the accomplice. Seung Ji explains that it didn’t happen. The owner asks if he’s getting married and the guys laugh. However, he says that he is bad at making good choices so it’s either that or he plans to quit his job. Seung Ji is surprised as he knows him well. He asks the owner what to tell his grandfather so he doesn’t get hurt. He tells him to say that it’s a girl problem. They need to work some things out first such as proving to his grandfather that he is an independent adult.

Seung Ji goes home and hesitates to go into his grandfather’s room but decides to leave him alone. His grandfather is sitting in his room crying over a pile of fliers with little Seung Ji’s photo in them.

Won Il paces back and forth in his office while having doubts about the relationship between Seung Ji and Panda. Won Yi pokes her head in and asks if she can share her opinions. She thinks that the guy is poor and Panda is suffering because of him. Won Il doesn’t understand and asks her to explain in English. She hilariously tries to find words until she says that her English skills are not good. He apologizes. She explains that Panda looks surprised. He agrees that it would be shocking if they’ve kissed. Won Yi asks him whether he kissed anyone before. He admits that he had never dated and kissed anyone before. She explains that a kiss happen when on is drunk or at a nightclub. He asks if that’s how she acts and she replies that’s how men behave when they’re drunk. She is surprised to hear that he has never drink alcohol. She sighs as she’s never met a guy like him before and he has a lot to learn.

He says his personal motto ‘Keep calm and carry on’ but Won Yi tells him now is not the time to be calm. She informs him that their mother is setting him up on a blind them. He leaves immediately while she chases after him. Their mother comes out and asks Won Yi what he’s doing. Won Yi tells her that he’s not interested in going blind dates. Their mother wonders where his personality comes from. Won Yi points at herself. Their mother goes inside to complain to their father and points out that she’s his real mother. She tries to cover but saying that it would be nice if he’s the real Won Il’s father.

Panda’s aunt pulls up next to Won Il and marvels that such a young man to have an expensive car. She tells him to spend some money at her niece’s café but he’s not listening and drives off. She follows him and surprised to see that he parks his car in front of Panda Café. He goes inside and finds the baker laze around at a table. Her aunt comes in and scolds him. When Won Il hears that she’s Panda’s aunt, he hurries to button his top button to make himself more presentable. The baker explains that Panda hurt herself after putting a show on a stool. They went to the sauna to heal her back. Won Il sneaks out while they are talking. Her aunt notices that he left and wonders why he even came. Panda and loyal customer come back from the sauna. Panda tells her aunt not to worry so much.

Seung Ji comes home and quarrels with his grandfather. He tells him that he wants to talk man to man so they go for drinks. His grandfather is sullen and they argue over pouring drinks. He asks Seung Ji if he’s acting like this because he has found a better place. Then, he asks him if he has relationship problems with a girl and did he get her pregnant. He changes the subject by talking about his own daughter. Seung Ji asks if she refuses to live with his grandfather and wonders why they don’t move if the place is too small. His grandfather replies that it’s because that the house is special to her. She’ll only come if he tells her that he’s dying. Seung Ji asks his grandfather to just tell her. Then, he talks about Panda who owns a cake shop.

Panda’s aunt tries to fix her back while her sister, Da Na, calculates the money. Panda explains about meeting with Seung Ji while Seung Ji explains to his grandfather that he fell in love with Panda at first sight. He insists that he didn’t get her pregnant while Da Na says people are going to think that Panda’s pregnant because of her weird walking. She can’t miss her interview even though she has an aching back. She announces that she will hire Seung Ji and work at Saint Honore. With that, everything will work out smoothly.

The next day, Won Il’s stepdad is angry and his mother praises on how awesome he looks. Won Il says that he’s the boss of manipulation. His stepdad goes to the kitchen to judge the applicants. Some are yelled while some are praised. Won Il looks on with disappoint and leaves. His stepdad’s assistant informs him that Won Il has been watching the whole time.

Seung Ji’s grandfather comes in to wake up drunken Seung Ji. He tells him that he will take care of him. His friends come to help him sober him up. His grandfather makes cakes and Seung Ji comes in to say that he’s going out to meet a girl and takes a cake. He looks at the cake and says that cakes should be made with happiness which his grandfather used to say it to him.

Won Il sees Panda coming for her interview and rushes to come down and help her. He scolds her for coming when she is in so much pain. He uses banmal with her while Panda is in confusion. Her aunt wonders what that guy is doing here and Da Na tells her that he’s the manager of Saint Honore. Her aunt says that they must have some kind of destiny.

Won Il carefully brings Panda to the office and requests Eun Bi to bring some medicine and cakes. Eun Bi stares at Panda and leaves while complaining. Panda asks him why he’s speaking informally to her. He asks if she recognizes him. She couldn’t tell until he says that he’s Pangy and he’s the one who drew cakes at the sidewalk. Panda asks how long have they haven’t seen each other and he replies that it has been around 14 years which surprised her. He immediately explains that he went to the US and he hasn’t seen his parents for so long. Panda squishes his face while Eun Bi comes back and sees them from afar. With that, she storms off again.

They discuss how much the other had changed for the past 14 years. When he sees her lips, he starts to hiccup. It gets worse when she pushes his head down and leans in closer. He hiccups faster until she scares him. She squishes his face again and stands up as he’s saying that he’s hot. Then, she acts in a proper manner and says that she needs to go. She tells him that if he hires her they can play and work together.

Seung Ji meets with Cherry Blossom and presents the cake which his grandfather made it with happiness and success. He asks her to come and take care of his grandfather. Seung Ji will move out and he’s worried about his grandfather if she doesn’t come to look after him. She refuses so he lies to her that his grandfather has a disease.

While Won Il brings Panda to the car, she honestly tells him that she’s not really good at anything in particular but she’ll work hard. She asks him to give her a position that she can be comfortable with. She tells him that he has to come to her café when her café is popular. She throws her arms in the air when he says he will. She freezes and finds that her back is fixed. She thanks Won Il for fixing her back and grabs his hands which makes him freeze for a while.

Outside, Panda presents the Saint Honore cake to her aunt. She introduces Pangy to aunt and they have an awkward moment when she mentions that she has seen him yesterday. Panda asks how they met and he hesitates to say that he was stalking her but her aunt covers for him. Panda introduces him to Da Na and she works there to steal the secret recipe. They chat for a while and Panda asks why he doesn’t fire Da Na for trying to steal the secret recipe from Saint Honore. Her aunt says that she feels that they will meet often.

Seung Ji tells Cherry Blossom that he learned baking while he was in jail. His grandfather would come to teach them. He took him in for the last five years. His grandfather said that his kindness was karma. Seung Ji always hates his grandfather and never cared about why he is having a hard time. So, he asks Cherry
Blossom to help him to replay his grandfather’s kindness. His grandfather continues to make cakes while Cherry Blossom eats the cake. Finally, she calls Seung Ji to tell him that she’ll come. Seung Ji tells Cherry Blossom that he learned baking while he was in jail. Grandpa would come to teach them and he took him in for the last 5 years. Grandpa said his kindness was karma—if he was kind to Seung Ji, his daughter would have luck. Seung Ji always disliked Grandpa, and never bothered to wonder why he was having such a hard time. That’s why it’s important that Cherry Blossom help him repay Grandpa’s kindness. It’s the only thing he can do for him.

He calls Panda to discuss about the contract and tells her that he will head over to the café. On his way, he runs into the same guy, who owns him money, and chases him again. Panda saves the last slice of Saint Honore cake for Seung Ji. Da Na and the baker keep asking to eat that slice. While she tries to stop them, the loyal customer takes it away and eats it. Seung Ji stands out seeing the scenario, sighs, and walks away.

Won Il asks his sister about dating Panda and she suggests to go on a movie date. Seung Ji comes to find Cherry Blossom and his grandfather talking. He quietly leaves the house. He calls his grandfather to tell him that he’s staying over at his girlfriend’s house. Instead, he crashes at Byung Moo’s house.
The following day, Won Il waits for Panda outside the café and calls to check for the flowers that he has ordered. It’s closed as there’s a sign with chains. Seung Ji strolls up and casually jumps over the chain. He lies down on the bench outside while Won Il looks at him with his sad face.

Point of View

At the moment, there’s much interaction between Panda and Seung Ji as they have their personal problems to settle before they meet up and introduce themselves. At least, you can enjoy Won Il and Panda cute romance when they finally meet at his office. She instantly goes cute and friendly with her middle school friend, Won Il. Overall, there are cute moments from these three main characters which make me have the anticipation to see more from them when they become closer. Towards the end, you can see Won Il’s glare at Seung Ji. Oh no, a battle to get Panda. When Seung Ji starts to work at Panda Café, I am looking forward to see the start of their close and funny relationship. Although it’s just the beginning, I’m rooting for Panda and Seung Ji couple. Sorry, Won Il.

Now, we find that Won Il is the little boy who is outside the bakery who was obsessed with cakes. Then, we see that he hates his stepdad so much and finds him very evil in terms making people think he’s the guy who makes cake magical. Poor him that he hasn’t seen his parents for 14 years. What on earth was he doing in the US. I find it really annoying that his mother keeps on pampering him even though Won Il is obviously an adult. Good job for Won Il to escape from the blind date which his mother set up for him.

Panda determines to keep the café going and she better fire the annoying and selfish pastry chef. Way to go, Seung Ji for telling that guy off. I like Panda for her strong character as she still wants to go for the interview even though she has a terrible aching back. As usual, I like her bright personality. However, she has to go through her close friend Eun Bi since we find out that she is seriously jealous that she is really close with Won Il. A rival battle will soon begin even though they have been friends for so long.

Seung Ji used to be in prison and thanks to his grandfather he’s a new man. He’s lived with his grandfather for 5 years. I love that he wants to earn money and make cakes and pastries so that his grandfather can live a better life. Even though they hate each other sometimes, at least they have a caring relationship. He even tries to find his grandfather’s daughter so that both his grandfather and her can be together. I do laugh a lot and find it adorable when Seung Ji can’t really handle his alcohol. It’s so cute when his grandfather cuddles Seung Ji and tries to give him some water to drink.

Well, besides the eye-catching and mouth drooling cakes and pastries, their stories and relationship is going to develop real soon. I’m excited. I can’t wait for the next two episodes.

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